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Can’t get my mind moving in any productive motion today, so I thought I’d tell you about our weekend.  It was quite a full weekend and kitchen oriented, and it started on Wednesday.  The kitchen sink faucet broke.  I had just fed the dogs their breakfast.

It was a normal morning, not hectic, but busy as we got ready for work.  The dogs were bouncing, waiting for me to put their food bowls down.  I had put the peanut butter in the food and the meds in the peanut butter and turned to the sink to wash the knife off.  I set it aside, put the dogs bowls down, turned back to the sink to rinse my hands off.  I flipped the handle up in the middle position rinsed my hands, tried to flip the handle back down, and it was stuck in the on position.  I worked harder and it wouldn’t turn off.  I tried to turn it to colder or hotter water to see if that would help and it was stuck solid.  In surprise, I turned to Partner/Spouse and said, “It’s broken!”  We fiddled for a few seconds with it, then I crawled under the sink and turned off every water valve I could see.

You never realize how much you use a kitchen sink faucet until you don’t have one.

The owner contacted our handyman who couldn’t make it until the next day.  He asked me to text him pictures of the faucet and an explanation of what happened.  I think he thought he was going to make a simple repair, but after I told what we’d done, he decided to just replace it.  He wasn’t going to be able to come by until Thursday.  On Wednesday, I made Bangers and Mash with green beans and salad.  Only water I needed was for the instant mashed potatoes, easy to get from any of five other faucets around the house.

Thursday came and went with a call from Handyman.  Bad weather and late job was holding him up, would Friday be better?  I told him fine, it was more an inconvenience than an emergency, and I don’t remember what we did about dinner on Thursday except I’m sure it was easy.

Friday, not having heard from Handyman all day, I texted to ask what time he’d be by, if he knew.  He said, after work sometime, if that was okay.  Partner/Spouse and I had plans for Friday night, and neither of us wanted to change them.  When I tried to pin him down, I explained that we had plans for the evening so I wanted to be sure of timing.  He then suggested he come by on Saturday.  Small town, remember?  But it was really not a big deal.  We were managing without water in our kitchen.  I’d already turned the water back on to the dishwasher, so that was taken care of.  All our dishes were sparkly.

So we went out to dinner at one of favorite local restaurants where I had two glasses of wine, a salad of grilled asparagus topped with grilled onions and a fried egg, and a huge bowl of fresh cut French Fries.  So good.  But the worst waiter it’s ever been my experience to suffer.  He took our orders, then ignored us to talk to his friends sitting nearby.  The manager had to bring us our drinks; a different waiter brought us our food; the manager refilled our drinks; the second waiter brought our check.  We saw our original waiter once or twice as he walked by and asked how things were.  We gave a cash tip to the second waiter.  Then we did a little more shopping, got more wine and the ingredients for a new drink we wanted to try.  Friday night was done.  Still no water in the kitchen sink.

Saturday was the best weather we’ve had in several days.  Partner/Spouse had to go to work for a while, so I spent the morning writing and researching and taking care of things around the house.  About noon, Handyman texted to asked if Saturday would be okay to come by.  I said yes, then he replied with having difficulty getting the new faucet so would be later in the afternoon, after 4.  Then Partner/Spouse texted and needed to go into the next big town to the south to get some stuff for work and wanted me to go so we could get lunch and do some grocery shopping.  I texted Handyman and let him know we had a change of plans would be out till around 5, so he suggested coming by on Sunday.  Then we went and bought a new refrigerator.  It’s being delivered today.  Our old one was fine, but just too small for our needs.

We found the store to get his work supplies, but didn’t want to go grocery shopping while hungry, so we stopped at Longhorn Steakhouse for late lunch.  We both got a steak, big surprise.  And I had a glass of wine.  Another surprise.  BUT the waiter was totally the opposite of what we’d experienced the night before.  He was attentive, talkative, entertaining, waiting on at least four other tables but making certain everyone of us were taken care of.  We both commented on the difference.

We got home on Saturday afternoon, and did a bunch on the To-do list.  Then we sat down, turned on the TV and relaxed.  The dogs were well-fed and snoring.  We were well-fed and snoring.

Sunday opened and it was an ugly day.  Snow started falling early and heavy.  Then it turned to ice.  Weather Dog looked like he was wearing a white wizard hat.  We continued working around the house and knocked the hell out of the To-do list.  Just a couple more things on it.  The biggest problem facing me was how to get the old fridge into the garage where I had cleared space for it.  Then, just as I was getting ready to sit and write, Handyman texted saying he was 30 minutes from arrival, and I blitzed to the idea that he could help me move the fridge!  I emptied the sucker out in record time and when he walked in the door with a friend to help him, I couldn’t help but think it was all falling into place.

I wish I had videoed the effort to replace the faucet and loaded it to YouTube.  I’d have 10,000 hits by now.  At one point, Handyman looked at me and said, “I’m glad you have a sense of humor.  Most people would be pissed by now.”  Then later, we moved the fridge.

Partner/Spouse made a tossed pasta dish with garlic, lemon, shallots, onions, bacon, olive oil, basil, and parmesan cheese.  It was so good.  And I had wine.

We have a working house again.  The ice has melted.  In about four hours, we’ll have a new fridge.

And today is National Banana Cream Pie Day!

banana cream pie

I don’t think I could eat that much pie, but I bet he’ll come close.




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