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A friend posted on her FB page recently that she’d learned a cooking truism.  Putting uncooked spaghetti in the back seat with the dog is a bad thing.  They ended up having chicken enchiladas that night.

My mom used to say “All the world’s troubles would be easier to solve if everyone had something to eat.”

Roy Biggens, a character from the sitcom Wings once said about party planning, “If it’s green it’s trouble; if it’s fried get double.”

Chef Anne Burrell is fond of saying, “Brown food tasted good!”

An unknown person once described a diet as, “The cardiologist’s diet: If it tastes good, spit it out.”

I do a lot of cooking research online.  One of my favorite food sites is  I used to read their catalog cover to cover and several times in the week it arrived.  They have the latest in cookware, ingredients, and recipes.

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A friend of mine used to say the best smelling cookout is the one you’re not invited to.

More than any other creature, dogs live in the moment.  That’s why, even though they’ve just eaten, they will look at you as you’re eating with the expression “That’s the last bit of food left in the world and I’m not getting any.”

True strength is breaking a bar of chocolate into four pieces, then eating just one piece.

When I was traveling, a coworker once said he was a vegetarian not so much because he liked animals as he hated plants.

Salt is good, and when I don’t have any, I crave it.  I sometimes eat too much butter to get enough salt.

I find that if a eat very small meals several times a day, and exercise a little more, I really do lose weight.  I wonder if anyone else has discovered this?

“Live!  Live!  Live!  Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”  Auntie Mame.

I think strawberries are over-rated.

Hunger makes the best spice.


There are moments when the picture above looks like the reason to wake up.

Linus once said, “I was going to make this hot chocolate mix but decided not to.  It was full of ingredients.”

“Anyone who can read can cook.”  My mom handing me her cookbook.

We used to eat a lot of popcorn as kids.  It’s good stuff and very tasty.  My mom once told us that when she was a kid, they would have popcorn for breakfast.  A bowl of popped corn with milk and sugar on top.  My brother tried it, once, but I never did.

“When cooking this bit of beef, cook it rare.  If you don’t want it rare, I suggest you cook something else.”  Jennifer Paterson, Two Fat Ladies.

Julia Child said, “You can never have too much butter.”  I said, “Yes, you can.”

I’ve never like nuts in my chocolate.  I think the nuts take up space that could better be utilized by more chocolate.  Except for rice krispies.  They make the chocolate fun.

When going to a buffet, my philosophy has always been if you take enough the first time, there’s no need to go back for seconds.

One of my favorite meals of all time is a good crisp green salad and seared animal flesh of some kind with a glass or two of wine.

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I sincerely believe there are ways to make food bad.

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Even the best cooks need a little help.


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