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For the last several decades, people have been starving themselves trying to “cleanse” their bodies of some imagined toxins residing therein.  There have been cabbage detox, tea detox, fruit detox, grass detox, even water detox.  Everything is about detox.  I gotta say, unless you’ve been actively poisons into your body for the whole length of your life, detoxing just isn’t worth while.

That’s not to say that periodic fasts are bad for you.  As long as they’re done properly, and you speak to a doctor beforehand, you can get a lot of short term benefits.  But you won’t get the “benefits” you think you’re looking for.  Your body has organs that naturally flush toxins out of your system as part of their everyday functioning.  If your liver or kidneys or other organs stop working properly, you’ll know it.  So let them do their jobs.

But I saw a detox diet the other day that I think I could be tempted to try.  It’s the 7 Day Chili Dog Cleanse.  The article states:

“Yes, you can flush your body of years’ worth of accumulated toxins, simply by consuming between eight and twelve chili dogs every day for a week. Through this uniquely formulated system, stronger immune protections, clearer skin, and quicker neural pathways can be within your reach; all thanks to the nourishing, invigorating, purifying power of several pounds of chili dogs — Nature’s Perfect Food.”

Chili Cheese Dog

I could probably manage three before deciding I’d seen enough of them.  But this study swears the science is irrefutable.  They even list some of the reactions your body will go through: nausea, heart tremors, spatial disorientation.  These are normal considering the increased levels of hot dog casings, nitrates, etc. the body is ingesting.  By the seventh day, all these normal symptoms will disappear.  (As would my desire to ever look a hot dog in the face ever again.)

Safety is paramount as they say  “. . . . . you’ll find that The Chili Dog Cleanse perfectly conforms to the nutritional requirements of the average 8,500 calorie per day diet.”

Of course, it’s all tongue in cheek, not meant to be taken seriously.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat three chili dogs in a row, much less 8-10 a day for seven days, and I don’t think most people could either.  But it highlights absurdity of the detox diets.

The Mayo Clinic has stated several times there is no evidence that detox diets eliminate any toxins from the human body.  They state that the likely reason people tend to feel better after a detox diet is that most of the detox diets force people to eliminate processed foods from their diet for what length of time the diet requires.  This helps eliminate solid fats, sugars, and too much salt from the body which can only make a person feel better.  By simply avoiding over-processed foods, you can achieve the same results.  Prolonged fasting and food deprivation can also cause mineral and vitamin deficiency over the long run, as well.

So what’s a person supposed to do if they want to make a healthy change in their diet?  The first thing to do is read.  Get reliable, trustworthy books and magazine, or internet articles and find out what they have to say.  Get recommendations from a doctor or nutritionist about which books are good.

After you’ve got a good sense about what you should and shouldn’t be eating/drinking, eat what you like.  It doesn’t make any sense to load your kitchen with healthy foods you aren’t going to eat.  And never underestimate the value of the “Cheat Day” or “Cheat Meal”.  Eating unhealthy once in a while is not going to make the food police raid your house and lock you in a dungeon to be fed only carrots and water for 48 hours.

Don’t forget the government has a lot of good free information available, too.  Who remembers this?

Food Plate 2

They changed the graphic recently to be more user friendly, but the same principles apply.  People of my generation should know this inside and out, up and down.  We saw this in school, on television, in all our kids’ magazines.  Recently, it changed to this:

Food Plate 3

Instead of a pyramid, it’s a plate.  That makes sense since we don’t usually eat off a pyramid.

Of course, my plate usually looks like this:

Food Plate 1

except instead of pie, I would have cake.  You must think I’m fairly rotund, but I’m not.  I’m 5’11’ and weight around 180, typically.  I just dropped an entire pants size at my waist.  One more size to go and I’ll be back to what I wore in college.  I don’t even have that “spare tire”.  I have what I call the “spare donut” after those insane small tires that are now the spares.    My spare donut is likely the result of all the spare donuts I eat.

My point is that you don’t have to do anything crazy or faddish to get healthy and have the body you want.  All it takes is eating sensibly and getting some exercise.  And by sensibly, I’m not talking about eliminating anything from your day, but changing amounts.  For instance, rather than having a piece of cake and a glass of wine, have just a glass of wine.  Bad example, I just eliminated cake!

A long time ago, I had a conversation with an athletic friend of mine who was religious about watching his fat intake.  I watched him use a knife and fork to remove every piece of cheese off his pizza while leaving all the sauce and veggies, as I happily munched away at my pizza unsullied by any alterations.  I asked him if he counted the fat content of each ingredient, or the whole meal.  For instance, at that time I was crazy for bagels and cream cheese.  My favorite was a toasted blueberry bagel with a very light spread of cream cheese, less than half an ounce.  I asked if he’d count the fat content of the blueberries, the bagel, and the cream cheese individually which meant not eating the cream cheese.  Or would he count the total calories of the meal and the percentage of fat from the cream cheese, which came to a very low percentage since I used so little.  In the overall meal, the fat percentage was slightly less than 10%.  He said he’d go for the whole meal totals since he’d be eating the whole meal, and he liked bagels and cream cheese, too.

Food health wisdom is changing all the time.  On The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s mom said “Take bacon fat.  One day you’re eating too much.  The next day, you can’t get enough of it.”  It’s difficult to know what you should be doing.

You should be paying attention to your body.  You should be eating sensibly.  You should be exercising to the best of your ability.  You should be not doing crazy stuff to yourself like the Chili Dog Cleanse diet, or any other cleanse-detox-fad diet.





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