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What an emotionally hectic week and weekend it’s been!  From the death of a parent, to being finally legally accepted as an ordinary citizen with rights as all ordinary citizens in our country are, it’s been a roller coaster.  Friday, I was just starting to calm down and SCOTUS released its ruling and the internet exploded and the country started celebrating.

I spent a large part of the day reading about reactions to the decision.  I commented; I posted; I debated; I discussed.  I watched videos.  I shared with Partner/Spouse some of the nicer things, and some of the not-so-nicer things.  I had mixed emotions all day.  I was happier than I thought I would be.  And there was a sense of let-down, like something was over.  There was also an overriding sense of something just starting.

Partner/Spouse and I both said we should be drinking champagne to celebrate.  But we didn’t.  Neither of us wanted to go out and get some, but neither of us truly wanted any.  The sense of celebration was muted and I couldn’t figure out why.

Then it got time to make dinner.  I was making a meatloaf.

I had two pounds of plain old hamburger.  I added a small amount of fresh onion, and a larger amount of fresh garlic.  I put in half an envelope of onion soup mix.  I wanted a binder, something to soak up the meat juices and flavors, but there was no way I was making a panade.

Do you know what a panade is?  You probably do, but maybe by a different name.  It’s likely the worst thing to come out of America’s Test Kitchen in my experience.  It’s added to ground meat of various types to thicken it, stretch it, keep it moist, etc.  It’s white bread soaked in milk for several minutes.  Then the milk is squeezed out and the bread it mixed into the meat.  It’s sludge and tastes awful.  We tried it and vowed never ever ever ever to do it again, regardless of what the instructions say.  Awful stuff.

Usually when I made meat loaf, I grate a potato and a carrot and use that.  Just as often, I use stuffing mix, particularly the flavored ones.  I didn’t have any of those.  So I took two cups of whole wheat Ritz crackers and mashed them into one cup of crumbs by hand.  Well, by hand and a wooden spoon.  Whole wheat Ritz crackers are good.

I put half a cup of water and two tablespoons of ketchup into it and used the wooden spoon to mix the heck out of the whole mess until everything was blended.  Then I added two eggs to bind it together and mixed until it was done.  Following instructions from one of The Two Fat Ladies, I formed my meat loaf free from style, more like an elliptical dome.  Then I squirted ketchup over the top and spread it evenly.  Into the oven at 350 for an hour and fifteen minutes.

During the last half hour, since we’d been to our favorite farm stand earlier, we roasted two ears of corn (spread softened butter and seasoned salt and chili powder over it all then wrapped in foil) and a half pound of Brussels sprouts.

We sat down to meat loaf, roasted corn, roasted Brussels sprouts, and fresh bread.  I kept wondering where the celebration was.

Then I realized, we were celebrating.  We were eating dinner, in our home, with our dogs, just like a family.  Which we now were, legally, everywhere in our country.  No longer to be sneered at.  No longer having to hide our relationship.  No longer worried about what the neighbors might think or say.

Suddenly, our family dinner meant a whole lot more.  It was pretty damned good meat loaf.

Thanks SCOTUS.



  1. Just doing something ordinary when everything has changed is a celebration because, like you said, you aren’t just a family, the two of you and your furry kids, but you are a family in the eyes of the law, everywhere.
    And meatloaf is as good a way as any to start that party.

    On a sidenote: I must have missed the post about the passing.
    So sorry for your loss.

    • Thanks Bob. The post you missed was actually the one just before it. You probably missed it because it was the day SCOTUS ruled. We all missed a lot that day. 😉

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