Post # 352 Happy First Day of Spring!

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It’s been an incredibly busy day, but no, I’m not Spring Cleaning.  I have been getting chores done and out of the way and making minor repairs around the house rather than wait for the handyman.  It’s been one thing after another and the pecan sandies I wanted to bake are going to have to wait until tomorrow.

I was tempted to blow off today’s post, but decided to give you a pictogram of Spring.  And to tell you about some of the upcoming Spring events in MLT.

Spring started with snow.  At 6:30am there was over an inch on the ground.  Then it turned to rain.  Ten hours later, it’s all just damp and soggy.  But I know it’s Spring because I’ve seen robins all week long digging in the yard looking for worms.

In our area, we have a huge nature preserve as well as an overriding sense of history.  If you follow the link below (copy it into your web browser bar if you don’t see an actual link), there’s a web cam of one of the mating pair of Osprey in the area.  Apparently, this pair return to this nest every year and it’s a big deal.

MLT has been renovating its downtown area and new shops and galleries are opening every weekend.  We just recently had a St. Pat’s celebration with live music, etc.  There was also a Muskrat Stew and Crabfest recently.  In another week, there’s an oyster roast, more store openings, and soon after is a huge music festival and a beer festival.

I keep waiting for the signs of Spring I’m used to, but except for the grass turning green, nothing much has happened.  I want to see this:


and this:

Spring 01

I want to see fields of this:

Spring 04

And soon, in the nation’s capital, we’ll be seeing this:

Spring 03

And right around the corner:

Spring 06

But the food I’m waiting for most impatiently:

Spring 05

For those who don’t recognize them, those are fiddlehead ferns.  They’re almost the very first edible plant to sprout in Spring.  They grow into a medium sized plant, but you can only eat them when they first show up and are still curled in on themselves.  You can steam them, eat them raw, or sauté them in butter.  They have a crisp, green, asparagus like taste.  At least, they do to me.  You can only get them for a few weeks when they first appear, then they’re grown into plants and not nearly as tasty.


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