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I work for a grocery store chain that’s fairly well-known here in my part of the country.  It’s an ever-growing part of a larger national chain with several stores in a four-state area.  I work out of one store, primarily, but I also assist at another, smaller store on a nearby island that’s only another fifteen minute drive from my store.  I like the smaller store for its smaller-ness, but also for its unique client base.  It didn’t take long for these friendly people to take me into their family and welcome me on the infrequent times I’m there.  Many of them also come to my primary store and greet me enthusiastically there, as well.

One day on my first week at the smaller store, a young boy, no more than twelve, plunked down a bunch of bananas.  I set them on the scale, and told him how much it would be.  He was thunderstruck.

“The sign says 59 cents!” he said.

“I’m sorry, that’s 59 cents per pound, not per bunch.”

He almost collapsed on himself.  Before either of us could say another word, the next couple in line said, “We’ll buy them for him.”

I nodded and rang up the rest of their groceries, putting the bananas in a separate bag.  The boy had already moved away, his disappointment almost pulsing in the air.  The woman took the bag of fruit, walked over to him, and handed him the bag with a smile.

He looked confused.  It took three times to explain to him that the bananas were his, that they were paid for, and he was in no trouble.  He smiled his thanks as he ran from the store.

I thanked the couple for their generosity.  Their reply was simple but dignified.  “How could anyone say no?  It was only bananas.  Likely the only thing he’ll have to eat today.”

It’s no secret to anyone who’s read this blog for a while that I am a big advocate against childhood hunger.  I’m always on the lookout for ways to assist in this project that are easy and affordable to pass on to the readers of my blog.

Yesterday, I found another one, and for me, this one is a big one.

I’m constantly on the lookout for new recipes, new ingredients, new places to get both, and new ways to repurpose the knowledge I’ve gleaned over the years.  Early in my career, I “discovered” King Arthur Flour Company.  Their sales catalogs are more like magazines, chock full of recipes, history, and loads of fun baking items along with the standard bill of fare.  I signed on to their mailing list, and over the years, segued into their online community.

I received an email yesterday with the news that for every Essential Goodness baking mix sold, they will donate one meal to local area food banks through Feeding America to help end childhood hunger.  They are pledging a minimum of 1,000,000 meals annually.  Count the zeroes folks.  That’s one million meals each year, minimum.  If people like us buy more than a million baking mixes, they will donate more than a million.  The million is the least they will donate.  They will donate more if we buy more.

I’ve always like King Arthur Flour.  Their products are fun; they carry hard to find ingredients and tools; they have good recipes that are usually easy to follow.  I like them better now.

King Arthur Flour Co. is sells in major grocery stores.  Including their baking mixes.  We don’t have to order online.  It can be as easy as picking up a box of cake mix, or biscuit mix, or any other (their lemon bars are killer!) that takes our fancy, and that’s one more meal getting to a needy family or child who needs it.

My store sells them.  I buy them.


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