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Our holiday season usually starts on the 21st/22nd with the Winter Solstice, the continues on the 24th with Christmas Eve, sliding into the 25th for Christmas, and finally ending on the 27th with Partner/Spouse’s birthday.  This year, we started even earlier, on the 19th with a Guest who could not come for Christmas but wanted to celebrate with us anyway.  Today feels like the first day we’ve been holiday free for weeks.  Of course, there’s still the new year to ring in and Superbowl Sunday to ignore.  It’s been hectic, exhausting, thrilling, fulfilling, and fun.  The weather was weird; work was intense; wine flowed.  Overall, a very successful time.

Partner/Spouse took over the cooking responsibilities this year since my work schedule was all over the map.  We had a wonderful roasted chicken with roasted veggies and mashed potatoes for First Guest.  On the Solstice, we had a giant salad with the seared flesh of some animal.  Christmas Eve we were supposed to go out to celebrate, but plans ran askew when I worked later than scheduled.  We ended up with pizza delivery and homemade gallettes (more on that later.)  Christmas day was homemade tamales, rice, and refried beans, yum!  Really good stuff.  Birthday day I made tacos and we had a german chocolate cake made at my store for Partner/Spouse.  His favorite.  And it was this day that I had the eye opening shopping trip.

One of the gifts we received this season was a series of gift certificates to Barnes and Noble.  Probably one of the best and most reliable gifts to give us.  We love books and book stores.  We’ve been converting our physical library over to e-books simply because it’s easier to move a digital book than a physical book.  But we love holding a book in our hands so we occasionally go to the book store to browse.  I haven’t been to Barnes and Noble since we left Tucson nearly a year and a half ago.  My old habits were still there.

I first scanned the magazine area.  I looked for new titles, new issues of old favorites, and unusual titles that jumped out at me.  I picked out two old favorites on writing and put back one on cooking.  Then I followed my normal pattern around the store which finalizes in the budget section.  I visited nearly every section either glancing or scanning carefully.  I discovered that of the sections I looked at the largest one by far was the cookbook section.

I’m in the market for a bread book.  More specifically, I want to learn the “old” recipes.  I also want to learn to make donuts like a pro.  I want to learn to make scones.  I want to make “artisan” breads that look like they came from a stone oven.  I want to learn the kneading process, the rising process, the “fool proof” way to make great bread products all the time.

There’s a book for that.

Actually, there are several dozen books for that.  And they all cost $40.  So, I didn’t buy one.  Yet.

I found several books on artisan breads (probably the new “thing”, right?)  I found a book on cupcakes.  I found a book on donuts.  I even found a book on scones (that one was cheap, only $32.)  It seems a lot of people are interested in learning how to bake.

So here’s a neat recipe for a neat dessert that’s simplicity itself.  It’s called a gallete.  It’s like a free form pie.


This one shown is a blueberry gallete with some other fruit in it.  You can fill a gallete with anything you want.  You can make it any size you want.  You can make the crust anyway you like.

Partner/Spouse took a ready-made pie crust and filled it with a can of cherry pie filling.  He took another and made a filling from nuts and sugar.  Then he folded up the edges as you see above.  He put an egg wash around the top edge and sprinkle it with sugar and colored sugar.  Then he baked it as he would a normal pie.  The result is phenomenal.  So easy and so good.  Baking at its finest.


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