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So this was a fun weekend.  We got so much done this weekend, so I’m touching on things done without a lot of detail, but more later one, if that makes sense?  I start the new job tomorrow, so doing things during the week won’t be happening.  Our weekends are going to be very full.  We intended to make this weekend a relaxing one, and we did manage to do that, sort of.  It’s relaxing when everything you’re doing is fun, right?

So, I stayed up late Friday night, writing on a novel, rough draft stuff.  A glass of wine helps the juices flow and before I knew it, it was midnight thirty and we wanted to be on the road early.  Ooops.  But we still managed to be up when we wanted to, and bacon and biscuits were eaten, and dog attended to, and on the road to be at the first farmer’s market of two we were visiting.

This farmer’s market was about an hour south of us in a town called Norwich.  I hope that sounds familiar because it plays into what happened next.  The farmer’s market was what I was hoping for.  Lots of vendors, lots of product, and lots of produce that’s available right now.  Sadly, no tomatoes, but whaddaya gonna do?  We’ve been told that cherry tomatoes are very popular here, so we’re just waiting.

We wandered through and ended up getting some huge scallions, some radishes that were the size of ping pong balls and as red as rubies, and a couple of ceramic things.  We also got some bagels and a couple of “pain au chocolat” which are chocolate filled croissants.  When I was in Paris, I used to get two of these every morning for breakfast.  They were fresh and crispy and gooey with melted chocolate.  These weren’t so much, but good nonetheless.  Partner/Spouse was on the lookout for a nice hanging plant for the porch and we saw some beautiful Fuchsias.  But we didn’t get one because we didn’t want to spend that much and we were only just starting our errands for the day.  And, we taste tested some fresh made dill pickles that were so good we bought a quart jar.  The flavor was brilliantly dill and spicy and the pickles were so crisp they were like they grew on the vine that way.

As you can see, I had several with lunch later on.  Before we left, we took Buddy out of the car to walk around and pee, and a tiny little boy who was only just learning to walk fell in love with him.  When they parted, Buddy started following him so he assumed Buddy was his dog now.  You can imagine how disappointed he was for about fifteen seconds until his attention was diverted by a butterfly.

From there, we decided to make a quick stop at the High Holy Place for all bakers:

King Arthur Flour!  I knew that they were based here in Vermont, but I guess I just didn’t realize exactly how close they were.  We walked in and ignored the café completely (except it smelled so good!)  The store was larger than I thought it would be, and packed with fun stuff everywhere.  We wanted to buy everything to restock our kitchen, but budget and space said No!  We did get a few things though.

The multi-colored macrons at the top is the schedule of classes which we’ve already read through and marked with what we want to take.  The flour is Self Rising Flour which is difficult to find in the U.S. if you don’t live in the right place.  The cookbook was on clearance so it didn’t cost thousands of dollars.  There’s a bread mix in the upper right, on top of the current mail order catalog.  It’s a French herb bread.  The pan on the bottom left is snowflake designs for mini cakes or whatever.  The bowl is earthenware and medium sized, a size we need but don’t have.  We got a fridge magnet and a pie cutter, too.  Let me tell you, though, pie cutters cut fingers too.  I’m wearing the bandage still.  And finally, From Our Bakery we bought a loaf of rustic bread that became the star of dinner that night.

The farmer’s market and King Arthur shopping trip only took about 45 minutes, not including the drive time.  We don’t mess about when we’re in a store.  So we took off to another farmer’s market, much closer to home.  Six minutes from home actually.  We didn’t start there because after that market, we were going for another drive.

The Montpelier farmer’s market is known throughout New England and is one of the premier outdoor markets.  It opened last weekend, but we didn’t want to go because it was the first weekend and would be hectic.  So unlike when we did go, because it was the second week and hectic.  Parking was a challenge so we parked illegally for about thirty minutes.

It was one of those markets where they close off the streets and there are nooks and crannies to explore, businesses opening their doors to us, and tons of people.  Surprisingly, I only got annoyed once.  When we first got there and were exploring, I was waiting patiently to look at something and an older man had parked himself in front of what I wanted to see, eating something messy.  I finally just moved on with an annoyed expression, figuring I’d see it on the way back.  So we moved a few steps on to another booth; I looked for a moment and took a step back; I back right onto this same old guy.  I apologized profusely since I don’t have eyes in the back of my head.  Partner/Spouse asked what was up and I said loud enough but not confrontationally, “That same old guy who was in the way back there was behind me and I bumped into him.  Still in the way.”  I’m the master at passive aggression.  We didn’t see him the rest of the time we were there.

We did see a ton of other things.  There were turned bowls that were stunning.  There were loads of produce so we got some salad greens, two heads of lettuce, and an English cucumber.  When we were getting the lettuce, the lady took our small head of lettuce and was embarrassed she was selling that skimpy head for whatever price it was and gave us a second head for free.  There were tons of crafts, and plants, and seeds.  We saw some hanging baskets and the Fuchsias were spectacular!  And exceedingly highly priced.  We didn’t get one but they were gorgeous.  We decided to have steak and salad for dinner with the bread we got at KAF, so we looked around and chose a vendor at random.  The price was kind of high, but we decided to splurge for one meal that week.  We bought two bone-in rib eye steak, and a large brisket.  Partner/Spouse is cooking the brisket now so we can use it for dinner later in the week.  All the meat was frozen and vacuum packed so we felt safe with it.  Partner/Spouse also found a ceramic tea mug and a sponge holder that he’s going to use to hold business cards in a clearance section of one booth.

When we got home, and put everything on the table (but before I sliced my finger open with the pie cutter (it’s good to live with an ER nurse)), I saw something on the table.

We got home about 12:30 and the mail probably hadn’t been by yet.  On a day when we spent bucks indulging ourselves, I was hoping we were going to be able to fill the bag and get it out for the mailman to pick up.  You may recall a few years ago I wrote about this.  I few times a year, the USPS sponsors a drive for No Kid Hungry and leaves the grocery bag for you to fill with non-perishable food items.  This is the first time we’ve lived anywhere that does the program.  I put a bag of rice in, a box of pasta, a bag of lentils, a jar of peanut butter, a couple of cans of tomatoes, a bottle of salad dressing, and something else I don’t remember.  I put it out on the porch hoping the mailman would pick it up since I didn’t know if he’d been by yet.  But I also figured if I left it there and he grabbed it on Monday, that would be okay too.  A few hours later, I noticed it was gone, so yay.

Dinner was a success, sort of.  The bread was phenomenal.  Thick sliced and slathered with butter, it had a toasty flavor to it and a chew that was like eating meat.  The salad was cucumber, radish, scallions, green leaf lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes with a vinaigrette and I just wanted to graze.  The steak, though, left a LOT to be desired.  Neither of us finished more than a third.  It was tough, and tasted off.  Since it was grass fed beef we figured that might have something to do with the tasted.  But as soon as I ate some of mine, I started feel bloated and full, and not happy.

Then I woke up this morning but literally running to the bathroom.  My stomach is finally starting to feel better now, but I couldn’t even finish the chocolate croissant I put aside for breakfast this morning.  So we won’t be buying beef from that place again.  The brisket is cooking and so far doesn’t smell different so we’re hopeful on that one.

We did go to the store this morning to pick up some non food stuff and I picked up some herbs:  my beloved peppermint, some thyme, and a jalapeno plant.  I also picked up a cherry tomato plant.  And Partner/Spouse found his Fuchsia!  It’s a yellow one but when the blossoms open the edges are tinged in red.  There will be pictures later.  So this afternoon, I’ll be doing the gardening thing and repotting the herbs to their permanents homes.

So it was a fun weekend!  And underlying it all is the excitement of starting a new job and being gainfully employed again.

So how was your weekend?  Share and let us all know.  Feel free to share the post anywhere you want to.

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