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Waaaay back many years ago, when my ex-wife and I were still in our dating phase, she introduced me to her sister.  We were all talking, laughing, enjoying the “getting to know you” atmosphere.  We were talking about their grandmother who had passed away a few months prior.  She was a feisty, irascible old woman who brought much laughter and joy to her family.  While in the nursing home, SiL asked Grandma if she needed anything.  Grandma replied, “I’d love some oatmeal pies.”

I smiled and SiL said, “You know exactly what she wanted, right?”

I nodded, the image floating through my head.


I used to eat these things by the truckload, but at the time, I hadn’t had one for months.  No particular reason for that, just hadn’t had one recently.

“I’d never heard of them!” she continued.  “I went through every cookbook I could find and there was nothing.  I finally went to the library and asked if they had anything and the lady told me about the ones you could buy at the store.”

“That’s what she wanted, right?” I replied.

“Yeah, so I brought her a box every week after that.”

Little Debbie’s snack cakes.  When I was growing up, they cost a dollar a box, sometimes less.  The product wasn’t super-high quality, but it was usually sweet and delicious.  And it was part of the landscape of growing up, looked back upon fondly, and yearned for in later years.

I usually go through a box of these once a month or so.  There are two sizes, small and really big.  We usually get the “really big” ones cuz the small ones can be finished in about three bites.

They’re one of the few sweets that I eat that don’t involved chocolate.  And they’re one of the few oatmeal treats that don’t include raisins in any form.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t dislike raisins, and I’ve never turned away anything due to their inclusion.  But they aren’t my go-to snack, and Partner/Spouse and Ex-Wife won’t go near them.

One day last week, I made chocolate chip cookies, and though they were good, they were just chocolate chip cookies.  I started thinking about other sweets I liked that didn’t have chocolate in them.  I was not in a chocolate place at the time.  I wandered up and down the store aisles looking for some kind of inspiration.  I noticed the oatmeal pies but didn’t want them.  But they made me remember another oatmeal treat from childhood.

Remember Archway cookies?

Oatmeal ArchwayWhen I was a kid, mom had these in the house all the time.  She loved the oatmeal cookies, particularly the filled kind.  Back then, fifty years ago, they had several different filled cookies.  They were soft, cake-like, had a wonderful cinnamon flavor and the fillings were superb, not just jam but actual fruit.  I loved their apple filled oatmeal cookies.

I can’t find them anymore.  Not even on their official products web page.  I can still find these.

oatmeal apple cookie archway

While I love raspberries, too, they just aren’t apples.  Imagine the above cookie with apple pie filling in the center.  Bites of real apple, a delicious apple glaze, cinnamon and oatmeal surrounding it all.

I want to cram a whole cookie in my mouth.  Maybe three or four at the same time.  I’ve got a big mouth.

So while I can find Archway cookies on the shelves, I can’t find the one I want.  As I do whenever I’m searching for a memory, I went to the internet.  Some Grandma somewhere must have tried to duplicate the recipe at some point, right?

Turns out, lots of grandmas did.  And they’re pretty much all the same thing, but no apples.

Then I went to one of my food groups on FB (Hi Food Interactive!!) and found one of the members had posted this:

Oatmeal Cookie Crust Peach Cobbler

It’s Tamara Boyd’s Oatmeal Cookie Crust Peach Cobbler, and she left the recipe for it at the group site.  Talk about a serendipitous moment!  It’s a basic cobbler with an oatmeal cookie topping.  But it set me to thinking.

Then I remembered the Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies.

So now it all comes down to this:  I’m going to attempt to make a bastardized version of my favorite Archway cookie.

So from here I’m going to read every single oatmeal cookie recipe I can find and cull together a standard recipe that will remain soft, but stand up to the apple filling.  Then I’ll need a whole day to play and experiment.  Maybe more.  I’m gonna get so fat.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  If anyone wants to throw suggestions at me, feel free.



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