Post #474 Okay, Where is He This Time?

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It’s been a while since I posted but it hasn’t been from lack of desire.  It’s been from a lack of time.  And it’s primarily due to the job situation.  See, I was hired as part time.  When I started working, I got typically around 25-30 hours a week which left me plenty of time for writing and the household tasks that needed to be done with some spare time to read and listen to music and watch TV.  Even get out of the house once in a while.  But over the last three months, my hours have been steadily increasing.  I’m now routinely scheduled for 35-40 hours a week, but I get asked to cover other people’s shifts on top of mine, so I tend to work far more than 40 hours.  On Thursday, for instance, I got called in early, worked a 9.5 hour shift with no other person at my level to assist.  I got one ten minute break in that time, and assisted in training a new employee.  The next day, yesterday, I worked noon to 10 on a register, got my breaks, but was on my feet for the full ten hours.  Today, I was supposed to work 5-11, but I got called in and now have to report at two.  I have no idea what the staff situation will be once I get there.  It’s exhausting.  I had last Monday off, and won’t get another day off until next Friday.

On top of that, the timing of the shifts I work can be tough to work around.  I work either 12:30 – 9, or 5-11.  The mid-shift is hard to work around because I don’t want to get into something and have to stop mid-stream to go to work.  By the time I get home and relax, it’s time to go to bed.  The closing shift is easier to deal with since I have nearly the entire day to work, but having to go to work looms over the whole effort.  Getting home near midnight is rough, too.

The saving grace in all this is I love the job, despite the long hours and really bad wages.  Interacting with the customers is fun; talking about food is fun; my coworkers (for the most part) are great.  Even the drive to and from work is nice because it’s relaxing, I get to see deer and nature and water vistas.  So overall, it’s a good experience.

What it boils down to is in all this mixture, something has to give and most days, it’s the blog.  Partner/Spouse and I are about to celebrate the 8th anniversary of our commitment ceremony and I’m trying to get time off for that.  I need to reignite my writing career and get another book out on KDP.  I need to get my current book based on the blog out in print version.  It can be a whirlwind.  The next two weeks are going to be challenging, but I’m hopeful things may calm down a bit after that.

! fingers crossed

So, I’ll continue to update as I can, and share fun and funny cooking stories.  I was joking with a customer the other day and she was laughing hard.  “This is why I keep coming back to this store,” she said.  “It’s so much fun!”

“No charge for the floor show, ma’am.  I’m here all week except Thursdays.  Try the veal.”

She laughed again.  “That’s from Shrek, right?”

My boss saw the whole thing and gave me a $5 gift card.

And as always,


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