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So here we are at the end of the weekend.  It’s late on Sunday afternoon, I’ve got dinner started (which you’ll learn about later in the week), and it’s time to tell you the ups and downs of the past week because the goods far outweighed the bads.  So, I poured a glass of wine, a local red, very dry and very good.

First, one of the goods.  I’ve been looking around for a job since we got here.  It seems the opportunities are bountiful, but the realities are less so.  I had put in applications at several places, but had no nibbles.  Then Partner/Spouse sent a text a couple of weeks ago.  There was a manager’s position opening at the hospital in IT.  Some people reading the blog know that my main career had been in IT at all levels and I was well qualified for the position.  I filled out the application and waited.  While I was waiting, I started having misgivings.  Despite the fact that the IT support staff was scheduled 7-4:30, at a manager level, I was going to be on call pretty much whenever anyone needed me.  I already knew the challenges of managing a support staff, and I wasn’t at all sure that I wanted to take that on again.  And I’m old and tired.

So a few days later, he sent a couple of other job opportunities at the hospital that I applied for.  One of them came through, almost immediately.  It was for an admin assistant in Ambulatory Surgery.  I read through the job description and it sounded challenging.  I went to the interview on Monday.  It was scheduled for an hour, but went twice as long.  I met with three people, and by the end of it, we were laughing and joking, and one of them called me by Partner/Spouse’s name!  While I was waiting for word to come back, I had several people fill out online reference checks for me, you know who you are!  Thursday, they called and offered me the job.  I think they were a little surprised that I accepted at the salary they offered, but it’s only pennies less than I was making with Metlife, and waaaaay more than I was making with Barnes and Noble.  The hours are set and coincide with Partner/Spouse’s schedule so we can carpool, so that’s a big yay.  I start the middle of next month.  On Wednesday, I go in for the health check and get the onboarding paperwork started.

So!  I’m gainfully employed in a professional position and making fairly decent money.  The job will be both routine and challenging at the same time, and I’m looking forward to it.

Also, during the week, I was able to get a few details attended to, the kinds of things that have to be done to keep body and soul together.

So, the weekend arrives and it’s time for fun things, right?  Well, sort of.  Once I start working full time again, the weekends are going to be given to chores.  Fun things like cleaning and errands, etc.  But you know, it’s Vermont and there’s a whole new state to explore.  I got a feeling we’re going to be tired by the end of the weekend.

On Saturday, we wanted to go the an indoor farmer’s market to see what was available.  One thing about the farmer’s markets around here is they’re almost always locally grown or locally made products.  So, going each week tells you what’s currently available.  Right now, it’s hot house because winter just won’t seem to go away.  We had a snow flurry in the morning earlier in the week.  But, being us, we arrived long before the venue opened.  We were lucky to find parking that was not only steps away from where we were going, but also was free!  Free is always good.  We had twenty minutes to waste, and we were only a block away from one bookstore, and parked right in front of another.  The one we were parked in front of was familiar, so we decided to walk down the block.  We got there, only to find it wasn’t open for another half hour.  Now, one thing I forgot to mention is that we’ve had several rainy days in a row.  It started last weekend and ended late yesterday afternoon.  So we did all our walking yesterday in a chilly rain.  But heck, it was Vermont, so we never complained.

Turned out, the only business actually opened apart from restaurants was the bookstore we’d parked in front of.  So in we went.  And found every book we ever wanted on local hikes, local fun spots, local markets.  We didn’t buy any, but we know where we’re going soon.  And the farmer’s market was less than a block away.  So cool.  But since they had only just opened, some vendors were still setting up.

We found no tomatoes which was a disappointment, but not unexpected.  We did get some veggies we’d been wanted to try.  We got ramps which are a kind of wild onion and tastes like.  We got some garlic chives which are just exactly what they sound like.  We also got some early radishes.  But that was all that was interesting.  However, there were beautiful parsnips and carrots and potatoes.  I believe we will be enjoying the markets around here A LOT!

We used most of the produce for dinner on Saturday night which was sautéed pork with spicy veggies over pasta.

Today, though, that was the bomb!

But first, I have to tell you about a bad.  Remember, not long ago, I mentioned the single layer cake, yellow with chocolate frosting?  I froze the other layer.  We find that a full two or three layer cake is far too much for just us and we end up throwing so much away.  Although, our neighbors may be enjoying half cakes soon.  Anyway, I unfroze the other layer and decided to glaze it rather than frost it.  I made a glaze out of chocolate syrup and powdered sugar.

Don’t do that.

Here’s the result:

Look at the edge to the right.

Bear in mind that this is a sealed container that it’s leaking out of.

And that’s the result.  It’s tastes wonderful, but it’s a mess.  I’m glad this container has a lip because it contained the chocolate flood.  So I know not to do that in the future.  I imagine a large part of this one will end up in the trash, too.  Sigh.

Today, though, was an OMG kind of day.  It started off simply enough.  Our only plan was to visit a locally owned hardware store to see what they had (a cat guards the place and will allow you to browse if you pet her), and to check out a view of the neighborhood from the top of a our mountain.  It was beautiful, by the way, but I didn’t have my phone camera ready.  Then we took a right turn where we would normally take a left to get back home just to explore for a few minutes.  Which turned into a couple of hours.

We followed the road until it ended at a road we were familiar with.  A left would take us home; a right would take us to adventure!  So we turned right.

It was fun.  We ended up in a village called Marshfield, and stopped at this:

We actually stopped in the parking lot to turn around, but the bridge was so intriguing that we decided to take a walk across it.  I looked at the map of the park, which was small, and we decided to explore for a bit.  Boy, were we ever glad we did.

This is the river we crossed, the Winooski.  It travels all through our area.  The river near our house is Steven’s Branch of the Winooski.

This is what the main attraction is, apart from the covered bridge.  It’s a circle of stones.  Not sure what’s going with those, but when I know, I’ll update everyone.

Here’s a closer view once we got to the top of the hill.

This is another view of area from the stone circle.  That’s the river and just to the left is the bridge.  The barn marks someone’s farm.

This was the real treasure of the trip, though.  We walked into the woods a short way and could hear the sound of falling water.  We found a rapidly running stream tumbling down the hill over some rocks.  Moss covered rocks and trees were all around.  Partner/Spouse found a birch branch he’s going to turn into a walking stick.

One of the conversations we had as we walked around was trying to identify some of the dead plants.  I recognized one called milkweed.  I remembered it from my childhood in upstate New York.  In the spring, milkweed pods are collected and eaten.  We used to spend time at a friend’s farm and helped collect the pods for “Granny” who loved them.  I never tried them because the white sap which gives the plant its name put me off.  I have no idea how to cook them, but a quick search on the ‘net yielded a ton of advice.  Take it with a grain of salt.

So then we went on home and relaxed and I made pizza, and you’ll hear about that mid-week or so.

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