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As you no doubt know, I’ve been busy recently.  I’ve moaned about it here a couple of times.  Because of odd schedules, Partner/Spouse and I haven’t had much time to eat together, and barely time to say HI before leaving for work, or going to bed.  So when we do have those odd days where we can have a relaxing meal together, we try to make them special in some way.  Sometimes he cooks, and other times I cook.  This is what happened one day last week.

I was home all day.  I was mostly on the computer since I’ve been working on the business end of writing recently.  But I also was cleaning, catching up on laundry , etc. while considering what was for dinner that night.  Time wasn’t pressing, but was certainly a consideration.

We had a sale on chicken at the store so we have a lot (I’m making some tonight as a matter of fact) and that’s what we were going to have.  I thawed out two chicken breasts, each weighing over a pound, and had them in brine for an hour to keep them juicy.

I haven’t made rice in a while, so that was definitely on the menu.  We were both in the mood for fried cabbage which we both love, but wanted a different twist on it.  So here’s the pieces:

dinner 2

I dried the chicken breasts off and coated them lightly with olive oil.  I rolled them in a blend of panko bread crumbs and a spice mix from McCormick called Baja Citrus.  I’m not a big fan of commercial spice blends since they tend to rely on salt, but this one is a favorite because of the citrus over-tones.  It’s a little heavy since it’s actually for meats, not fowl, but it’s good.  So I took about 3/4 cup panko and the spice mix package and mixed them together in a shallow bowl, reserving about two tablespoons for later.  Then I dredged the chicken through it so it was thickly coated all round.  I put the chicken in a glass baking dish and set it in the oven at 350 for an hour.  I wanted to be certain the chicken was cooked throughout.  When the chicken was done, I turned the oven off but left the chicken in it to stay warm.

dinner 3

I made a pot of Jasmine rice.  Jasmine is Partner/Spouse’s favorite while mine is basmati.  We have a brand new set of Calphalon cookware and this meal was their inauguration.  I heated up a tablespoon of canola oil in the pot and put a cup of rice in it.  I stirred the rice to coat it evenly in the oil, then let it brown just a bit.  Just before adding the chicken broth, I added reserved panko/spice blend and stirred it around.  Then I added two cups of chicken broth, allowed it bubble for a minute, then covered and turned the heat down to just barely there.  The rice simmered for 15 minutes, then I took it off the heat to finish cooking.

dinner 4

The fried cabbage turned into something else that was wonderful.  I used our new cookware wok for this.  I chopped a head of bok choy (Chinese cabbage with a wonderful flavor) and mixed with two stalks of chopped leeks.  Ever have leeks?  No?  Use them.  They are so good.  I heated two tablespoons of oil in the wok and turned the veggies into the pan.  Using wooden spatulas, I flipped, stirred, and moved the mix around to cook throughout, but remain crisp.  Just before serving, I tossed in two tablespoons of butter to melt and add flavor, and added a small handful of sliced almonds.

Here’s the result:

dinner 1

The rice was perfectly cooked, each grain standing alone, and packed with flavor.  The chicken was warm and crispy on the outside.  The veggies were done to a turn, crispy stalks, wilted leaves, and crunchy nuts.  So good.  We ate until the burping stage and the dogs had a ton of chicken and rice for two or three meals after.

So good.  Tonight, slow cooker chicken in green salsa.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.


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  1. Sounds great, and I love a good stir fry.

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