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It’s been rainy, gray, and damp for several days.  No sun, no free time, just loads of work.  Meals can tend to get boring and drab during these times, and that’s where imagination and creativity come into play.  An interesting dish can liven up a dull day.

Partner/Spouse did it again; he made a phenomenal slow cooker pork roast with chili seasonings.  It was so tasty!  And as I’ve carried on before, we had tacos!  Spicy, hot, cheesy, delicious tacos.  We love tacos.  There was an internet meme Partner/Spouse posted the other day that said “Taco Tuesday is misleading our nations youth into believing tacos aren’t appropriate for any day and any meal.”

So there was a ton of pork roast left over.  Two new meals came out of it.  First, there was a ton of meat juices left from the slow cooking.  Father in Law is still visiting and wanted to make soup out of it.  So he left the slow cooker on and put large chunks of potato in it with a can of black beans and some frozen corn niblets along with some of the roast.  He let that cook until the potatoes were done.  It was an amazing soup made from leftovers and pantry stuff.  Hot, satisfying, delicious, and as simple as only soup can be.  Home made biscuits would have made it better.

The next night, last night, I wanted to use up more of the leftover roast.  Let me tell you, when you have a two and a half pound pork roast and it’s shredded into chunks, it takes a lot of doing to use it all.  I got home from work around 5, an unusual event itself, and I didn’t really want to spend a vast amount of time cooking, particularly since I had other things needing to be done.  I made up a pot of rice with onion, garlic, and lime seasonings in it.  Very good just on its own.  I heated up some of the roast in a skillet while heating up a can of ranch style beans.

Let me talk about these beans for a minute, cuz I love ’em.


I cook beans from scratch all the time.  I use beans from a can just as often.  My favorite brand is Bush’s beans.  They come in all kinds of flavors and all kinds of sizes.  FiL buys the cans in super small single serving sizes.  I buy them in standard 16oz sizes, and in the much larger “family” serving sizes.  Ranch style beans, for those who don’t know, are also called Chili style beans in other brands.  They’re basic white beans or pinto beans (depending on brand) with a spicy sauce just right for chili, or for a side dish with some zip.  Lots of times, I open the can, grab a spoon, and eat them cold right from the can.  Their flavor is amazing.  (Bush’s has also added a line of “Steakhouse” grillin’ beans and many of them add chunks of peppers, mostly jalapenos that are also very very good.)  I use ranch style beans to enhance dishes all the time.

Back to the dinner I was making.  While things were heating up on the stove, I got the rest of the ingredients together.  I poured chilled salsa into a bowl for easy access.  I shredded sharp cheddar cheese into another bowl.  Then I chopped a fresh tomato, and some cilantro, and as an afterthought, some chopped cabbage we had laying around.  Everything sat in bowls ready to be used next to some flour tortillas.

When all was in readiness, I called the FiL over, and we filled our bowls.  Rice as the first layer, beans as the second.  Next came cheese, then pork, then more cheese.  Tomatoes, salsa, cilantro, and it was done.  A bowlful of pure goodness.  Only thing that would have made it better was a glass of wine on the side.  We both forgot the cabbage and the flour tortillas.  It was so good.

So, from one pork roast, we got tacos, soup, rice bowls, and there’s still some left.  Any ideas what to do with it?  I’m open for suggestions.


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