Recipe for Post # 3 Sizzling Grubs

This recipe is similar to Elephant Stew where the first step reads “Capture, clean, and marinate a whole elephant.”  This recipe works best when camping in the woods.

  • Fresh Grubs
  • Hot Stones from Campfire
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Start campfire and place large flat stone around the edge of the fire to heat.  Search the surrounding trees for fallen logs that have turned rotten.  Using a sharp stick or a knife dig out grubs, small white worm-like bugs.  Place whole grubs in a container so they will not be crushed.  When enough grubs have been captured, rinse them thoroughly with clean water.  Drain and dry.  When stone are hot enough, place grubs on the hot stones.  The natural fats and juices in the grubs will cause them to sizzle and jump around, much like sausages in a frying pan.  When the grubs have browned and formed a nice crust, remove them, add seasoning and eat.  The taste is reminiscent of buttery bacon fat.

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