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My dad was an equitable, quiet voiced, even tempered kind of guy.  He would live and let live and not say much unless he got pushed too far.  Once he lost his patience, all bets were off.  He had a stony face that could radiate anger from half a mile away.  Trust me, I know that one.

One time, he decided to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work and it did not go well.  First, he never liked stopping anywhere on the way home.  He was usually tired, and tired of people by that time.  Second, he dislike shopping for groceries because he thought it was too expensive and an exercise in futility.  He knew he could spend every dollar he had in his pocket, and in three days, he’d be right back there buying more.  Third, it was that time of the year when tourists took over our little town, which was a very trying time in general.

He was pushing his cart around, trying to get the things he wanted and on a whim decided to treat the family to grilled steak that night.  He was at the meat counter looking over the selection when he felt a bump on the back of his leg.  He looked around and noticed a retired tourist glaring at him but didn’t really think too much of it.  He turned back to the meats still trying to decide what to get.  He felt the bump on his leg again, a little more forcefully than the first time and glanced over his shoulder.

“I’ll be through in a minute,” he said, but knowing my dad, I’m sure his face was stony and getting red.

He turned back to the display and was just reaching to get what he wanted when the older man bumped into him hard enough to cause one leg to buckle slightly and his knee to whack the counter.

Dad turned around, grabbed the old man’s cart and shoved it back.  In a gravelly voice, he said, “If that thing touches me one more time, it’s going straight up your ass!”

Needless to say, it didn’t touch him again.

So when did common decency and manners disappear at the grocery store?  You see it all the time.  People are oblivious to whatever mayhem they may be causing, from backed up lines to blocking entire aisles.   Partner/Spouse and I were recently at our closest store and I was pushing the cart along at a moderate pace as we quickly tried to get from one place to another.  He was ahead of me and suddenly reached out to stop our cart and move out of the way.  A lady came barreling out of an aisle like she was on fire and there was no one around but her.  No decorum whatever.  No pause to see who was coming along the main aisle she was getting into.  I made a comment like, “I hope she doesn’t drive like that.”  I heard her distinctly call me a four letter word so I laughed and moved on.

It seems to be a real problem.  People just don’t care what they act like or look like when they’re in the grocery store.  It’s about getting in and out as quickly as possible and who cares who’s in the way?  Run ’em over!  I try to get people to laughing.  I try to reach things on high shelves for people who need it.  When I worked the grocery story a few years ago, I had one lady make me tag along with her as she did her shopping despite whatever else I had to do.  Even the bookstore I’m at now, people will get downright testy (rude) is things are going too slow for their liking.

We recently were looking for a place to park and chose a specific lane.  Someone pulled up in the middle of the lane making our left turn problematic.  We made it, however, and pulled into our chosen spot.  Only to hear the other driver still cussing us out as though we had done something wrong.  I was looking puzzled at him, wondering why he was so angry which seemed to make him angrier.  He vented his anger by racing out of the parking lot potentially putting himself and others in danger.

I wish people were nicer.

It even shows up on blogs like this one.  I read a meme on FB recently where a woman was moaning:  I don’t want to read 40 paragraphs of how you went on a walk with your husband and kids and dogs and how you love the changing colors of fall and the crisp air and the slight chill in the air making it sweater weather and how you look forward to hot chocolate in front of the fire on a cool night.  I just want the recipe so get to it, bitch!

I was horrified.

So road rage has moved to the grocery store, the general shopping stores, even the blogosphere.

So sorry, no recipe today and I’m sorry you had to get all the way to the bottom of the post to find that out.  Take a deep breath and glory in the realization that you just spent a few minutes listening to “road rage” in my head instead of fearing for you life on the road.

And share some of your favorite rage stories.  Feel free to share this widely if you like.

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