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So, we’ve been here almost two weeks.  All the boxes are unpacked; today they collect the trash for the first time; today the final appliance is being installed (with luck); and the dog and I have settled into a routine for his bathroom breaks.  The next goal is to achieve employment, and all will be well and good.  Last week, Partner/Spouse bought a couple of books from a book sale at the hospital taking place just outside his office door (I know.  A terrible torture.), both of them about the state we now live in.  The first is a gardening book which will help when I start planting things.  The second is an exploration guide to our state.

I wish I had one of these books for every state we’ve lived in.  It’s great.

Over the weekend, despite the snowy weather, we decided to do some exploring based on our previous jaunts into this state and internet searches.  Also, I needed a haircut and there was only one place open on a Sunday in this state and it was in the “big town” about 40 minutes from here.  Just as an aside, we live about a mile outside the state capital which holds the distinction of being the smallest in area and population density of all state capitals in the country.  It’s about 8000 people strong.  The other “big town” is a decent size at around 40,000 which is about the size of the town I grew up in (in the winter.)  Just some fun facts about where we are and some of the challenges we’re going to face being here.

So, it was Sunday when we decided to head out to the Big Town, and because the Hair Cuttery opens at 9 and we didn’t want to wait, we left here about 8.  It’s only a 45 minute drive, but with the snow and all, we showed up about five minutes before they opened.  I was the first one in, but had to wait about ten minutes because their phone wouldn’t stop ringing.  Got a good haircut and plenty of chuckles and I’ll likely go back, but we had a half hour to kill before the next stop:  an antique store!  Yay!

This one was recommended by a colleague of his, so we drove a few blocks and found the place, then started scouting for a diner to get breakfast.  Not an easy task despite checking our phones.  But we found one area that we’d been to before, a walking/shopping area near the university so we parked and wandered.  And wandered.  Then we strolled.  Then went back to wandering, and finally found a bagel shop that was open and got bagel sandwiches for breakfast.  They were really good.  I’m sure we’ll be back there again.  Toasted and crunchy and bacon-y, and yummy.

The antique store was small, smaller than we like, but it held a wide variety of things.  Right now we’re looking for a dresser for him that fits well into the bedroom.  I have an idea of what I want, and, of course, he has an idea of what he wants.  Since it will be for him, I’ll defer to him except where weight is concerned.  If we’re going to be the ones to haul it around, that sucker has to be light.  But we didn’t see anything that impressed either of us.


Right next door was a used book store.  Outside, in a small vestibule, were stacks of books FOR FREE!!  Actually, they were free, but for donations.  We grabbed about ten, all ones that we had been looking for.  Inside, it was nirvana.  A huge warehouse with stacks and stacks and shelves and boxes of pure temptation and fun.  We got another ten.  And didn’t spend a whole lot, either.  I was unimpressed with his prices.  It was goofy.  Some things that were worth a bit, were priced below $5.  Other things were at prices I wouldn’t have paid if they were new.  We did pick up Julia Child’s classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking first edition for a steal.  I also got a couple of books on writing, and one on forensic archaeology.  The owner tried to engage us in small talk as we were checking out, but we were ready to be gone.  It was close to noon and we had one more stop to make.

So, I’ve got plenty of ready to fill my days as I wait for things to arrive and get installed.  The washer/dryer is here and in constant use, it seems like.  Today, the fridge is due (any time now).  And I’ve been working my way through the Explorer’s Guide.  Tell you what, it’s got things in there I never would have thought to think about.  So, here’s some of the highlights you can look forward to hearing about as we accomplish them.

King Arthur Flour Co is about a half hour away.  They offer classes and tours and have an on-site store.  No more catalogs for us.

Ben and Jerry’s is close by and although neither of us is driven by the need for ice cream, we will be visiting.

There’s a chocolate factory about an hour away that offers tours and chocolate tastings, and has a store.  Guess we’ll be getting the frequent buyer discount after our second trip.

Diners in this state are a well-loved institution.  The first book we bought when we got here was The Classic Diners.  These are diners that were converted from the dining/club cars of the railroads.  It’s going to be challenging to get into them, but we’re going to check each one off as we try them.  And you guys will get to hear all about them.

Farms abound in this state, actually, in this area, and they all seem to welcome visitors.  Many of them allow people to pay to stay and experience farm life.  When we do, so will you.

Farmer’s Markets are big business here.  The state capital has one of the biggest and best known.  We’ll be frequent visitors there.  I can’t wait for them to start up again.  Some go all year round; they just move indoors and change their product to what is available.

We have a small back yard now, and there’s a perfect spot for setting up a grill and table, as well as place for a vegetable garden.  I’ll be getting that ready as soon as the ground thaws and dries out.  The snow is melting, and we are entering what is known hearabouts as “the mud season.”  For those who’ve read my novel and remember those scenes, it’s a real live thing.  I wasn’t making it up.  From mid-March, to the end of April (roughly), the area is dominated by mud due to rain and snow melt.  When I was a kid, my mom used to get so irritated by the amount of dirt we’d track in.  Even in the short time we’ve been here I’ve washed the floors twice, and have to sweep nearly every day to keep ahead of the dirt.  But, as the garden flourishes, you guys will get to read about Farmer Joe and his crop.  Mmmm, home grown tomatoes.

I hope that whets your appetite for the blog and what’s coming in the weeks ahead.  I’ll still be sharing the funnier moments of what happens in life and the kitchen; I’ll still be teaching techniques as I learn and perfect them; I’ll still be sharing recipes.  And if there’s any questions you have about anything in the cooking world, don’t hesitate to ask.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll make one up!

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  1. I am so jealous of King Arthur Flour Co!!! I’d spend a buck or 2 there for sure. Hope you guys are loving the new sites. Can’t wait to hear what’s to come!!

    • It’s now quite a trip for you to come visit, but any time you want to, let us know. I’ll show you all the great sites.

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