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“Time spent with a cat,” said Colette, “is never wasted.”  Colette was a French novelist from the late 1800s and wise beyond her years.  At least, in relation to my weekend last week.  I already told you about the antique store and cow cookie jar.  The rest of the fun-filled story is about the time spent at The Purple Cat Winery.

The winery is in the northern part of our state, about a twenty minute drive from the apartment.  We “discovered” it while we were out on the Fourth of July taking a drive.  We were on our way home to take care of things, glanced and saw it, noted the hours of operation, and went home.  Turns out, there’s an almost direct route from our apartment to the winery.  A total of maybe four turns, if that.

So, last weekend, we decided to hit the antique store (where I scored my long missing and long coveted cow cookie jar), and maybe a farmers market if we saw one (we did, and we did; tomatoes, onions, and squash), and the winery.  We intended to grab lunch while were out and about, too.  It all worked out well for us in one stop at the winery.

The Purple Cat Winery is fairly new, although I never asked how long they’d been in business.  They’re in one of the historic villages in our state, and part of nearly every winery tour in this part of New England.  They’re set up as a bistro style and have several wines, a microbrewery, and make a really decent hard apple cider.  They’re available for rentals, and have a café on site for catering, if needed.  The rooms are multi-level, and crammed full of overstuffed chairs and cozy nooks and fireplaces.  We wanted to sit in all of them.

So we got there about a half hour after they opened at noon.  Since it was a new-to-me winery, I wanted to do a wine tasting.  It was reasonably priced, and for a few extra bucks, I got to keep the glass.  The waitress asked if I preferred red or white.

Now this will sound odd to anyone who’s drank wine with me.  I’ve recently started developing a palette for red wines.  It’s still not my preferred drink, but I no longer say NO! when it’s offered.  So I told her I’d like to do the full sample.  They currently have four whites and four reds, and one hard cider.  I was not going to try their beers and ales.  I still don’t have a taste for those.

Let me just say, tasting 9 different beverages in quick succession on a nearly empty stomach is designed to get a buzz going.  Two of the whites were far too sweet for me, but their Pinot Grigio and their Vidal Blanc were both right up my alley.  And I liked all the reds, although some were just slightly too heavy for me.  The apple cider was the lightest and tastiest cider I’ve ever had.  So good.  Partner/Spouse wandered around while I was sampling the goods, but came over during the reds and had a sip or two.

When I was finishing up the tasting, Partner/Spouse opted to go to the café and get us something to eat.  I got two bottles, one of their Vidal Blanc and one of the apple cider, and a glass of the Pinot Grigio to have with lunch.  We sat at a table sipping our drinks (he had water since he was driving) and talking about the winery and life in general.  Eventually, our snacks arrived: a plate of french fries and a whole wheat chicken quesadilla.  It was the perfect complement to the sweeter Pinot G I was drinking.

I texted a work friend to gloat that I was daytime drinking at the winery.  He never responded.  I had to laugh.  It took us a good 45 minutes to finish everything because the place was so comfortable and relaxing that we just took our time.  At some point, one of the employees sat down at a baby grand piano and starting playing softly, and a group of people were setting up a party in another room and wandering around getting supplies.

By the time we left, my buzz from the tasting was a little stronger, but manageable.  I wasn’t driving so I just enjoyed it.

The rest of the afternoon we spent relaxing, listening to music, watching movies, reading.  It was a good day.  I got home with a new winery, a couple of bottles of good stuff, and a cow cookie jar that I’ve been hoping to find for years.

This weekend was similar except no antiques, no wine, no cow cookie jar.  But we did get to a couple of farmers markets and got some good tomatoes, and various croissants and breads.  Then home to write, work on school stuff, and drink a glass or two (or six) of Vidal Blanc.

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