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So, the health issues aren’t looking well, and I’ll be posting an update in a few weeks once the way forward is clearer.  But my mood has been down-ish and Partner/Spouse has, of course, picked up on it.  Being the sweet, kind, caring man that he is, he planned a few things for the weekend designed to get my spirits up.

Friday night is always the unofficial-official start of any good weekend.  So Friday night, we walked down to our local restaurant.  I was jonesing for a pizza.  This is one of those local places where the staff knows nearly everyone who walks in the door.  We like the place not only because it’s walking distance from our loft but the food is really good and fairly plentiful.  And if you’re there at the right time, the other customers are always a side show.  As we walked in, I held the door for an older couple, the lady was using a walker.  They went to a back booth along the same aisle we sat in.  Later, because I do this kind of thing, I watched their order set in front of them.  There were 3 large bowls of something, and a smaller plate.  By larger bowls, I mean they were laaaarge.  By the time we left, they were still working their way through it all.  A family came in after we did, a granddad and a grandmom with their grandkid about three.  He immediately demanded pizza of the guys behind the counter making said pizza.  The whole time we were there, we didn’t see any pizza going to that table, poor kid.  I almost offered them a slice from mine.  I got a plain cheese pizza; Partner/Spouse got a meatlover’s pizza.

Saturday we decided to check out my stamina so we took a journey into the state capital to a used bookstore.  It’s called Cellar Books except it’s on the second floor not in the cellar.  I drove there, but did not drive back.  We’d seen pictures of the place and read info on FB about it.  As soon as we walked into the place I said, “Okay, I like it.”  The girl behind the sales counter grinned and welcomed us.  It is one of those used book stores full of hidden corners, stacks of treasures, even a room for first editions that we didn’t see until we were leaving (good thing.)  I love the smell of old books; I even like the smell of dust on old books.  This store had done an impressive job of categorizing their stock and keeping it in order.  I found some old sci-fi that I hadn’t read in decades.  I found some books that made me chuckle at their titles.  But when I got to the cookbook section, I found my spot.  Way too many to take in, but I rifled through them glancing at prices and being suitably pleased.  The upshot is we walked out with two “new” cookbooks, and about half a dozen other books.  And the find of the day was – dah dah da dah! – Le Cordon Blue Complete Cook Home Collection.  No idea of the date of publication but it’s quite heavy, perfectly weathered, full of color plates, and smells like an old book.  And it was $4.95.   I haven’t even glanced my way through it all yet, much read it.  Sucker must weight ten pounds.  We also picked up an illustrated tome on the cuisine of Russia, Poland, and Yugoslavia.

After the bookstore, we went to an indoor flea market we’ve heard about.  I’m still looking for that elusive flea market from my youth where vendors sold out of their trunks amid rows and rows of gravel lanes and the varied selection was endless.  This was not the place.  We spent about twenty minutes in the place and left, disappointed but not surprised.  In reality, it was a space for people to sell merchandise they’d bought in bulk from other big box stores.  Nothing to see here, folks, keep moving.  So back home, resting for the afternoon on the couch and dinner of Thai Beef Salad which I’ve blogged about before.

Sunday was a clear cold day and still an exercise in testing wellness.  We had a lazy morning with home made biscuits and fried ham.  Yum!  Then, on a whim, we decided to go to an antique mall we’d seen many times in our drives around the state.  It was fairly nearby, as most things in this state are, but I didn’t drive.  And it was a really nice place.  It was set out in a grid style with lots of rows with insets for vendor booths, as well as out of the way nooks, and it was on two floors.  There was a little bit of everything to be had.  Prices varied from laughably high to downright reasonable.  They had book areas set up throughout both floors and they were categorized.  However, several of the independent vendor booths had various small book selections.  And that’s where we found Sunday’s treasure.  We picked up a first American edition of The World Authority Larousse Gastronomique with its original dust jacket (jacket not in good condition.)  Anyone who’s seen Julie and Julia will recognize this book.  This sucker is well over 1000 pages and contains over 8500 recipes along with instruction.  Haven’t done more than flip through this one, but it’s going to keep me occupied once I crack it open.  Unfortunately, after walking through the antiques for a while, I become short of breath so it was time to head home.  We were done anyway, so home it was by a different route that took us through areas we’d never seen before.  We saw some interesting sites, interesting stores, interesting neighborhoods.  It was fun.  Of course, the rest of the day was spent resting and relaxing.  And dinner was carne asada with salad, although Partner/Spouse added tortillas to his.  It was a good weekend full of good times and books.

But it wasn’t done yet.

Monday morning, and a call to the cardiologist and got an appointment.  While we were in the waiting room, we received a text from our apartment complex that we had received a package.  I figured it was a DVD we’d ordered but when I picked it up, it was larger and heavier.  A book, obviously, probably for Partner/Spouse and his work.  However, when we got home and settled, he handed me the box and said, “Here’s a present for you.”  I opened it to find, you guessed it!  A book!  It was a cookbook!  It was a Great British Bake Off Cookbook!  It was the Great British Bake Off Book of Baking!  It has several of my favorite recipes in it.  Looking forward to delving into that one!  And tonight for dinner we’re having baked chicken with stuffing.

So that was my pick-me-up weekend.  Lots of cookbooks, lots of good food, and lots of rest.  It worked, though, and I’m feeling in good spirits.  Always a good thing.

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  1. Oh my! I was hoping that you were on the upswing towards better health. It’s no fun having uncertain health, and wanting answers, but afraid of the answers. But you have hubby in your corner, and he seems to take fantastic care of you.

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