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We had a fun and busy weekend.  The weather out here has turned cool, with the humidity up and down, mostly down.  We opened up the house to get all the fresh breezes inside and took the opportunity to CLEAN top to bottom.  The fresh air blew all the dust we raised right out the windows.  We chased dusty bunnies down the hallway, corralled them in the dining room, tossed them out into the wind and watched them float away.  Of course, now two days later, I’m seeing new dust bunnies, but that’s a different batch and a different matter.

With all the errands we did on Friday, we wanted a simple meal but a really good one.  So I made a stir fry out of every fresh vegetable I had in the fridge plus chicken.  And it was really good!  It had cabbage, snow peas, onion, garlic, carrots all in a teriyaki glaze.  I’m probably forgetting some veggies.   And we had it over the pre-made fried noodles.  It was good stuff.

Saturday was another busy day finishing the cleaning and straightening and getting ready for a one day visitor.  Since we didn’t know when she’d arrive exactly, and the main purpose of the visit was to go to the veggie stand I’ve mentioned in this blog numerous times, I planned a Sunday brunch.  So we had to go get the things we needed that we didn’t already have.  So, since it was Saturday, I had to get a bottle of wine and we had to have our Steak-n-Salad.  I’ve blogged about that before so I won’t bore you with the details except to say, YUM!

One of the things that kept me busy on Saturday was baking for the brunch/visit.  We haven’t seen this woman for close to a year.  Her busy life, our busy lives.  We just hadn’t made the connection since we first moved back to the area.  I was anxious to make things that were good and impressive.  Her daughter is a very finicky eater, but loved my homemade sandwich rolls.  So I made a batch of those, splitting them in half so we had some and she had some to take home.  Then I made a pan of brownies, but I dotted it with hot fudge sauce that had coconut in it.

So for Sunday Brunch, I was going to make a fruit and cheese and veggie platter.  I was also going to make homemade English Muffin Bread since I’d blogged about it and she wanted to try it.  The English Muffin Bread is simple and fast so I was planning to make it Sunday morning.  We’d bought a few things for the brunch on Saturday, but I wanted to take her to the veggie stand immediately and pick up the rest of the things there so it would be fresh as possible.

But I also decided to make Egg Muffins.  And I wanted sausage from our butcher to put in it.  That’s when we decided to have the Steak-n-Salad on Saturday since I was at the butcher anyway.

So Sunday, six o’clock rolls around.  The dogs let us sleep in, but the were ready to go out.  I started the sausage cooking since I needed that to be completely cooled for my recipe.  While I was cooking the sausage and feeding the dogs, I put the bread together in my giant violet-colored bread bowl.  It’s a giant ceramic bowl we bought at an antique store in Tucson for $7.  No idea how old it is, but it’s worth its weight (very heavy bowl) in gold.  Mostly it stays hidden because it really is an awkward bowl to use, but I needed it for this recipe.  In the meantime, Partner/Spouse was fixing breakfast and straightening things up a bit.  I double checked that everything was ready as it could be, bread was rising, dogs were napping, music was on.  Time to sit at the computer and get some work done.

There’s typically not much on television on the weekends that we want to watch.  I miss the old Saturday morning cartoons and the roadrunner’s “beep beep!” so we usually have the television tuned to on of the music stations, the sound system on low, and the TV itself off.  The music permeates the house and sends a calming relaxed feeling throughout.

By 9am, we were both wondering what the schedule was going to be.  Then a beep from a text, a happy “On my way!” and we knew we had at least 90 minutes before arrival.  She actually lives close by mainland standards and drives like a bat outta hell, so we weren’t surprised to see her pull up just a little over an hour later.  Lots of hugs, dogs barking, “Hi”s and “How are you?”s and general pandemonium before sitting in the living room on real furniture she hadn’t seen yet.  After our very successful foray to the veggie stand, it was time for the brunch.

I turned the oven on to 375, a gentle heat to bake eggs.  I sprayed a dozen cupcake tins with cooking spray.  I cut four half-inch slices of English Muffin Bread, then cut those into enough chunks to put four in each cup cake tin.  I toasted them for about 10 minutes in the oven.  While that was going on, I started cutting veggies, fruit, and cheese.  I put the platter out with some other cheese spreads, and toasted another four slices of bread which I then cut into quarters and put in a bowl instead of crackers.

Once the bread in the oven was ready, I pulled them out and put four chunks in each muffin tin.  Then I divided the cooled sausage evenly in each.  I put a very light sprinkle of a Greek herb mix that I had in each tin, and broke an egg into each tin.  I used a fork to break the yolk and lightly spread the egg so it would flow into all the nooks and crannies.  Then on half of them, I put a small amount of shredded mozzarella cheese.  These went into the oven for 25 minutes.

While we were eating our fruits and veggies, etc, the wonderful aroma of egg muffins filled the house.  Finally they were done, and we each had two.

egg muffins (2)

And they were so good!  We’d picked up a couple of half pies at the veggie stand (coconut and pumpkin, because believe it or not, our guest had never eaten pumpkin pie in her life!) and with the brownies and leftovers, we nibbled all afternoon long, even after the trip to the winery!  Good stuff.


A friend of mine writes a daily blog called “I Should Be Laughing” which focuses on the daily struggles he and his husband face dealing with life as a gay couple in a very small town in South Carolina.  He has a biting wit, a wonderful sense of humor, and even when we disagree, we keep each other laughing.  He wrote a post today that I encourage you to read.  It deals with a situation he and his husband experienced last week about something that is little known.  It opened my eyes to something I certainly had never heard about.  It’s something we should all be aware of and share so more people know about it.

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