Post #668 How Many Fun-Filled Weekends Are Too Many?

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Well, so far, it’s not a whole summer’s worth.  I know I’ve said this before, and I’ll likely end up saying it again.  We had a great weekend, and it’s still not over.  It started about two and a half weeks ago when I asked my supervisor if I could take Friday off.  She approved it and I worked extra hours during the week to make up the time and get all my work for the day off done ahead of time.  Of course, it didn’t end without the drama, but that’s a different story for a different forum.  Suffice to say, I got the time off, and the work got done.

So Friday morning, we got our new state licenses.  It was fun.  Yeah.  We got there about 20 minutes before opening and sat down at the table, being the only people there.  A few minutes later, a lady about our age came in and smiled and sat with us, asking if we were there for DMV.  We invited her to join us and made small talk.  About ten minutes before the office opened, the front door opened and about two dozen roughnecks walked in and stood in front of the door waiting for it to open.  I thought to myself, “Oh, hell, no!”  So I stood up and motioned to the other two (lady friend included) and walked to the front of the line that we had started and parked myself.  I glared a dare at the interlopers but no one challenged us or said anything.  We were successful.  I was the first number issued; Partner/Spouse was the second; new lady friend was the third.  After that, I paid no attention.  I was called first, and finished with my new license about fifteen minutes later.  There’s some wisdom to “God helps those who help themselves.”

After that, it was hair cut time.  I hate the process of getting my hair cut in this state.  I’ve found one place where it’s walk-ins only.  And it’s a nice place and the guy does a good job.  It’s just always busy.  My shortest wait has been twenty minutes.  No other place in this state have I found that is walk-in friendly.  And it usually shoots my blood pressure through the roof trying to work it out.  So this time, Partner/Spouse made me do the internet sign in and when I got there, I sat right down.  Of course, if I’d been a walk-in, it would have been the same since the place was empty.  We’d stopped for breakfast at a small bakery where we each got a ham and cheese croissant using locally sourced ingredients.  Very good.  There was a hair cutting place a door or two down from it so I stopped in to see about a hair cut.  They had nothing available that day.  The earliest they could accommodate me was Monday.  There were no customers in the shop at all.  And from the stylist’s conversation, it didn’t sound like anyone was coming in immediately.  My seven minute hair cut would not have put anyone’s nose out of joint.  But I said no thank you, went somewhere else, bowed to the new convention (which pisses me off) and got my hair cut.

Then we shopped mindlessly waiting for an airplane to arrive.  Then something absolutely unheard of occurred.  The plane was a half-hour early!!  How does that happen?  And my ex-wife was here.  My best friend, a confidante, a fun person to be with.  We haven’t seen her since we left Maryland, so it’s been about three years.  When we got to the car, I gave her a chocolate macaroon since I figured she’d be hungry from the flight.  And once we got home, we took her to our favorite diner, Wayside.

If you say Wayside to anyone in this area, their eyes are going to half close and their lips are going to smile.  I haven’t yet met the person who doesn’t like Wayside.  So far, everything they’ve served us has been good.  Friday was no exception.  This was the place where I first had maple sausage that I liked.  This was the place that I first ate fiddle head ferns.  This is the place we direct everyone when they want to know where to eat.  It’s been around for just about a hundred years (no exaggeration) and they’ve been good for all those years.  We ate so much that we didn’t want to eat the dinner I planned so we ordered chinese when the time came.  But long before that time came, we did our first bout of front porch sitting.

The weather was perfect; the wine was perfect; the bloody mary was perfect; the company was perfect; the music was perfect.  I love sitting on the front porch watching the world go by.

Saturday we got up and went to the state capital for our favorite farmer’s market.  First we had breakfast at our second favorite diner, which is actually the first diner we ate at when we first started interviewing here.  It’s called Down Home and has the best orange juice I’ve ever had.  I had a BLT, Partner/Spouse had eggs, and she had eggs benedict with a fried green tomato and applewood bacon.  I tend to shy away from anything too complicated at someplace I don’t know very well, but she raved over these things.  In most places when you order eggs benedict, you get a poached egg on top of canadian bacon and an English muffin covered in hollandaise sauce.  This place takes the plural literally.  She got two poached eggs on separate english muffins with the fried green tomatoes in between each and bacon sitting just ‘neath the eggs.  The whole thing was slathered with half a quart of hollandaise.   It came with a small bowl of boiled collard greens which I haven’t had in a long time so I had some.  Just right.

After that, we shopped the farmer’s market for our weekly fresh veggies, etc.  This time of year things are cheap and plentiful.  I went through my first harvest of cherry tomatoes pretty quickly since I was just grabbing them as I left the house for work.  We got a ton of stuff since we planned to have appetizers for dinner while doing our front porch sitting.

Then came the star of the day.  We went to a craft show.  It’s supposed to be the biggest craft show in the area.  There were about a hundred or so crafters with booths.  We didn’t buy too much, just wanting to see what was available.  Oddly, we didn’t buy any foodstuffs.  That’s unusual for us.  We got a few ceramic dishes, and a “new” salad tong that’s a one handed device.  Then we found a sheepskin slipper with the soft bottom sole rather than the plastic one.  And they weren’t expensive.  But the style we wanted weren’t available in men’s sizes and the largest woman’s size was woefully too small for our feet.  Even their website didn’t have it.  The guy apologized and said he was beginning to rethink that decision since we were the third customer that day to say that to him.  We’re on the mailing list so if he does come up with a new product, we’ll hear about it.  He’s local, too, so that’s a plus.  But we went to a different company that’s also local and has what we wanted in our size for a slightly higher prices (really only a couple of dollars and no shipping since we’re in the state) so we’ll get our leather slippers with sheep’s fur inside soon.  The crafts were very nice to see.  We’ll be going to more of these as the days go by.  It’s the harvest time and these fairs and festivals will be coming thick and furious until the snow falls.

When we got home, we were all tired.  Lag from the previous day, and the walking and walking and walking we’d done that day caught up to all of us, and we’re all in our 60s now.  Once our butts hit the chairs, we were gone.  We ordered a pizza for lunch then the other two crashed while I worked on the computer.  Dinner was the tacos we should have had the night before.  No front porch sitting, but binge watching some of our favorite shows with the doors and windows open until it got too chilly to stand (seriously, too chilly) then off to bed early-ish.

Today . . . today is the day that made moving to Vermont exactly what we dreamed of.  Partner/Spouse and I got up late-for-us but early for the rest of the world, about 6:30.   Ex-wife didn’t walk downstairs till almost 9.  So, off to Wayside because we had a plan.  Sundays is their Eggs Benedict special and she wanted to compare.  There was a line out the door but it moved quickly.  Several times people leaving told us it was worth waiting.  Several people would come in and ask if this was the line to sign the list and left when we explained it was the line to get in.  We got in under ten minutes so I can’t imagine anyone was too upset.  I was contrary and ordered a burger and fries.  Ex-wife got the eggs benedict and Partner/Spouse got hash and eggs over easy with a side of maple sausage.  They make the best maple sausage.  The maple flavor is subtle rather than overpowering so it enhances the flavor of the pork instead of killing it.

After breakfast, we went to one of our favorite spots, the Stone Circle in Marshfield.  I’ve asked people where this circle came from but no one seems to know.  Today we found out from signs on the covered bridge that it has something to do with the Vermont Youth Conservation Corp which also sponsors one of our favorite food drives, Veggie Van Go.  The walk to the covered bridge is easy and short.  The walk to the stone circle is more of a challenge.  On the way there, we passed a crabapple tree.  We saw this tree in early spring, the first time we came to the circle and I wondered if it was an apple tree.  Turns out I was right and the fruit was almost ripe.  I want to go back in about three weeks and check it out.  I love crabapples.  They’re small and tart and sweet and intensely apple flavored.

So now we’re back home, sitting on the front porch.  I’ve finished my second glass of wine, and she’s about ready for her second home made bloody mary.  Let me tell you about that.

She’s loved bloody mary’s for as long as I’ve known her.  She likes them strong and light.  She likes them plain and complex.  She likes them with garnish and without.  She likes them best cold, but will drink them warm.  Her favorite is when she can taste all the veggies in them.  So I got some very ripe tomatoes at the farmer’s market, as well as some cucumbers and scallions.

We have a Ninja brand mixer set.  That base is powerful, the second most powerful one they make.  Ours has six or seven attachments and can make a smoothie in no time flat.  So I decided to make home made bloody mary mix with fresh veggies.  I chopped two very ripe tomatoes and put it in the blender with four ice cubes and whizzed the hell out of it.  It has a very rosy appearance.  I scooped out the center of a lemon, pith and all and put it in there.  I also took about four inches of an English cucumber and chopped it up and put it in.  I whizzed all this together for several minutes until I couldn’t see any pieces of skin or pith or seed.  Then I added a touch of salt, and celery seed.  I whizzed and combined for a few more minutes to be certain it was liquified.  I put some ice in a glass and poured about a shot of apple vodka into it then added the mix until the glass was full to about a half inch from the top.  I used a fork to stir and mix the alcohol around, added a scallion for garnish and served it.  She pronounced it delicious.  Even from here I can smell the fresh veggies.  I took a sip and it’s the freshest vegetable juice I’ve ever tasted.  I love it when a plan comes together.

So tonight, we’re grilling super thick pork chops outdoors with wood chips.  That, with a garden salad and crusty bread and butter will be dinner.  The chops are marinating in a lemon herb sauce to get more flavor in them.  I’ve got some applesauce left from the cake I made a couple weeks ago so that will round everything out.

Early bed time tonight since she has an early flight.  Tomorrow will likely be low key and relaxing.  We’re predicted to have some rain so we didn’t plan anything outdoors.  I have some writing work to get done, but even “work” on a rainy day off is no chore.

So how’s everyone else’s weekend going?  I hope as well as mine.  Share what’s going on with you.  I love to hear it all.  And feel free to share this post far and wide!

As always,


  1. I just came across your blog and I am LOVING it! I’ve read a couple of posts and see a binge session in my future.

    • Glad you like it! Feel free to make any suggestions you like. If you’re on facebook check out food interactive. It’s moderated by a friend of mine and we all have a blast.

  2. Don’t leave me hanging! How did the two Eggs Benedict fare against each other?

    • LOL! Sorry about that. She liked the first one better with the fried green tomato, although she enjoyed both immensely. One year when we were first married, I made her home made eggs benedict following the traditional recipe right down to the hollandaise sauce. It was fun, although poaching the eggs was a little tricky. Never done it since.

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