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I’ve been told that more vegetarians backslide on bacon than anything else.  I can believe it.  Bacon is wonderful.  I once worked with a Jewish woman who had to have her office moved to a different part of our building because it was situated directly over the diner on the first floor and scent of bacon wafting through the air every morning was driving her insane.  Like I said, it’s wonderful stuff.

Yesterday, I was making chocolate chip cookies and like I do whenever I’m cooking, I scoured the internet for a different idea for what I was creating.  I found someone who included chopped bacon in their cookies.  That led me down a different path (Squirrel!) and I started looking at ways that bacon has gotten out of hand.  When I was traveling, there was one guy who liked bacon so much, if you wanted any, you had to be at the breakfast bar before him because there wouldn’t be any left after him.  Someone once told me that he’d made the waiter got get more bacon and when they brought the tray out, he put more than half of it on his plate.  And ate every bite of it.

I like bacon, but I can get tired of it, too.  We nearly always have it in the house and it’s very easy to fry up a slice or four and make a sandwich, or some other thing with it.  Or just eat it right off the plate.  With the dogs sitting at your feet praying for a small crumb to drop so they can pounce.  We’ve recently got to the point where we fry up one extra piece just for them.


But it seems like the bacon craze has gotten just a little more crazy these days.  Remember this?

bacon 20

I know people who have tried that.  There’s actually a device “out there” that will help you make one of these.  When I look at this, all I can think of is how salty that would taste.  And I love tacos.

When I was in college, my sister and her husband would make Sunday breakfast a special treat and go all out.  He’d take the bacon and put it on a broiler pan and cover it with maple syrup and broil it so it became candied.  I could never bring myself to try it cuz I don’t like maple flavor.  But that doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg for odd things people have done to bacon.

Bacon bowls have become pretty popular lately.  But did you know people are making pie shells out of bacon?

bacon 12

Oh, yes.  And it doesn’t stop there.

bacon 10

That’s a bacon-topped pie.  And it looks to me like the bacon is resting on meringue.  And that makes me wonder what the filling for that pie is.

Enhancing food with bacon is an age-old tradition.  Bacon bits on salad, bacon on cheeseburgers, bacon in quiche.  Someone even came up with a way to make certain they got bacon in every bite of their BLT.

bacon 02

But some on these are a little nuts.  Take donuts, for instance:

bacon 04

bacon 06

The first is just a sugar glazed donut with bacon bits sprinkles on.  The second is a maple frosted donut with bacon bits sprinkled on.  I’m not going to eat either one.

But what about this?

bacon 17

That’s a cinnamon roll with a slice of bacon rolled inside it.  It’s baked and cooled and frosted.  Again, I’m not gonna try it, but I have to wonder.  Where does the bacon grease go?

Then there’s this:

bacon 16

Just not gonna go there.  People have tried putting candy and bacon together and this one, I think I’d try, but only after a couple of glasses of wine.

bacon 03

It actually looks kind of decadent.  This one, though, I’d only try on a bet.

bacon 19

Seems like a waste of good chocolate to me.  Like this:

bacon 13

In case you don’t recognize it, that’s bacon topped brownies.  I’m going to be making brownies tomorrow.  I’m not going to do this.

Put suppose you don’t have bacon at hand and want to add it to your current meal?  What’s a chef to do?

bacon 08


bacon 18


bacon 11

Yes, those are real things.  Probably not successful real things, but there you go.  This one is billed as a bacon lollipop, but it looks more like a corn dog wrapped with bacon.

bacon 07

Or maybe a sausage, cuz you can’t enough fried pork products in one bite, right?

But leaving the world of foodstuffs aside, take a look at these wonderful things.

A Bacon Bouquet:

bacon 09

I don’t know if you’re supposed to smell them, eat them, or clean up after them.

Or you can start your day right with bacon!

bacon 14

bacon 15

I even saw some bacon flavored breath spray but I thought that was going too far.

Finally, in case you just want the bacon ambience and not the mess:

bacon 05

Everyone knows, I like bacon.  But you can have enough of a good thing.  The comedienne Rita Rudner was talking about childbirth once and mentioned a friend of hers who’d been in labor for 36 hours.  When the audience reacted, she said, “I know!  I don’t even want to do something that feels good for 36 hours.”

So Enjoy! and remember:







  1. We have bacon hotsauce and bacon salt (which appear to be high-end, finely crushed Bacos that are both Kosher and vegan). I’ve made the bacon roses for my husband’s breakfast for…something (his birthday? Anniversary? Valentines? I can’t remember). They were enjoyed with his eggs and scones. Bacon popcorn is like manna from heaven and I don’t like popcorn. And the bacon lattice or crust would be DELICIOUS for a quiche. I’ve had a bacon chocolate bar and it was gross. The 7 yo loves bacon chapstick and, for once, will keep his perpetually chapped lips balmed.

    Mostly we use bacon though as bacon or in place of pork belly for Pad Thai (which is a favorite with the boys…including the one who hates everything).

    So yeah…we’ve tried a lot in the bacon fad. And, mostly, it was good.

    • hmmmm, I’d love to see your recipe for Pad Thai, especially if it’s with bacon! Up to a guest post after the holiday?

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