Post # 351 Happy Irish Day!

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It’s Saint Pat’s Day to commemorate that favorite Irish saint.  I won’t go into details about his true nature, only that he did his best to what he considered to be good for others.  On Saint Pat’s Day, everyone is Irish, so enjoy Irish things and think GREEN!




And for dinner, make your favorite drop biscuits and add a shredded apple and some grated cheese of your favorite kind.  Cook as normal and you have a real treat!

St Pats Food 02

And if you want to go full on Irish, throw a 3 pound chunk of corned beef into a pot of water and stout with some onion and cook for about four hours till it’s tender.  Toss in some potatoes and carrots and cook another hour.  Toss in a whole head of cabbage that’s been quartered then cut into eights.  Cook another half hour to 45 minutes till the cabbage is tender.  Fish everything out of the pot, reduce the broth by about half, and serve it all on a platter.

St Pats Food 01

Happy St. Pat’s!!


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