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I’ll apologize in advance as this will not be the standard food-based fluffy post I’d intended writing today.  Today, I’m just not feeling it.  What I’m feeling is angry, saddened, and disheartened.  Yet another senseless attack by a gun-wielding terrorist and 49 people are dead and scores of others are wounded.  Families are ripped apart and a community has to rebuild all because one person listened.


We all grew up hearing the cutesy poem “Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  In one sense that’s true.  I’ve had people call me the vilest things they can think of and try to crush my spirit but I let the words pass by with hardly a ripple.  I get angry but let the anger pass (although sometimes it takes a while.)  In another sense, though, that poem is wrong.  When the wrong person listens to the words, and believes them, and acts on them, words can hurt.

We now live in a country where people in a public and national forum can say the most irresponsible things about whatever they choose and not have to take responsibility for those words and the havoc they cause.  We now live in a country where it’s okay to kill children in a classroom rather than try to enact responsible laws to control the weapons being used.  We now live in a country where it’s considered normal to incite the populace to murder our leaders then act surprised when people listen.

I’m not pointing fingers at any single political candidate, or political party, although I could.  I’m pointing fingers at myself, and my fellow citizens for allowing this to happen.

Words have power.  As a writer, I know this.  This has been true since Man first learned to communicate.

Someone listened to irresponsible words and took action.  That action resulted in death, carnage, and sorrow.

Is that what we’re about as a nation?  As people?  Aren’t we always told that we’re here to help each other?

In these situations, most people feel helpless.  What can they actually do?  Most of the time, we’re so far removed from the actual event, either by distance or experience, we don’t know what would be best.  So many people offer “thoughts and prayers.”

To those few people that I know who truly act their religious beliefs, I accept those thoughts and prayers.

Yesterday’s tragedy was not a “senseless act of violence”.  It was a very targeted attack on a group of people for a very specific reason.  To those who have spent their lives adding fuel to the fires of hatred against that group of people, against me, I say keep your thoughts and prayers.  They are meaningless.  They are less than nothing to me and my bothers and sisters.  Give me, instead, your actions.  Give me the laws that will protect me from these attacks.  Give me the respect as another human being on this planet that you would accord yourself.  Give me more than platitudes.  Give me something real.

For those who don’t know what to do for those in Orlando, give your time, your money, your blood.  Give your hugs.  Give your love.  Most importantly, give your vote.

Words have power, so I’ll leave you with the final words one victim texted to his mother as he waited in a bathroom in the club.

“He’s coming.”

” I’m gonna die.”

It’s taken me several hours to write these few words.  I get angry as I think about all we could have done to prevent this.  I get angry as I think about how some people are trying to turn this from its homophobic attack aspect, as though homosexuals weren’t the targeted victims.  I get angry as I see people trying to turn this to their advantage, or into something it’s not.  I get angry as I see people turning judgmental.  I start going off track when I’m angry and the words become jumbled, almost incoherent.  So I read back until it stops making sense and delete everything after that.  I try to remember what it is I want to say and get out a few more words before the anger comes back.  I don’t like being angry.

I’ll have a food post on Wednesday.  Till then I’ll leave you with some powerful words,

No More Hate




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  2. The quotes you typed broke my heart. What also broke my heart, on top of this atrocity and the quotes you typed, was hearing on the news today that the cell phones of the dead were going off as their families and let CES on s desperately tried to reach them to see if they were OK. This atrocity leaves me sick at my stomach. I plan to share, since I saw on Facebook you OKed sharing this.

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