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So, there are some big changes coming up in my life at the end of the month, and I want to tell you about them because it’s going to impact the blog.  But first let me say that I have no plans to stop blogging, so don’t let that trouble you at all.  So, back in 2009, I stopped working the M-F 9-5 type job.  With the incredible support of my partner/spouse, I dove headlong into the world of writing as a full time career.  Only trouble was, I made no money at it.  I wrote the blog; I wrote a novel; I published a book based on the blog; I started three more novels which are in various stages of completion; I assisted my father in law in recovering from a stroke; as a couple we assisted my father through his final illness; and I ventured back into the workaday world on a semi-part-time basis.  I found that I missed the daily grind and since we’ve moved to the New England area, I’ve been actively searching for a full time job that paid well enough to consider it.  I finally managed to find one, and boy, did I have to jump through a few hoops to get it.


It start out innocuously enough.  Driving by the building in which they’re housed, we saw the Help Wanted sign.  I looked them up online and created a profile and searched the job board.  I applied for two or three positions that I thought would be interesting.  One by one, I heard back negatively.  Either I wasn’t qualified or they’d filled the position.  I had joined a job search board online and saw a position with the company and applied almost out of habit.

Two weeks later, I got an email for a phone interview.  We set it up and it went well.  The recruiter and I hit it off as though we’d known each other our whole lives and by the end of the conversation we had each other laughing like old drinking buddies.  Two days later, I heard from the next level up.  She asked more pointed questions but overall liked my responses so we set up an in person interview for two days later.  It happened that partner/spouse already had that day off, so we canceled whatever plans we had for that day, and waited around for my interview.

Which went incredibly well.  As they were escorting me out of the building, I asked when they were planning to make a decision about the opening.  The one lady looked surprised, as though it wasn’t completely obvious that she’d made up her mind, but they both quickly regrouped and said I’d hear within two business days.  Since it was already Friday afternoon, that meant I would hear by Tuesday.

By Tuesday morning, I’d already convinced myself that the job had gone to someone else.  In this economy, and given my age, nothing new there.  It was a higher level position I was applying for, and although I have an impressive resume and skill set, it’s been 8 years since I’ve actually worked in a professional office environment.  And it didn’t help when the online job service sent me an email with the exact job I’d applied for again!

Except Tuesday afternoon, I got the email to call the recruiter to discuss the steps going forward.  As Homer Simpson always says, “Woo Hoo!”

So I made chocolate chip cookies to celebrate.  I must not have been paying close attention because they came out oddly.  They were still soft and doughy the way we like them, but instead of having nooks and crannies with chips sticking out all over the place, they were smoothly domed and the chips sank to the bottom.  I have no clue what happened.  But we ate them all.

The steps I’d taken up to that point were standard, and the steps going forward were standard.  Background check paperwork, check.  All filled out within minutes of receiving, despite the panicked texts to partner/spouse about old addresses, etc.  They only wanted info back seven years but in my head I did the math wrong and filled out the info for only five years.  Don’t ask me how I subtracted 7 from 17 and got 12.

Once that was submitted, they must have liked what they saw because about an hour later I got the email outlining the procedure for the drug test.  Again, standard stuff, and I had 72 hours to get it done.  Just to figure out where it was, I looked online and the place was open until 8:30pm.  I texted partner/spouse and we decided to go that night as soon as he got home from work.  That way, I wouldn’t have to get up way early to get the car.  He gets home between 5:30 and 6.  It was only going to take about an hour to do the drug screening and get back home.  What to make for dinner that late that would be easily digested?

We had breakfast for dinner!  I made fresh biscuits during the afternoon and wrapped them in aluminum foil then set them in the microwave to stay warm.  When we got back, he started frying bacon while I took the dogs out.  Then, I took over, warmed the biscuits in the oven (still wrapped) and made sunnyside up eggs.  I meant to do fried potatoes, but forgot.  So within a few minutes of arriving home, we were chowing down on good stuff.

The next day, I received several emails detailing the next steps, web sites to go to take care of paperwork, forms to print out and fill out.  But it was the weekend again, and the major think, the fingerprinting, I couldn’t take care of for a couple of days.  I was very methodical, and as I read through the emails, I made a list of everything that needed to be done, and checked them all off as I did them.  By Sunday, all of them were checked but the fingerprints, and I had 30 days from my start date to get them done.  But I didn’t want to wait.

So I made a cake that afternoon to celebrate a new bundt cake pan we’d just got.  Again, I probably wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have, and it came out weird.  It was a cake, but it wobbled like a jello mold.  Even after it cooled, it was strange.  It was a chocolate cake, and I made an orange glaze with powdered sugar, orange extract, and orange zest.  I made way too much, of course, but that just meant there were puddles to lick up.  Despite it’s wonderful flavor, we each only had one piece then tossed the rest.  Couldn’t get past the wobble.

But while I was making the cake, I checked out the fingerprinting place to see when I could set up an appointment.  Yeah, it was very easy.  I got one for Monday, two days ago.  So, up early, take partner/spouse to work, come home, wait for the place to open, go get my fingerprints taken electronically by the friendliest and chattiest woman I’ve met since we’ve been here, then home.  I wanted to make some sandwich rolls.

We don’t have a bread machine anymore, but I figured I could get these made by hand.  I followed the same process I would if I was using a bread machine, but the dough seemed sticky.  I added flour until it seemed normal, and followed the standard process.  It didn’t really rise the way it was supposed to, but I used the dough anyway.  When I was shaping the rolls, I noticed some brown crunchy bits but couldn’t figure out what they were.  It looked like bran, but I didn’t put any in the mix.  Just as I was putting them in the oven to bake, I figured it out.  It was bits of raw yeast that hadn’t dissolved for some reason.   And there were lots of them.  The rolls didn’t turn out exactly as they were supposed to.  After they cooled, I ate one with some cheese, but it didn’t taste very good.  A few hours later, as I was driving to pick up partner/spouse, my stomach felt like something dead was in it.  He told me the yeast bits were dying in my stomach and expelling gas.  Once home, a bit of baking soda and some time, all would be well.  I’ll never sneer at Paul Hollywood for not eating raw bread dough ever again.

So yesterday, I get up and I’m feeling a little doughy.  I still want some sandwich rolls, and I know I can do this.  So this time, instead of putting the ingredients together as I would for the bread machine, I dissolved the yeast in the water and sugar mixed together.  I let it work for ten minutes, then added the rest of the ingredients, putting the salt in last on top of the flour.  Salt kills yeast and I wanted a fairly good rise so I wanted it to mix at the very last.

Then got an email that one of the background check entities didn’t have a record of the ssn # I provided and could I scan my card and send it back?  Yes, I could, thankfully.  And did so within minutes, also offering to scan my driver’s license and passport if needed for verification.

The result was wonderful sandwich rolls just like I used to make.  We’ve both eaten a couple and no distended abdomens from the yeast.

Then, after dinner (which was leftover chili made into chili mac) just to prove I could do it, I made another cake with wonderful chocolate frosting.  Oh, and I made chocolate chip cookies over the weekend, too, that turned out great.  So whatever happened to my baking skills while I was concentrating on the new job did not repeat themselves.

And the upshot?  Got the email this morning that all hoops thoroughly jumped and everything cleared.  I’m an official employee now with an Oct 23rd start date.

So what the heck was this post all about?

When I start working again, there’s a three month training period, then I’ll be assigned a shift.  It’s M-F 8:30 – 5 during the training period, then M-F 8am-7pm in 8 hour shifts.  Initially, I’ll be taking partner/spouse to work at 5am, then picking him up when I get off.  As soon as I can, I’m getting my own vehicle, but I’m not certain when that will be.  I’m also working on my newest novel, and working at the general household stuff.

When I started this blog, I wasn’t working.  I had large blocks of time during the day to write and research, even to cook as I chose.  That’s going to change.  And the blog will change with it.  The first change is I will be posting only on the weekends now.  I will post at least once a weekend, but possibly twice.  I will also start focusing on the logistical challenges facing my family, and how we overcome them.  I don’t want to spend hours on the weekend making meals to freeze, although I’m probably going to end doing that.  But there are other ways to face these challenges and still eat fresh and healthy.

So there she is, folks!  A fun and exciting new era for me, my family, and my blog and friends.  Wish me luck!

And, as always,

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  1. Welcome back to the grind, Joe! I envy that you had the years off to devote to writing even though you may think it didn’t go anywhere. In truth, writing does go somewhere. To your friends and loved ones. My late mother was never famous (turned down a chance to sing on the Johnny Carson show once) but she spent the latter years of her life writing poetry which I’ve kept and plan, at least, in my retirement years, to post on whatever the internet has morphed into then.

    Even though your novel may not have gotten published, it still was a novel idea and I still seek to write the Great American Novel as well. At least you’ll always have a book available on Amazon! I wish someone would pay something for what I write but the most I get paid is scant attention.

    Congratulations – live long and prosper.

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