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Okay, so it’s Sunday afternoon, sort of late, getting on towards wine time.  And again, it was a busy weekend, lots got done, and I budgeted time for the blog which is now.  So, wine to left, next to a small bowl of popcorn, and here we go.  Such a relaxing time!

You may recall when I posted at the middle of the week that I said we were going to a craft fair on Saturday.  We made that the central activity of the day, but we also had a ton of other things to do.  Not the least of which was to visit our illustrious downtown area for pizza for dinner.

So we got up “late for us” on Saturday morning, 6:10am.  I know, I say that to other people and they look like I’m crazy, but that’s actually a full hour later for me, and two hours for Partner/Spouse.  Buddy, of course, always needs to be nudged awake, but once he gets going, he’s all about the day.  So, Partner/Spouse took the first shower, while I got Buddy outside and fed.  And, of course, since we had plans, it was cold and rainy.  Not a downpour, what I call a “lazy rain” like it’s too lazy to do anything but fall.  Not much wind, either.  But the temps never got higher than 45 or so.

So the first task was a multitask, stopping at a local box store for some long sleeve thermal shirts, some shelving units, and some odds and ends.  Then looking for a butcher we’d seen in our many drives.  We wanted to start early enough to get everything done so we could be on the road to the craft fair.  Plus we wanted to stop at the grocery story and at a book store to find a book a I want/need.  So we went to the box store, loaded up the car, and took off for the butcher.  Said butcher didn’t exist.  We pulled into the shopping area where the sign was, drove around looking for the shop, and it was nowhere we could see.  We checked our sources and everything looked correct, but no shop.  So, we went on our way.  Went to the grocery store and got the few items we wanted and several more that we didn’t need, and got the one thing we were out of.

We even stopped at another butcher whose shop we found exactly where it was supposed to be.  Except it didn’t open for another hour.  Sigh.

So we went home and unloaded and took care of the dog and put things away and played with the dog and got ready for the next task for the day and cuddled with the dog.

Then we got in the car with the GPS programmed to the address of a little town called Lee and a public farm called Coppal House Farm.  They are known throughout New England for many things, but there biggest draw is their corn maze.  Every year, they have a huge corn maze, 24 acres strong, and every year it’s a different design.

They also have craft vendors, food vendors, etc. They have a working farm and barn where kids can interact with the animals, and inside the barn they also have their own foods and crafts.  And we found our butcher!  But more in a moment.

It’s a grass parking lot, so I took some pics for the changing colors:

And this is what my childhood memories are all about.  Those colors on the trees becoming more and more vibrant as the temps cool, the year progresses, and the trees start to settle in for winter.  It’s still early in the year, but very soon, the colors will be spectacular.

As we walked into the vendor area, I nudged Partner/Spouse and directed his attention to an ice cream stand.  Keep in mind the temps were still in the mid to high 40s and it was a drizzly day.

“That’s going to be a hard sell,” I said.  Except it wasn’t   People were standing there waiting for ice cream.  We didn’t get any, but I thought for next year on a hot summer day, that might not be bad.  Especially when there were customers on a cold Autumn day with rain.  Had to be good.

We wandered through the vendor area.  I was a little disappointed by the turnout, but realizing it was October and rainy and cold (did I mention that yet?) I mentally shrugged and let it go.  There was some good stuff there.  Don’t be fooled by the picture.  It was taken during the summer.

First we went into the barn.  We weren’t interested in the corn maze, but that wonderful barn smell hit me and I was a happy camper.  Then we both gravitated to the one area that we were happy to see.  They sold their own home butchered meats.  It was frozen of course, but we were happy to see it.  The lady doing the selling told us a little bit about it.  All the meats were farm raised, all grass fed, no hormones added, and humanely killed.  We got a pound of pork breakfast sausage, a pound of pork garlic sausage, a pound of pork country style ribs, and four plump chicken thighs.  I wasn’t interested in anything else in the barn, but he was, so I took the bag of meat back to the car while he looked around some more.  When I returned, we went backwards through the vendors and picked up a hand-quilted runner for our coffee table, some gloves, donated to the boy scouts for some popcorn, and got some metal works fall decorations.  And at some point, Partner/Spouse bought me a jar of raspberry preserves.  We spent about 45 minutes all told and it was a good time.  In the outdoors.

So, we drove home through some of the most beautiful countryside and ended up at the bookstore.  They did not have the book I wanted/needed even though I’d seen it there a couple of weeks ago.  Shoulda got it then, but didn’t so Amazon got another 20 of our dollars.  But we decided to get pizza for late lunch and stopped at another place on our “have to go to” list.

Ceasario’s Pizza is walking distance from the apartment but since we were going by anyway . . .   Now parking on that main street is problematic at best of times, and on Saturday afternoon, nonexistent, unless you get lucky.  We didn’t get lucky, but we only had to park about two blocks up a side street.

I got a medium pepperoni pizza with mushrooms, and he got a medium pepperoni pizza with onions and sausage.  The onions never appeared, but that was okay.  And we got desserts, standard stuff.  The drive home was quick and drooly.  The pizza smelled so good, and it lived up to its reputation.  But they were so large, three pieces filled me up.

After we ate, I looked out the window and the sun had come out

So this morning, we did the few remaining errands, got home by 11, worked for the next few hours rearranging furniture etc.  Then took showers to get the sweat off.

One of these weekends, we’ll actually stay home and relax but I think that will happen once the first snow falls.

So we’re liking our new home.  We’ve got some friends up north we need to connect with.  One of the pair is a friend of mine from high school.  We also have some social connects we need to follow up on through our various interests.  I’ve met a couple of writers online in the area who are looking forward to meeting me and vice versa.  I’ve got a job interview on Monday I’m looking forward to.  So all is well.  Tonight Partner/Spouse is using the chicken to make some kind of asian dish.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Take care.

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