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I know you’re wondering what’s happened since the last post was nearly a month ago.  So much has gone on, it’s hard to know where to start.  A wise man once said it’s best to start at the beginning but I don’t want to go back over sixty years, or three million, so I’ll start with the last post.

It really started one day in the store.  I was working register and front of store and it was fairly early in the day, around 10:30am.  It had been steady but not busy and I was getting a lot done while making certain no one had to wait very long for a register.  A woman came up to the counter coughing into the crook of her elbow.  I commiserated with her and she told me that she had a terrible cold, had been sent home from work so she wouldn’t infect anyone, and needed these books to read during her down time at home.  I stared at her thinking, great, so infecting everyone in this bookstore sounded like a good idea to you, then?

I really took care of myself, but my doctor gave me the pneumonia shot cuz of my age.  That put me down for a day or so, which apparently was enough for this “cold” to take hold of me.  I was sick for weeks.  At one point, I couldn’t even hold down water.  Wracked with fever and chills, coughing my lungs out, sore and achy, sleeping for hours.  Not a happy time.

Then, during all this, Partner/Spouse accepted a position with another company in an area that we’ve been trying to get to for several years.  So we had to move, and we had about two and a half weeks to do it.  So while I was sick, we made a couple of trips to Vermont!!  We found a house that we fell in love with and put in an application for it.  We’re renting, as we usually do, since we don’t know the area.  The house is small, just six rooms, two bathrooms, and three of the rooms are bedrooms.  It’s two floors, plus an unfinished basement that we can store things in.  The house was built in 1902, so it has a history, and it has some very antique-y features.  No a/c is the most antique-y feature, yay.  But we’re on top of a mountain here, so it isn’t really going to get very warm, and fans should take care of things.  There’s a ceiling fan in every room.  We have the “master” bedroom (meaning it’s the biggest), then a guest bedroom, and another bedroom that we’re using as an office.  It’s on a 1/3 acre lot so there’s a small front yard, and a decent back yard.  I’m going to have a vegetable garden again!

Here’s some pics.  We moved in on the 16th, so things are still a little disorganized.  Look beyond the mess, okay?

This is the front, obviously.  We finally got our front porch.  I can’t wait until the weather gets nice enough to sit out in the evening with a glass of wine, chatting with the neighbors walking by.  Our bedroom is the window on the left; the office is the window on the right.  That’s a lilac bush on the right, so I need to read up on how to make it work with the house and porch and yard.

It didn’t take us long to put seating on the porch, either.  That window is the living room.

When you walk in the front door, there’s the stair up.  Narrow and steep, and a little scary.  The hallway goes back to the kitchen.  The boxes go to the trash.  I’ve already broken them up.

To the right of the front door is the living room.  Our stuff fit perfectly.  We’re using the small TV for now.  The couch is up against the window, and you can see the first of the multiple ceiling fans.

Here’s the kitchen and it’s wide open.  We had the table in the center for a couple of days, but it really was too large for the space and got in the way.  On the right is a built in to hold all the wine glasses upside down, and holds all the rest of our dishes and glasses o the shelves.  The fridge doesn’t work, so we’re getting a new one next week.  The property manager is buying it.  No dishwasher except my own two hands.  So sad.

Two more views of the kitchen.  We had put our chest freezer in that corner where the table is for a few days, but it made more sense to relocate it.

Two views of the space we’re calling the laundry room.  When you enter through the kitchen, the washer/dryer is on the right.  Those curtains are another “powder room” with no doors.  So we’re relocating the doors leading into this room onto the powder room.  The chest freezer is on the left side of the room, along with the dorm fridge we got to get us through to the new fridge deliver.  Our metal shelves hold most of the stuff we might have put in the basement, but the basement is really awkward.

The is the master bedroom.  All the upper floor rooms has the slanted ceilings.  They’re kind of nice.  Please ignore the mess.

This is one view of the office/bedroom.  The built-ins are actually a desk.  We’re not using it that way, though.

The upper floor “hallway” which is really just a small area where all the other rooms open to.  That big white thing is the central heat that flows up from the lower floor.  The upper floor is fairly chilly, but our bedding is incredibly warm so it’s not terrible.  You can see the wire conduit on the wall to bring in electricity when it became available after 1902.

And finally, this is just to show the steepness of the stairs.

Overall, it’s a great house, and we got a great deal on it.  There’s some work to be done, that we can do over time, but we’re willing to do it.  We have an absentee landlord, so the management company takes care of everything.

It’s a small town.  We LOVE small towns.  The hospital is a six minute drive away.  Job potential for me is in walking distance.  Buddy has already gotten used to where he wants to poop every morning.  The neighbors have all introduced themselves and welcomed us to the area.  And we’ve only been here five days!

Around the corner and within walking distance is an Irish pub that we had dinner at the day we arrived, the 15th.  I had fish and chips and he had a pastrami sandwich.  I had a glass of wine and the pour looked like a half bottle!  It was loud but fun, and everyone was friendly.

We’ve found a couple of great diners.  One we’ve been to multiple times.  I read about them today, and they were started the same time our house was built!  They are committed to farm to table and living green.  The first time we were there, we were waiting for a few minutes and a young lady and her mom were looking for someone in the diner.  They were so funny, I started teasing them.  By the time they were done, we were inviting them to join us if they didn’t find their friend.  I had a ham steak and eggs breakfast.  The ham was amazing!  The second time we were there, a family was sitting across the aisle from us and started including us in their conversation.

One diner we were at when we were looking was a “hippie” style establishment.  But they had wonderful food.  I was still not feeling well at that time, so I had just a glass of orange juice, toast, and bacon.  I call that the Joe Breakfast, and it was delicious.

We’ve ordered in for dinner once and got an AMAZING pizza.  So good.  And I’ve cooked twice!  The first time was ham and scrambled eggs.  Tonight was spaghetti.  We’re settling in pretty quickly.  Even the snow is cooperating.

So, now you’re all up to speed.  On the weekend, I’ll update you with plans for the upcoming Spring.

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