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Ten years ago, something kind of special happened.  Two people who’d known each other less than a year decided to make a life-long commitment to each other.  There was not legal or binding about what they did because at that time, at that place, what they were doing wasn’t legal.  And in the state they were living, it was actually illegal to be in the relationship they were in.  Doing the things they were doing could get them thrown in jail.  They decided to do it anyway.

It could have cost them a lot.  It ended up being the best thing they ever did together.

Partner/Spouse and I met through an online dating service nearly eleven years ago in Manassas, VA.  Our first date was epic in its length.  We had agreed to meet at a local National park to walk my dog.  My dog took to him immediately, running up to him as though he were a long lost friend.  We had only decided to go for a thirty minute walk starting at about 9am one Saturday morning.  The walk ended up lasting two and a half hours, then turned into lunch, and we were both reluctant to have it end.  We started dating and it quickly turned into seeing each other every day.  We were exclusive and inseparable right from the start.  By the time Memorial weekend rolled around, we both had ideas of how we wanted to celebrate it.

He booked a room for the long weekend at a gay B&B on the island.  My ex-wife/best friend agreed to babysit at my place.  We left about noon on Friday to join the traffic heading south to the beaches, but we crossed the bay bridge-tunnel and made our way up the peninsula on the other side to our turn off toward the ocean and the island we were staying at.  We got there around 4-5 in the evening and got settled and had our first dinner on the island.  I think it was pizza.

The owner of the B&B (which is no longer owned by him but is still a B&B) gave us a brief welcome tour and told us about the area, then left us to our own devices.  We had a bottle of champagne with us and a couple of other bottles of wine (and a nice store about two minutes away to get more chilled wine if we wanted it, which we did); and we had a beautiful back garden with flowering roses, and a ton of other plants to sit in.  We exchanged a few words, toasted ourselves, places rings on each others fingers, and it was done.  Very low key, very simple, but something we honored and treasured.

I immediately lost my ring which was the harbinger for the years to come.  I’m currently on my fourth ring.  We found it the next morning.

It was a B&B so obviously, we had breakfast each morning.  That first morning, we had a breakfast casserole and a baked egg dish along with something to drink and breads and pastries.  The casserole was so good, we bought the cookbook it was listed in.  That morning there was a parade for Memorial Day so we parked ourselves on the lawn in front of the hotel on the street and waited.  The parade started with little kids walking in front handing flags to everyone gathered on the street.  We spent a pleasant five minutes talking with other hotel guests and watching a fire engine trundle by, along with a boy scout troop, some little girls with batons, and a couple of other groups.  We sat talking for another ten minutes before we all realized at the same time that it was over.

We wanted to see the other island where the ponies were, so we drove, following the signs and ended up where we wanted to be.  We went to the visitors center and wandered around, and found a walking trail that had interpretive signs so we would know what the heck we were looking at.

Partner/Spouse exhibited his first superpower when he levitated for several minutes and several feet with only my shoulder for support as he avoided a small (very small) rat snake sunning on the asphalt in front of us.

Then we found a very flat beach and Partner/Spouse had his first physical experience with the Atlantic ocean.  From where we sat, we imagined the other side was Ireland, one of our favorite places.  Mostly likely it was Portugal, but what the heck.  It was romantic.

We drove back to town and drove around a little to see what was there.  We stopped at a couple of shops and bought a few things.  I bought a pair of day glo sneakers that I kept for years until they fell apart.  They were Nike, too.  We bought a few presents for his god-daughter, too.  We were getting hungry, so stopped at a local diner.

This proved to be the highlight of the trip, something we still talk about.  It was just a small hamburger/seafood place.  It was nearly empty, only two other tables being occupied.  We sat down and the waitress handed us our menus.  She asked us what we wanted to drink and said she’d be back in a minute to take our orders.  She was brusque but friendly.  While perusing the menu (very basic), I noticed her interaction with a nearby table.  They weren’t ready to order yet, so she turned on heel and walked away.  I figured, I’m gonna be ready, I don’t want to piss her off.  We both got burgers and fries.  They were good.  The people at the third table left while we were ordering and hollered goodbye to her.  The people at the second table were still waiting to order and making snide comments while we were receiving our food.  They were very rude overall, so we were silently amused at their discomfiture.  They did finally order, but started making sarcastic comments to her.  Her reply?  “Do you want to wait some more?”  She wasn’t having any of it.  We weren’t so silent with our laughs when we were outside.  We fell in love with her the minutes we stepped inside and stayed loyal to her for the last ten years.

We had booked a sunset boat ride for that day.  We were the only two on the boat besides the captain so we got a longer and much more informed tour.  We learned a lot about the horse auction that sponsored the book “Misty of Chincoteague.”  I’d read that one back in grade school and several of the sequels so it was neat to make the connection.  We got to see some of the wild ponies, too.  He’s not going to like this, but here’s the only picture of the two of us from that day:

We got back to the hotel, and took our bottles of wine along with some appetizers and sat out in the back garden.  Our friends from the morning parade joined us for the evening and we had a rollicking good time.  They were hilarious!  Her and Partner/Spouse fell in love with each other right away and were thick as thieves.

The next morning we had another breakfast inspired by the cookbook and made our way home.  We’ve had ups and downs.  We’ve stayed together.  We’ve never regretted it.

Through it all, we’ve always lived our motto:

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  1. Congrats. Loved reading this, and the pic.

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