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What a surprise that National Champagne Day falls on New Year’s Eve, huh?


It should come as no surprise that I quite like the stuff.  I was on an airplane once, coming home from somewhere overseas in business class.  I had the book “Wicked” with me and I had just started it.  The flight attendant and I were discussing it, and she said that she was third in line for it in the company library.  I promised to give her my copy if I finished it before the flight was over.  She sat me down and made sure I didn’t get up for anything except the lavatory.  I was still 30 pages from the end, but I lied and gave it to her.  Just as I got off the plane, she and her friend gave me two bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne that were left over.  Even exchange.

New Year’s Eve is most associated with champagne at midnight, but other celebrations have champagne.  Weddings, births, etc.  Mother’s Day is another popular one.  Mostly in the form of mimosa.  Which is what this post is about.

Mimosas, strictly speaking, is simply fruit juice mixed with champagne.  Some people like a lot of juice and little champagne.  Some people like a lot of champagne and a little juice.  Some people like it half and half.  I think it depends on the juice and the champagne.

Most of the time, when people say “mimosa” they are referring to orange juice and champagne.

mimosa 02

However, mimosas can be made with all kinds of juices.

mimosa 01

Orange mimosa to be really good must have quality champagne and quality orange juice.  I find that the combination of bitter with sweet makes a delicious drink.  You don’t want bitter orange juice and very dry champagne.  It tastes only bitter and isn’t pleasant.  I like a sweet orange juice with medium to low pulp and a good tasting medium-dry champagne.  I want as large a glass as possible, but I don’t want the drink to warm up before I’m done so I usually use a red wine glass with a large bowl.  I fill the glass 2/3 with champagne and 1/3 with orange juice.  Makes a wonderful, refreshing drink that I could swill all day long.

Several years ago, I was going to a friend’s house for Sunday brunch.  I told her I’d bring the mimosa fixings which pleased her greatly.  I brought three splits of chilled champagne, Korbel Natural, my go to label.  I also brought cherry juice concentrate and frozen sweet cherries.  I put a couple of spoonfuls of concentrate in the glass, two cherries, and filled it to the top with champagne.  She sipped it and declared, “This is my new favorite drink!”  It certainly did taste good.  Other times, I’ve crushed frozen cherries in the glass and poured the champagne over them.  It tastes very good.

mimosa 07

For some reason, a lot of people eat strawberries and sip the champagne through the berry.  I don’t like strawberries, but I could definitely see their value in champagne, as long as they are sweet.

mimosa 04

Another of my favorite berries is blueberry, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of blueberry mimosas.  Crush the berry into the glass and pour the champagne over.  Yum!

mimosa 08

I’ve also had something called a Bleeding Mimosa that’s made with blood oranges.  It was okay, but a little too bitter for my taste.

mimosa 05

If you want to go with a “healthy” version of a mimosa, you can use the “superfruit” pomegranate.

mimosa 03

I was at one restaurant’s brunch and enjoyed a citrus mimosa.  It had various citrus fruit, plus mint and blueberries.  The combination of flavors was very refreshing.

mimosa 06

I’m not a fan of grapefruit by itself, but it might do okay like this:

mimosa 10

And finally, there’s always a crushed watermelon mimosa.  I love watermelon, so I can’t wait to try it.

mimosa 09

However you’re going to drink your champagne today or tonight, please enjoy yourself and say goodbye to the old year.

Slainte (Irish – Slan-chu), to your health!



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