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Well, my little blog just finished its fourth year.  It was a year of bumps, and hurdles, and ups and downs.  I spent more time apologizing for not posting than actually posting.  Or that’s what it felt like.  But there were some milestones along the way.

I got a job and started working at a large grocery store this past year.  I discovered that I love this work.  I interact with the customers extensively and get opportunities to share recipes, and thoughts on food and ingredients.  Just this past weekend, I helped a lady find some gruyere cheese and recommended another type, manchedo, which she bought based on that recommendation.  I’ve had some good times and bad times as anyone would in the work environment, but overall it’s been a pleasure and loads of fun.  A coworker was saying just a day or two ago that it’s hard to believe I’ve been there only seven months.

I finally put together the book based on the blog and self-published it on Kindle Direct Publishing.  It’s now available as an e-book on Amazon for the low price of $1.99!  The book is titled after the blog so if you’re interested in seeing it, just look for Heritage of Humor on Amazon.  It’s a collection of blog posts/stories with the recipes belonging to each at the end of the chapter.  Each chapter and each recipe is hyperlinked within the book so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.  I’m working on a print version even as I type this and hope to have it ready and available within a month or so.  Fingers crossed.

We lost one of our much-loved rescue dogs this year.  Dusty went fast at the end, but was pampered and spoiled while he was with us.  We stayed with him right to the end.  He’d had a rough few years at the beginning of his life, but lived doggy heaven during the last half.

We adjusted even more to life on the peninsula and weathered not only hurricanes, but blizzards and nor’easters.  We came out unscathed and loving our quirky little town even more.

Those are just a few of the events in the past year.  But what plans for the upcoming?  I hope to publish at least twice more this year.  I have plots and outlines for over a dozen novels and by the time those are done, I’ll have more ready to go.  I will have the print version of my current book ready soon for purchase.  I’ll keep plugging away at the blog, writing about the things that interest me.  We have an election coming up so I’ll probably delve into politics a tiny bit.  I’ll talk about food trends, and fads, and the successes we’ve had at the table.  I’ll revisit old posts and bring them up to date, and I hope to hear from my readers more in the upcoming year.

Thank You for a great four years!


So, Partner/Spouse and I had some time off together recently.  It caught us both by surprise.  I seldom get two days in a row off, and he almost never has time off during the week.  So we decided to do something special and take a drive to the beach and have lunch.  Our favorite beach is about an hour and twenty minutes away, but it’s after Memorial Day now, so the beach season has started.  Tourists have kept up the daily trek along the main roads on the peninsula from the mainland to the beaches.  So we figured that even midweek, the drive would be crowded.

It wasn’t.  At least, not till we got to the beach.  But even though we arrived about 11:30, there was still plenty of parking along the main strip and we got our choice parking spot right in front of the stores we like to visit when we go there.  So we went to a couple of bookstores, and window shopped along the main road.  We talked about lunch and where to go.

Now that was a serious discussion.  Neither of us was in the mood for fast food or finger food; you know, the kind you eat as you walk along the board walk.  We wanted a sit down place, but something a little more upscale than the fish-n-chips we’d had last time (bangers and chips for him.)  We were looking at various options as we strolled and a new restaurant caught our eye from across the street.  It was called Cilantro Cocina de Mexico.  We were intrigued by the name since it’s one of our favorite ingredients.  We kept walking for a few minutes, then simultaneously turned to each other.

“Let’s go to Cilantro.”

It’s a good sized building with plenty of seating.  Even though it was lunch time, there were plenty of tables available, so I guess mid-week makes a difference at the beach.  The menu bills itself as “Grandma Matilda’s Homemade Recipes.”

Everything was standard Mexican fare, but with a twist.  My standard order at a new Mexican restaurant is either quesadilla or tacos.  It’s hard to mess them up.  I was daring here.  They had a dish called Pollo en Salsa Cilantro, chicken in cilantro sauce.  Had to have it because, well, you know, cilantro!

I got diced chicken cooked in a tomatillo salsa with fresh cilantro tossed in at the last moment.  And I got a great big bowl of it.  I’d asked for a couple of flour tortillas, and they gave me a whole plate full of toasty tortillas.  So good.

The chicken was tender and tasty.  The salsa was tangy with citrus; earthy with cilantro; and spicy from poblanos.  It wasn’t too hot from the chilis, and it wasn’t too tangy from the tomatillos.  It was utterly delicious.  Many times, when I have a large bowl of something to eat, my taste buds grow tired of the flavor pretty quickly, and I grow bored with the meal.  I may finish or not, depending on how hungry I am or my mood.  This bowl of chicken stayed hot, tasty, and satisfying to the very end.  Only once in a while did I have to take a drink of my water to clear my tongue when a particularly tangy bit of salsa hit my mouth.

Partner/Spouse ordered tacos and raved about them, but we both preferred my chicken.  We’re going to try to duplicate the dish sometime soon.  If we’re successful, I’ll let you all know.

UPDATE:  We did duplicate it and it was good.  I’ll post the recipe soon.


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