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We’ve been battling a cold for over a week in our house.  I finally succumbed on Saturday.  Yesterday, my throat was so swollen, I couldn’t talk.  We’re not the kind of people who run to the doctor for every sniffle, but this one was pretty bad.  Partner/Spouse is on the mend, but I’m just starting it.  I tend to get over these things fairly quickly, so I don’t suppose it’ll put too big a crimp in my life apart from the overall feeling bad for a few days.

But it got me thinking about home remedies.  My mom was a big believer in home remedies.  Her biggest remedy was called “ignoring it”.  She was big one for trying to muscle through it, whatever it was.  You had to have a raging fever, or a bone sticking out of you for her to get worried.  If you complained enough, she would put you to bed after filling you full of soup.  No TV, no books, just sleep.  In a way, she was right.  Relaxation and sleep can help cure a ton of the small ailments.

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So Mom’s been gone about 25 years now so I couldn’t whine to her that I felt bad.  On Saturday, when I first noticed the symptoms, I decided to best way to get rid of the virus was to actually get rid of the virus.  I drank a ton of water and juices, hoping to piss away the little buggers who were making me feel bad.  I squirted some lime juice or lemon juice in my water every other glassful.  Then, for dinner, I made something simple and nutritious and loaded with garlic.  Garlic is a natural blood tonic.  It helps clean things up and is a wonder drug.  Shoot, it’ll even piss off vampires!  Sunday I woke up and didn’t feel better, but I didn’t feel worse so that was something.  However, my throat was swollen and it was difficult to talk.  The “little cough” had turned into a deep, shuddering cough.  I knew I needed something to soothe those inflamed passages, so even though I don’t like honey all that much, I mixed up some honey and cinnamon.  This wasn’t a Mom remedy, but a friend’s remedy.  And it worked pretty well.

I muscled through the day, working, but not working hard.  Catching a nap in my chair when I felt like it.  I’ve hated naps ever since I can remember what they meant.  I used to fight them as a kid, and I fight it now.  I have to be near death’s door to sleep during the day.  So nodding off in the office in my chair didn’t feel like a nap since I was technically “working.”  Then, I remembered another of Mom’s favorite remedies.  I filled the tub full of hot water and peppermint and soaked for half an hour.  Let me tell you, peppermint in your sinuses will clear them like nobody’s business.  It’s as good as Eucalyptus, another tried and true home remedy.

After I got back to my desk, I remembered another home remedy that was supposed to be sure fire.  By this time, I was feeling tons better.  The cough had subsided to only once in a while.  The bath had taken care of the aches and pains along with clearing the congestion.  But years ago, a guy who once worked for me recommended Echinacea tea.  And we had some herbal tea with Echinacea in it!  So that went down my throat.  Dinner was reheated Thanksgiving turkey, fresh made biscuits, gravy, and sautéed green beans.  Nothing difficult, but it tasted like I’d slaved over it all day!

We’re both firm believers in treating ourselves when we’re sick, so a few days earlier I’d made an Orange cake with chocolate chip buttercream frosting.  So that was dessert.  Luckily, our stomachs weren’t playing up at all.  But, you know, I don’t know about you, but when I don’t feel well, I feel the cold more.  I was bundled up in thick socks, sweat pants, thick t-shirt, and Irish wool sweater.  I felt warm, but every time I had to take the dogs out, I put another coat on over all that.

Today, I woke up and could tell I was on the mend.  My throat doesn’t hurt at all.  The cough is still there, but not nearly so severe.  Very little congestion.  I started the day with hot honey and lemon tea, a boost if there ever was one.  As the day has progressed, I’ve felt better by degrees.  By tomorrow or the next day, I should be over this completely.

I’m not a doctor, and I would never presume to dispense medical advice for anyone other than myself.  But I do know some sciencey stuff.  I know that colds are caused by a virus, and viruses can’t be dealt with by antibiotics.  All you can do with a virus is wait for it to go away.  So with a cold, you just have to wait for it to go away.  You treat the secondary symptoms, the aches and pains that make a cold so damned inconvenient, and watch closely for an infections that might crop up.

Some “age old” wisdoms about colds have some validity.  “Feed a cold; starve a fever.” works quite well, as long as you feed the fever too.  “A cold is three day coming; three days with you; and three days going.” is about right.  Colds seem to last about a week and a half typically.  “The easiest way to get rid of a cold is to give it away.” is probably not true, but it’ll make you feel better if you can infect someone you don’t like.

Take care during the holiday season, and watch your health!


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