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Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal, right?  It sets you up for the day.  It fuels the engine so it motors through the day.  We should all eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper.  Breakfast makes the day.  There are a lot of platitudes out there reminding us how important that first meal of the day is.

I got into a bad habit when I was twelve of not eating breakfast.  That continues to this day.  Breakfast is just not a meal that’s on my radar.  It doesn’t help that I don’t like a lot of breakfast foods.  When we were kids, and lived in snow country, my mom would make us a hot breakfast everyday that usually consisted of oatmeal.  I hate oatmeal.  Once, when I was trying to get my cholesterol under control, I complained to my doctor about how much I hated oatmeal.  He asked why I ate it then.  “It’s supposed to help control cholesterol.”  “So does two Fibercon tablets each day.” he replied.

I don’t like pancakes.  I don’t like waffles.  Mostly, I don’t like them because they have no flavor and I don’t like maple syrup.  And when you see those commercials for specialty pancakes, all I can see is the amount of sugar they put on them to make them palatable.

Pancakes 01


The bottom one actually looks kinda okay since I see blueberries, bananas, and nuts.  But I couldn’t eat that much sugar to save my life.

Having said all that, I’ll probably start messing around with pancakes to come up with a recipe that I like and start eating them.

One breakfast food you all know I like:  donuts.  I won’t even go there right now, but I’m Homer Simpson when it comes to donuts.

I also like Pop Tarts, but seldom for breakfast.  I’m just not a breakfast person.

I do like bacon, ham, sausage, eggs, and toast.  And English muffins.  Oh! and muffins, too.  The difficulty comes from taking the time to fix it all.  Toast is easy.  English muffins are easy.  Muffins of any kind are easy as long as you prepare them in advance.

Since I haven’t eaten breakfast as a meal regularly since I was twelve (and that’s over 40 years ago), I just don’t wake up hungry.  I don’t like milk so cereal doesn’t cut it for me.  I’ve heard of using orange juice instead of milk, but that doesn’t sound appealing when it’s poured over cocoa flavored anything, or Cap’n Crunch.  Not even Rice Krispies sounds good with orange juice.  But it doesn’t sound good with milk either.

So, what’s a guy supposed to do?  Making eggs and bacon or ham or sausage every morning gets old, messy, and time consuming.  Most mornings when I was working outside the house, I cut my schedule so close there wasn’t time to fix breakfast.  So I’d end up getting to work and having something there, which meant packing not only my lunch, but breakfast as well.

Then someone suggested those truly awful breakfast mixes you drink.  They’re marketed for the dieting crowd, and we can all stand to lose a few pounds, so I started investigating those.  I settled on one from EAS.  They came in several different flavors, so I started with chocolate, and vanilla.  I discovered that when they’re made according to instructions, they’re so thick that when you start swallowing the drink, you can’t really stop until it’s all gone.  Two cups of thick sludge sliding down your throat certainly fills you up, but isn’t really a pleasant experience.  But the stuff tasted good and was worth messing around with.  So I used half the amount of powder called for.  The instructions say you can use any liquid, but milk provides the most nutrients.  I went with water.  Cutting the powder in half not only stretched the product further, it made a pleasant drink, slightly thick, and it worked great!  The best part is you can mix other flavors and make different tastes and consistencies.  I used these for quite a while when I was traveling.



But it really adds up to the same thing, in the long run.  I’m not a breakfast eater.  So what does that do to my nutrition, etc?  Well, really not much.  I make sure I stay hydrated, so I drink water or juice a lot in the morning.  I eat my first meal of the day around 10 or 11, I have another around 2, then a small snack around 4.  We eat dinner between 6-7, and I’m done for the day.

People have asked me for good breakfast recipes, fast breakfast recipes, nutritious breakfast recipes.  I feel somewhat at a loss.  I know what works for me, and I found it through trial and error.  I’ll keep looking and trying things, but I’m just not big on breakfast.  In one place I worked, I would get the same thing every morning around 8 (because I started my “day” at 4:30am).  It got to the point where some of my coworkers would go into the cafeteria and order “Joe’s Breakfast”.  I still have that today once in a while.  3 pieces of bacon and an English muffing or toast with butter.  It’s a little after 10am as I write this, and an English muffing sounds good.



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