Post #485 A “New” Diner to Add

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With the varied work schedules we enjoy, it rare when Partner/Spouse and I have the same time off.  We intersect often, but seldom have a full day or two off together.  When we do, we usually have a list of errands that must be taken care of before we can do much of anything else.  And typically, once the list is complete, so is our energy level, so naps, reading, and television will finish the day out.  The only real solution to that, of course, is to turn our backs on “the list” and do something fun together like take a drive.

We love driving around the peninsula.  We’re constantly finding the treasures and gems hidden on small country roads.  Sometimes, it’s a little village with a country fair going on that’s celebrating something like tomatoes.  It might be an heretofore undiscovered antique store where we find the perfect chair for that spot in the living room for only ten bucks and a little elbow grease.  The thing we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for are the diners.  We love us some diner food, and a diner with atmosphere will pull us back time after time.

So one day last week, we were driving around playing the game of “If we owned that house . . . . ”  We saw some breath-taking houses and could only cringe at the guessed-at prices.  We were about an hour and a half away from home, it was after noon, and we were both getting hungry.  The road sign said there was a town about five miles ahead of us so we decided to check it out.  We drove five miles, then went through the four blocks of houses and businesses, but found no eateries of any kind.  Another mile beyond, we realized first, that had been the “town”, and second, we were in another state.  The second thing didn’t bother us at all.  We’re always winding up somewhere else when we drive.  But we were actively hungry, so after a brief discussion, we turned the car around and headed back where we came from.  Partner/Spouse had spied a small restaurant attached to a gas station several miles back.  It being the closest that we knew about, that’s where we were going, a little leery but keeping our minds open.

What we found was JR’s at Molly’s and it was a total delight.


The picture doesn’t do it justice.  There is a gas station on one side of the large building, but there is also an outdoors/sports store in the middle, and a convenience store to service the gas station.  The restaurant takes up the lion’s share of property space.

We didn’t see all the seating area, but the area we were in easily had three dozen tables.  The staff were friendly and attentive.  The menu ranged from breakfast to dinner with all of available all day.

Since it was a new restaurant for us, I ordered one of my standards, a BLT.  Partner/Spouse ordered a hamburger with bacon.  Since he didn’t specify, they automatically served him a double.  He had fries and I had fresh made potato chips.

The menu had several items proclaiming themselves to be so good “It’ll make you slap your granny!”

I almost went for the grilled cheese with bacon and tomato, but decided I didn’t want the cheese.   A little too heavy for the time of day and later plans.  All the meat was locally produced, the kind of thing we love.

The food arrived fairly quickly, but not too quickly which spoke of it being fresh made rather than reheated.  And the homemade chips were EXCELLENT!  I’m a big fan of fried potatoes of just about any kind, but these were really good.

The restaurant was decked out in stone and wood while the tables and chairs were “rough hewn” affairs.  Most of it was bench seating rather than chairs, though there were several chairs and chair pillows.  I took the bench in deference to Partner/Spouse’s back issues.

One thing about the place that struck me was their support for not only the military, but for emergency personnel, too.  Firemen, policemen, EMTs, etc. all got a discount.  We didn’t mention the ER nurse standing we had, but if we had, I’d bet they’d have given us the discount.

Our waitress was a slightly older lady with a sense of humor that rose above the tired air she projected.  Her smile was genuine rather than forced, and she seemed truly interested in talking with us for the few minutes she could.  It was nice.

So this is another hidden gem we’ll be back to over time.



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