About Me

I was lucky at one point in my life to be able to travel all over the world on the government’s dime.  I went to Paris, Rome, Munich, Sao Paulo, Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Havana, and a lot of other places too numerous to list here.  I found that every place I went to celebrated life through food.  Sometimes it was simple; other times it was intricate.  But always it was a true joy.  Through those travels I learned The Rule.  The Rule is simply that if a thousand people are eating something and enjoying it, I’d be a fool not to try it.

I love to cook.  I love being able to take raw ingredients and create something that everyone likes.  I started my “formal” training when I was around 13 and asked my mom to teach me to cook.  I’ve never been to culinary school, but I’ve read hundreds of cookbooks, watched hundreds of hours of cooking shows on television, and spent countless hours in the various kitchens I called mine.

Through that course of education, I’ve experimented with flavors and techniques.  I’ve created some wonderful meals and I’ve created some that made us fight for the phone to call in a pizza.  Some of my “oopsies” turned into amazing dishes that I kept in my repertoire and still tweak today.  I’ve always viewed my time in a kitchen with a sense of humor knowing that any cook can make a mistake and have to tap dance furiously to make it palatable.

Many people throughout my life have asked why I didn’t work in a restaurant.  My reply is nearly always the same.  When I have to cook, it stops being fun.  There are days when I look at flour, eggs, milk, and cheese and see a souffle.  There are days when I look at flour, eggs, milk, and cheese and see cheese pancakes.  Then there are days when I look at flour, eggs, milk, and cheese and see going out for fast food.

The reason I cook is the same reason I write.  I cook because it gives me the opportunity to be creative.  Through this blog, I hope to share some of that and make the process of cooking easy and enjoyable.

I want this to be a discussion so feel free to comment on any post.  Comments will not be moderated, but please remain respectful.  It’s okay to disagree; it’s not okay to belittle.  Also, feel free to contact me either through the blog or through email.  I will reply as quickly as I can.

Beyond that, just have fun.


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  1. I just found your site(!) and was looking through your archives… in Post #194 you mention a cookbook with “World’s Best Yellow Cake” recipe in it. I absolutely NEED that recipe… would you please post that one???!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hi! Thanks for reading and for commenting. I made today’s post all about your request so try it out and let me know what you think about it. I try to answer all the questions that come up in the blog so feel free to ask anything you like! As always, Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for that awesome posting. Useful, and it saved MUCH time! 🙂

  3. When are you going to post again? You really inform me!

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