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Well, the move was made rather painlessly, sort of.  We are home, unloaded, one quarter of the way unpacked, and starting to sort through everything that needs to be done.  The amount of work to do is staggering.

We packed up and drove up on Friday, but we’ve been packing stuff up for a couple of weeks.  The truck loading was done by two guys hired by the truck rental.  They were professional and efficient.  We were done by 11:30.  Then we cleaned the place up and did the walk through.  Then the two and a half hour drive north and arrived and signed the lease and into the hotel by 5.  We walked the dog, fed him, then took showers, and went to find dinner somewhere.  We ended up at a steak house at 6pm on a Friday night.  Took us a long time to get seated and by that time we were both very hungry.  We hadn’t eaten anything all day, so the last sustenance was from dinner the day before.  A full twenty four hours since we ate last.  Not good for guys dealing with diabetes.

We both ordered salad, fries, and a large medium-rare steak.  I had two glasses of wine, too.  And a glass of water.  It was only 8pm went we returned to the hotel, but we only lasted another 45 minutes before collapsing into unconsciousness.  The hotel had a continental breakfast, but we decided to ignore that and get started on unpacking.  We hadn’t even started on digesting all that beef yet so we were okay.  We stopped at a store and picked up supplies, and among those supplies were bacon, eggs, and frozen hash brown patties.  So we had those at some point during the morning.

The two guys who came to unload us arrived at 1pm and it really only took an hour and a half to unload.  However, since we’d used boxes a friend gave us from his move, we were never sure if the notes on the boxes were us or them.  So we’re opening boxes marked bedroom that are full of spices.  That night we heated up frozen dinners that were serviceable.  But Sunday morning, we went to a great diner called The Red Arrow.

This place has been around for decades and has the standard bill of fare for a diner, but it also has some local favorites like the Firecracker Omelet that has buffalo chicken, jalapenos, and is covered with Siracha sauce.  It has a build your own eggs benedict selection that has about a thousand different combos.  We both had a selection of two eggs, bacon or sausage, home fries, and toast.  The best part was the staff.  They engaged their customers like no others I’ve ever seen.  At the table across the aisle from us, a young family of four sat down and the waiter stooped to talk with the five year old boy.  We know his age because he was quite verbal about everyone’s age.  At one point, his mom squawked, “I am NOT 39!” which sent everyone in the diner to laughing.

We went to the store again in the afternoon, and got stuff to make our first home made meal in the new place.

As you can see, it was tacos.  We love tacos at our house.  We probably have them once or twice a week, and it’s never more than 10 days between one taco and another.  Of course, we were starving by dinner time, so I made four for me, those on the plate, and four for Partner/Spouse.  He prefers his crispy so I fried them up folded and crispy.  I prefer mine soft but well done, so I cook them flat for about 10 seconds on one side, and about seven seconds on the other side.  All of them get drained and allowed to stand for a minute or so before filling.  I fill mine the same way every time.  It goes back to childhood and is comfort food completely.  I start with the flat corn tortilla and put a thick line of cheddar cheese on it.  I top that with hot beef, whether hamburger or shredded roast.  Then a couple of spoonfuls of chopped tomatoes and a spoonful of salsa.  That’s topped with shredded lettuce.  Then you pick them up by folding up to encase the fillings, open your mouth as wide as you can, and don’t stop chewing until the taco is gone.  You don’t want to set it down cuz it’ll fall apart.

Man!  I love tacos!

The next day, we had taco salad for lunch.  So good.

Since then, the days have been “routine” with unpacking, figuring out what things are, where things are, and where they’re going.  The apartment is very low on storage space so we’re working on creative ideas for that.  I’ll post pictures as things move along.

Tonight was chicken bites fried in onion and garlic with lemon and lime juice added at the end.  All this was tossed with spaghetti with two tablespoons of butter added at the end, and topped with parmesan cheese.  Fresh sliced tomatoes on the side finished it all.  It was so good.

Well, I’ll close for now cuz weariness is creeping up.  I’ll post this weekend with a fun post of some kind.  Take care, be safe, and as always,

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