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I hardly know what to say.  Nearly two months since a post, but a ton has happened.  I won’t go into details, but everything was positive apart from the feeling of exhaustion brought on by working long hours and the subsequent illness from it.  But all is well now, and I’m still gainfully employed and doing great.

This has been an interesting week.  All week long snow was predicted and like any future prediction, no one was exactly sure what was going to happen.  Total inches to fall ranged from none to twelve.  Our apartment complex sent out instructions on how we were to handle parking lot snow plowing so everyone would be inconvenienced as little as possible.  The cities and villages alerted everyone to what roads were considered emergency routes.  The various television stations gave different times when the snow would start falling.

We had things we needed to get done this weekend.  I had to get a start on gift shopping.  We needed to get a few groceries in.  I wanted wine.  Just the standard stuff.  Partner/Spouse had been asking around work about how the grocery stores would be.  He was told there wouldn’t be any problem.  When I asked where I worked about it, I was told everyone went crazy and the stores would be jammed.  But, he got off work early, hit the grocery store early, picked me up early, and one of the errands we had scheduled for Saturday morning before the snow arrived was completed early.  We got home at our normal time feeling very accomplished.

The next morning, we took care of our one remaining errand , a trip to the bookstore!  Yay!  Happy happy happy.  We love the bookstores.  We decided that this year we’re starting a new holiday tradition.  In Iceland, on Dec 24, each person is given a book, and the rest of the evening is spent reading and sharing.  We want to start doing this and couple it with some of our personal traditions like music, and food, and wine, and more food, and chocolate food things, and a fire.

But not this fire.  As inviting as it looks, we don’t have the wherewithal to have a bonfire.

So we stepped outside to drive to the bookstore, and it was snowing!  It wasn’t a heavy snow.  The flakes varied from light and wispy to a huge fluffy white monstrosity.  But the ground was too warm, nothing was sticking (yet), and it was mostly just puddles of water.  It was okay since we needed to get out.  Fun trip to the bookstore, with a little drama tossed in as we were both in line at the same time and didn’t want the other to see what we’d purchased.  Even people in line around me were helping me hide the things I’d chosen.  The lady at the counter helped me hide the things, and the girl scout troop doing free gift wrapping set records in wrapping.  It was fun.  We got home at a decent time, got our regular chores started, the snow fell in earnest.  It didn’t matter.  We were inside, warm, cuddling with the dogs, reading and watching movies.  Life is good.

The next morning, we woke to this:

Right out of a calendar.  We only got 2-3 inches, about half of what was anticipated.  Our apartment complex is a little strict about their policies, so we got up early to clean off the car and get our spot cleared so the snow plow could come through.  Then, because we entranced by the snow and the balminess of the temperature, and the stillness of the neighborhood, we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at our favorite diner.

If you’re ever on Main St in West Warwick, RI and it’s between 7am and 2pm and you don’t have a huge amount to spend, and you want to spend it on really good food that’s plentiful, Messy’s Café is the place to be.  Small and unassuming, it combines everything that a good diner is supposed to be with an undefinable air of caring about their customers.

They remember who’s been in their place, and what they usually order.  They always have a smile, a friendly word, a heartfelt greeting, and always a happy sense of humor.  They serve breakfast and lunch along with take out dinner items like pizza and calzone.  Their menu is extensive and contains the standards, along with surprises.  Wraps sit alongside bacon and eggs.  Belgian waffles can share the same table as biscuits and gravy.

On only our second visit, Partner/Spouse ordered a bagel and the lady taking our order asked, “No french toast this time?” because that’s what he’d ordered the first time we’d been there a few weeks before.

I fell in love with the bacon egg and cheese sandwich on a croissant.  They grill the croissant before building the sandwich and it all comes out hot and sizzling and buttery.  So good.  So I had that again today.

I can’t say enough good about this place.  It’s rare that you find a family owned and operated restaurant where everyone acts like they enjoy what they’re doing.  Even when leaving the place, they all wish you a great day.  It’s like leaving your best friend’s house.

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  1. Glad to hear from you again, and that all is well.

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