Post # 343 A Tale of Two Diners

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We live in a small town.  We like small towns that are handy to larger towns and cities.  We like small towns that have all the amenities.  We like small towns, but we don’t like inconvenience.  You know the old saying, “I want what I want when I want it.”  But we like our small town and the people and shops and life we’re finding here.

As you know from reading this blog over the last three years, we like small diners.  Our favorite locally owned diner is about three or four hours away from us right now, but it’s certainly an option when it comes to going to a diner.  We just have to plan for it.  So when we moved here, one of our first tasks was to find the good locally owned and operated eating places.  We’ve found many.  Our little town has less than half a dozen chain fast food places.  The rest are locally owned, independent, use local foods, and all have local personality.

So, we’d been here about a month or so.  We’d already been to two of the main restaurants in the historic district, and one of the best riverside restaurants in town.  We hadn’t been to a good diner yet.  We’d passed a couple and said, in passing, “Oh!  We should go there!”  We didn’t, though, for whatever reason.  Then, out of the blue, diners were our thing again.  As we were out and exploring our new area, we’d start with a diner and then off we’d go.

The first one we went to was in a neighboring small town.  It’s less than 15 miles away, but it’s almost a different world since you have to go over the river, then through some woods, then some fields.  Through a little village, some more woods, more fields, and suddenly, you’re there.  The diner is a popular one, named after the town it’s in.  Every time we’ve gone in, it’s been crowded with a very eclectic mix of people.  Portions are large; cost is low.  It’s standard diner fare.  The nice thing about this diner it’s open for dinner, too.  Many diners we’ve run into are closed at 2.  But, as it was breakfast, we had breakfast.  I did my standard omelet, bacon, toast, and hash browns.  Partner/Spouse did his normal two eggs with everything.  It was good, decent, stick to the ribs food.  It didn’t stand out as spectacular in any way, but it was good.  And there was something about the place that brought us back, three times since then, to be exact.

Then we went to one here in our own small town, also named after the town.  We took a weekend guest to have breakfast.  Again, standard order.  Cheese omelet, etc.  Everything was just okay.  My toast arrived cold.  I don’t mean it was not warm.  It tasted like it had been in a fridge and reheated improperly.  I told the waitress who promptly brought me fresh, hot toast, but it was a little disconcerting.  I wondered if I had gotten someone else’s toast, maybe from the day before?  Every else was okay, and I figured any place can make a mistake.  We didn’t write them off.

I’m glad we didn’t.  Yesterday, after a long morning of building and rearranging furniture, we wanted to get lunch somewhere, but we didn’t want to do the fast food thing.  We considered a good Mexican restaurant we found and tried the previous Friday, but decided it was too soon for Mexican again.  Since one of our plans was to visit an antique store we like, and the diner was directly across the street, we went there.  We were both a little cautious.  But it was worth it.  I ordered a BLT cuz I hadn’t had one in a while.  What I got was a small bowl of navy bean soup that was delicious.  And a BLT that was delicious.  And French fries that were good.  And a large, juicy pickle spear that was the perfect complement to the meal.  We both got a small serving of cole slaw, but since I don’t like the stuff (really, I don’t; don’t make me eat it) Partner/Spouse got all of it.  It must have been good, cuz there was none left.  The terrific lunch more than made up for the previous meal, so we’ll be going back more often, I think.

There’s one other diner in town that we’ve only tried once and only recently, but I want to tell you about it.  First off, it’s difficult to get to cuz it’s right off the bridge as you enter town from the north.  It has tremendous views of the river and the boats, but since it’s now winter, it’s mostly views of the river and snow and ice.  It’s got a small parking lot, so it will fill quickly.  However, the aroma of the food cooking will make it all worthwhile.  I ordered my omelet and a side of bacon.  Partner/Spouse ordered a waffle and a side of sausage.  We split our pork orders so we could each try the bacon and sausage.  Remember a while back I told you about our butcher located in a small market?  I told you how he provides a large portion of the meats for the area restaurants.  The sausage was from him.  We know this because we buy and eat a large quantity of this sausage and we were eating it again on our plates at the diner.  We were sold!  Any cook who knows enough to order local is going to get our business anyway, but to order from our favorite butcher is the icing on the cake (if you’ll pardon a mixed metaphor.)

So those are our current diners.  If you ever come visit, we’ll take you to one.


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