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We had one of those wonderful weekends where everything that happens is fun, and it all flows naturally from one event to another, almost organically.  And it finally culminates with an unexpected surprise and we can look back at the whole weekend and say, “Gee, that was fun.”

The weekend actually started on Thursday.  Like the rest of the country, we’ve been locked in the grip of unseasonably hot temperatures.  For this area, it’s unheard of to have “feels like” temp topping over 105, but we’ve had those.  We broke down and bought a couple of portable a/c so we could sleep at night.  Thursday, however, was the start of a break in that awful pattern of heat and humidity.  It was a pleasant 85 degrees, and a cool breeze was blowing, reminding us of the tops of mountains.  Humidity was in the low temps so burned off long before the heat rose.  Being outside was no longer torture.  It was like a present being given to us!  I spent some time with the plants before embarking on dinner plans and another wonderful surprise.  All the cherry tomatoes I showed you last week are all starting to look like this:

So yay!  Tomatoes coming soon!  Those three are now looking very red, and only a couple of days away from being food for me, and I’m at that waiting point again where I wish I could hurry time forward so I can try these puppies.  I don’t want to pick them too early because that would defeat the purpose.  So it was a happy Thursday.

Friday was my first day at work totally by myself.  The job isn’t difficult, but there are so many details to attend to.  Luckily, there are more than just my eyes seeing what I’m doing so if I goof, it will come back to me to be corrected long before it gets to a patient.  And I handled all the unexpected things thrown at me like I knew what I was doing.  The hardest part of the day was eating lunch by myself.  But the weather cooperated and I ate outside and got drowsy in the sun while looking at the tree covered mountains all around.

On the drive home, we opted to have Chinese food but couldn’t get to the place easily.  We did manage it, but there was a city festival going on!  Most of the main part of the city was blocked off and we had to drive around a little to get where we were going, then back again.  But it was pretty cool seeing it because of Saturday.

Saturday, we had breakfast of homemade sausage and buttermilk biscuits.  We had some ground pork and I added some seasoning from a packet plus a little extra for zing.  Once that was well mixed, I put it in the fridge, then started the oven heating for the biscuits.  I didn’t opt to make them this time, but went with the frozen ones.  We love these things.  So handy and when they’re made correctly they are delicious.  Once they were done, I started the sausage patties.  So in 40 minutes from the start, we were scarfing down biscuits slathered with butter (mine had a small dollop of raspberry preserves) and hot and tasty sausage.  Even Buddy got some, but not a lot.

Then we walked over to the Festival because we were volunteers!  Our hospital had a booth and needed help setting up.  Then we stayed until the other volunteers arrived.  The booth was fun.  The best part was we had a bicycle with a blender attached to it.  We’d get little kids on the bike to power the blender to make blueberry-kale smoothies.  We also had a Plinko game but that was more annoying than anything else.  We had freebies to give away, and a set up to check your weight and to get your blood pressure checked.  So overall, we had a fun and educational array.

The Heritage Festival is a big thing for the town, and started on Thursday night with a historic car show.  Friday night was live entertainment and food trucks.  Saturday started with a free breakfast hosted by the Rotarians at the library.  The library was also having a used book sale, but we couldn’t figure out where that was given the hordes buzzing around the pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  The food trucks were everywhere and so varied I was quite impressed.  One was the lady we’d met at the Made in Vermont Expo we went to back in April who was selling the Maple Sugar Popcorn.  Main Street (yes, really, Main Street is the key street in the town) was closed for several blocks from the courthouse to the city square.  We were located about halfway between them.  The city square end was where the tractor pull, the library sale, and the food trucks were located.  The courthouse end was where most of the kiddie events were.  There was a small petting zoo, face painting, bouncy houses, a pugil stick joust, lots of lemonade and popcorn, and general camaraderie.  The whole thing was capped by a spectacular fire works display at 9pm.  Buddy wasn’t impressed.

We walked home, but still felt energetic, so we did the grocery shopping, and stopped to complete one more errand.  We got home early and so I beat the heat and watered and fertilized the plants.  And checked the tomatoes again, hoping beyond hope they’d be ready to pick.  They weren’t.  Then we spent the rest of the day doing laundry, relaxing, reading, listening to music, and sitting on the porch.  Even dinner was a relaxed affair involving foraging more than anything else.

Today, we got up about an hour later than normal, at toast for breakfast, and drove to one of the first places we’d ever visited here, The North Branch Nature Center, about 7 miles from us.  The first time we visited was winter about a week after we arrived and Buddy took a face plant slipping in the snow while trying to pee on a tree.  It was a whole different look and so much fun.  On a Sunday, the center opens much later, so we had the place to ourselves.  Buddy had fun wandering around and peeing on everything.  It was mostly just a gesture since after the first couple of attempts, his bladder was as empty as last week’s bread wrapper.  The wildflowers were in full bloom and we saw many things we couldn’t identify, and plenty that we could.  I even took Buddy down to the river where he suddenly turned into a water dog.  We went back by a different route to see the garden section and found out something.

What we always took as the garden spot is actually a community garden plot.  So, we might be looking at that for next year’s veggies!  We saw a ton of different things, and were kind of surprised to see not broccoli but Brussels Sprouts, too.

But the highlight of the weekend came on the drive home.

“Wanna stop at one of the bakeries we passed?”  Partner/Spouse knows what I’m going to say yes to.

The first one had no parking and a line out the door so we kept going.  The second was a better option for us and we stopped at The Bohemian Bakery.

I’ve read about this bakery in a few of the books and newspapers that I’ve read.  It’s well-known, and well-loved throughout the state, shoot, throughout New England.  It’s shop front is a small, house-conversion.  They do that a lot around here.  The towns and villages are hundreds of years old and in an effort to preserve the history, they do their best not to have the cookie cutter steel and glass shopping centers.  Part is a space consideration and part is a heritage consideration.  Makes it hard to find things sometimes, but there you are.

So we went into this bakery and their selection has been picked over pretty extensively.  I learned after a few minutes that they have plenty more in the bakery itself and seldom run out of anything.  There was a family of six buying a ton of stuff and taking their time which I find truly annoying.  Get your stuff and get out – of my way.  Especially when they’re taking what appears to be the last of what I want.

But we managed to get what we wanted.  I got a chocolate spiral, and a croissant.  Partner/Spouse got a chocolate spiral and a . . .

“What are those?” he asked pointing.

“Kouign Amann,” came the reply.  It’s pronounced Queen Amoh.

He instantly said, “I’d like one of those, please.”

I immediately followed with, “Make that two please.”

The girl laughed and we explained we were big fans of The Great British Baking Show and had been wanting to try one for months.

She said she heard that a lot.

And they are yummeeeeeeeee!  Think of a perfectly flaky and buttery French croissant that instead of being rolled into the crescent shape is pushed into a muffin cup so that once it rises it looks a bit like a flower.  Also think of it having that flaky butter flavor with a little bit of sweetness to it.  And then think about that little bit of sweetness turning to a light caramel on the bottom as it bakes, and you’ve got the Kougin Amann.  I could eat three or four of them.  I wanted to eat three or four of them.

But we’ve found our favorite bakery now.

So the rest of the weekend is given over to writing, reading, and other fun pursuits at home.  And wine.  Can’t forget the wine.

So, tell us all how your weekend went.  Feel free to share this post far and wide.


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