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This is a post of information of a personal nature and there’s lots to say so bear with me here.

Mothers’ Day has just passed and for both of us it was marked with a little poignancy.  Both our moms died about the same time, within a couple of years of each other back in the early 90s.  We don’t ignore the day, but we don’t celebrate it either.  We share stories about our moms throughout the day and commiserate with each other.

This year, for one reason or another, Partner/Spouse was eating cookies with white chocolate and macadamia nuts.  We were discussing our various levels of fondness for macadamias when I remembered a story from when my mom was passing away.

She had cancer, and although the original tumor was removed speedily and successfully, it had spread to her liver.  Once it hit her liver, it turned ugly and aggressive.  By the time they knew the tumor was there, it was too late, and her prognosis was a matter of weeks.  It was at that point that mom and dad decided to tell us kids.  I had just gotten married a few months before and was living in Virginia.  Mom and Dad were living in Reno, NV.  Mom wanted to go back to my brother’s house which was the house we’d grown up in.  She wanted to spend some time with the grandkids, and she wanted to die at home rather than attached to a bunch of machines in a cold and sterile environment.  So I flew to Reno to help Dad move her on down to Arizona.  My brother got space ready in the house, and got all the kids prepared.  My sister, who lives on the opposite side of the state, got ready for several long and lonely drives as she tried to balance her business (which she couldn’t neglect at that time for any reason) and her family.  She didn’t want to stay at my brother’s house which was full to the rafters with people and animals and things.  I didn’t want her to stay at a hotel.  So I called my closest friend in the world.  I’ve written about her a couple of times in the blog.  She opened her home to my sister and gave free reign to come and go as needed.

A few weeks after the inevitable, and when our emotions were beginning to calm down, my sister called about my friend.

“I want to give her a small present to say thank you.  What should I get?”

I didn’t even have to think about it.  “Chocolate covered macadamia nuts.  A small box.”

My sister chuckled.  “You sure about that?”

I chuckled in response.  “Yup.  It’s her addiction and she won’t buy them for herself.”

“A small box?  I’d like to get her five pounds of them.”

“Nope, no more than a one pound box.  Trust me.  Any more than that, and she’ll hate herself every time she eats one.  Which, by the way, will only be one per day.”

“Really?  Just one?”

“I’ve seen her do it.  Just the one.  She doesn’t want to do more than that because she’s afraid of getting fat.”

This woman rivaled my sister for thin-ness.  But it was a constant battle.

About two weeks later, my sister called again, laughing.  “I bought her the nuts and she was so happy.  We sat and talked for a while and she ate one and put them away.  I thought you were kidding!”

“Nope.  Just the one, once a day.  It’s the same way with cookies.  She won’t buy ice cream to take home, either.  She’ll buy some when she’s out and about, but won’t take any home.”

I like macadamia nuts, and I like chocolate.  I’m just not crazy about nuts in general, and macadamias are just okay.  But when I eat them, I’ll eat more than one at a time.


So things have gotten a little crazy around the homestead.  Even a little nutty, you might say.  (See what I did there?  I crack myself up.)  And because of that the blog has suffered more than a little.  I was looking back over the past months and I’ve only updated once a month for a while now.  I can give a whole host of explanations, but I’m only going to focus on one.  If any of you reading this have followed me for a while, you’ll have guessed what the explanation is.  Partner/Spouse and I have moved again.  We moved a little further north along the I95 corridor into New England.  His company offered him a promotion and moving assistance to get here quick.  We only had two and a half weeks to get it all done.  Right now, he’s at work and I’m sitting in an extended stay hotel watching it rain and ignoring the television because it’s not cable so there’s nothing on.  And we’re not done yet.  We’re moving in stages because of the timing, and this coming Saturday we take possession of our one bedroom loft apartment.  It’s a converted cotton mill with several units.  Ours has nearly 1600 square feet, significantly more than we’ve had previously.  We’re the first occupants so everything is brand new.  I’ll take pictures of the kitchen when we move in, but for me, the most exciting part of it is the fridge has an automatic ice maker.  Yay!!

So with packing, and house hunting, and 7 hour drives, etc. there hasn’t been a whole lot of time to focus on writing anything, much less the blog.  So, my apologies, but you can expect more posts coming up for a new regional cooking style, and adjustments as I get used to a new kitchen.

But another thing is coming up soon.  I blitzed to the realization during one of the interminable drives that the 5 year anniversary of the blog is coming up soon!  June 2, to be precise.  That got me to thinking about the blog and its early days.  I realized that one of the primary reasons I started the blog was to share the lessons I learned along the way to becoming a competent cook in stories that were supposed to be funny and heart warming as well as instructive.  Somewhere, that got lost along the way.  When I first started the blog, I planned for posts that were only 500 words long.  Most of my posts are around 1500 words long with some going as high as 2500, and some as low as 700.  Some of my posts were necessarily political because of things happening at the time, but most centered around food in one form or another, and that’s going to continue.  One thing that hasn’t happened as much as I’d like to have seen is your participation.  Please feel free to contact me through the reply button, or through FB on the blog’s FB page.  You can ask any question you  like, make suggestions for upcoming posts, volunteer to write a post, or just say HI.

Another milestone that rolled around when I wasn’t looking is the book based on the blog is a year old!  Information about purchasing it, if you’re interested, is at the top of the page on the right.  I don’t have a direct link to it, but that will change in the near future.  It’s still only an Ebook on Kindle right now but I’ve had a lot of requests for it in printed format.  I started working on that a while ago, but then work got hectic and things didn’t turn out as I hoped and it got put on the back burner.  I hope to have the time now to get it going in a paperback format soon.  With luck by the end of summer.  For those who don’t know, the book is a collection of blog posts that tell stories about food, and each post has the recipe for the food highlighted in story.

Additionally, on other writing news, I’m still working diligently on a short fantasy novel that I hope to publish by the end of the year, and I’m working on reformatting a long short story I wrote back in college to publish by summer’s end as well.  (I have a writer friend who pushes out quality short novels at a rate I find astounding who is my inspiration.)

So, there’s the craziness and nuttiness that has been my world for the past several weeks.  Holler back if you have any ideas for the blog, or just to say HI.

And as always,

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  1. I think one of the important things this blog touches upon is an often times un-thought of aspect of food. Besides the obvious concepts of nutrition and flavor it holds so many memories and nostalgia.
    That ” one little thing” that we’d get so excited about as kids ( like chocolate covered marhmallows that were 3 cents apiece at the register). Or that particular sandwich/hamburger/hot dog etc that now as adults can totally make our day and fix our mood after work. Sometimes we have a dismal day at work and on the way home we think ” I’ll get my favorite burrito from Taco Bell ” It may be commercial and not 4 Star cuisine but it made our day, Something so small that makes us happy or hits our ” reset button”.
    You remind us often that food is more a part of our life than we give it credit.

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