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So we had a fun weekend with houseguests and a late birthday celebration for one of those guests.  Sunday morning, we planned to take them to our new favorite diner which I wrote about a few weeks ago.  As you know, this weekend was “Spring forward” daylight savings time.  So we were all feeling a little less than chipper with the time change.  It was after 10 am before we got a start.  When we arrived at our favorite diner, it was full.  I don’t just mean it was full.  It was packed to the rafters full.  There wasn’t even a parking spot available.

So we drove back towards the house and on the way remembered another diner we’d been wanting to try.  We took a chance.

Turns out, our little town has an airport?  Whoda thunk it?

Kays 2

Attached to the terminal, on the right, is a restaurant!  You can see the doorway there just past the flag poles.  This is Kay’s At The Airport and is a much-talked-about restaurant around town.  People love it.  There’s lots to love.

First, it’s a small place, not more than twenty tables.  It’s personable.  The staff is chatty and charming, even when busy.  I’ve talked with the owner at the store a couple of times.  One of the funner parts of the experience is the view.

Kays 1

Windows all the way around on three sides so every table can see out.

It’s a small menu, but definitely regional.  If you want crab, it’s on the menu.

Our selections weren’t as varied as they might normally be.  I got a meat lovers omelet with mushroom added.  It came standard with home fries and toast which I substituted with an English muffin.  An added thoughtful gesture, the butter was on the table rather than being put on before it came to the table.  I was able to spread as much or as little as I chose.

One guest ordered eggs benedict with lump meat crab.  It was real eggs benedict.  It was served on an English muffin.  It was a poached egg with hollandaise sauce over the top.  There was a lightly grilled tomato slice underneath.  But instead of Canadian bacon, or ham, or bacon, it had a generous portion of crab.  And there were two eggs on the plate.  Mostly I’ve seen eggs benedict come with just the one egg set up.  This plate had two.  Two English muffin halves, two eggs, two tomato slices, two spoonfuls of hollandaise sauce, two big portions of crab.  It was impressive.

The funniest part of the whole experience was when Partner/Spouse ordered his Belgian waffle.  At the beginning when we placed our drinks order, I’d read the menu and ordered a coke.

“Will Pepsi be okay?” our server asked.

I nodded.  “Preferable, actually.”

She smiled.  “We switched over to Pepsi a while back but the menus aren’t updated.”

So when Partner/Spouse asked for the Belgian waffles (which looked really good) the server again looked embarrassed.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “We don’t have the waffles right.  Our waffle iron is broken.  The menus haven’t been updated.”

So another meat lovers omelet to along with the others.  During the meal, we discussed the plausibility of buying them a new waffle iron.

The food was just a little slow, nothing to get irritated over, it was a busy morning.  It arrived hot and fresh, and most importantly, correct for all the changes, additions, or substitutions.  I’ve been to high end national chains where that doesn’t happen.

And the food was good!  The omelet was so large, I couldn’t finish it.  And the mushrooms were plentiful.  Lots of places won’t add enough, but that was no trouble here.

The clientele were obvious regulars.  The menu was full of surprises.  The staff was great.  The chef was phenomenal.

So a new favorite diner within a month of finding our last favorite diner.  We like our little town.


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