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I never ever thought when this blog started that I’d actually keep at.  I’ve started journals, diaries, blogs, letters, stories, etc. cuz that’s what writers are supposed to do.  We’re supposed to keep writing in notebooks or scratchpads, digital or paper, to capture our thoughts and ideas, to trap our muse, to perfect our craft.  I’ve known this since I was in elementary school.  And I’ve tried to follow this advice since I was in elementary school.  From that time till this, the best gift I can be given is a book full of blank paper.  It doesn’t even have to be fancy.  I’ve never kept at it.  I’ve never filled an entire notebook, not even in school.  This blog, though, this blog just keeps calling to me to write stuff down.  I hope it’s stuff that people want to know, want to read.

Which leads me to the question I get most often:  how do I manage to fill the pages?  Actually, it’s the same question I get as a writer.  Where do I get my ideas?  I’ve never known a serious writer who doesn’t have more ideas than they can possibly write in their lifetime.  I’m going to have to live forever to get all the ideas written.

So how do I fill the pages?  Some of the time, it’s from answering questions.  Some of the questions are posed by readers of the blog, and some are posed by friends.

Once, I was putting dinner together for the family and a couple of friends.  I was building the salad, and one friend was watching me very closely.  She peppered me with questions about how to make a salad.  For me, making a salad is just throwing a bunch of vegetables in a bowl and stirring them about.  Sometimes I add cheese, or seeds, or frozen or dried fruits, or croutons.  Sometimes I leave out lettuce.  She kept asking how I knew how to make a salad in the way I was.  I told her I was just chopping or tearing vegetables to bite sized chunks and mixing.  She said there had to me more to it than that.

I think people tend to think that a lot.  They think that there has to be more to it than that.  I think we tend to overcomplicate things.  What we should really be doing is thinking outside the box; doing things differently; looking at things and seeing the unusual rather than the usual.

Let’s take breakfast.  It’s the meal that’s served first thing in the morning.  It’s necessary because the body has just spent several hours in a relaxed mode, spending calories, but having none come in.  Even the word is a combination of two words explaining what it is.  It’s designed to give the body quick and sustained energy for the start of the day.  In the U.S., most people look at breakfast as “baconandeggs” or a bowlful of cereal or “toastandjuice” or some kind of muffin.  In recent years, the speed of the meal has become more paramount than the actual meal itself.  Pop Tarts, frozen breakfast sandwiches, frozen breakfast bowls, instant oatmeal, these kinds of things abound now.  I eat Pop Tarts, but mostly cuz I like them.

But since the purpose of breakfast is really just to get nourishment into the body, you can pretty much eat anything that’s healthy and it’ll do the trick.

One of my favorite items for breakfast is ice cold pizza from the night before.  It has all the essentials.  It has carbs from the pizza crust.  It has veggies in the pizza sauce, and tomatoes in any form are good for you.  It has calcium and protein in the cheese.  And in my case, more protein and trace vitamins in mushrooms and sometimes pepperoni.  I’ve also eaten leftover salad, and other times I’ve had cold cut sandwiches.

I’ve never been a big fan of most of the traditional breakfast foods, particularly the carb-based ones.  But a toasted bagel with cream cheese is one of the best things on the planet.  And if it’s a blueberry bagel, well!  But, again, I’ll eat that at any time of the day, not just for breakfast.  I never eat pancakes or waffles, but had made them for dinner.  “Breakfast for Dinner” as it’s known around here is a treat for all of us.  Eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, fried potatoes and onions, it turns into a huge feast to harden the arteries.  Haven’t figured out which wine goes best with it.

glass of wine

Sometimes, when I’m at a diner, I’ll have steak and eggs, but that never seems to come out too well.  Steak should only be ordered at a restaurant that specializes in them.  Once, I ordered a beef hot plate in a diner for breakfast.  It was on the menu!  I ended up with a platter-sized plate with mashed potatoes, eggs, biscuits, a chopped steak, and about two cups of pepper gravy over the whole mess.  I managed about a third of it before I had to quit.

I love talking about food, and with luck and good weather I’ll continue for another 300 posts.  As always, let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about or if there’s a question about something I’ve written about.



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