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I don’t want to tell you the name of our little town cuz once you hear how great it is, you’ll want to move here and then it’ll stop being a little town because so many people will move here.  So, I’m not sayin’.   But we’ve been here a little over three weeks, and we already know our way around like we were born here.

First, everyone is so friendly.  Everyone waves, whether they’re walking and you’re driving; or they’re driving and you’re driving; or they’re walking and you’re walking.  Everyone waves at everyone.  You have to drive with one hand on the steering wheel, while the other is in almost constant motion.  It’s kind of nice.  We hadn’t been in the house for a couple of days before the neighbors were introducing themselves.  The mail deliverer introduced herself.  A little girl, about 12 riding her bike by the house hollered out “Welcome to the neighborhood!” as she passed.  It reminds me a lot of the town I set my novel in.

Our first night here, we didn’t have anything unpacked, and no groceries, per se.  We’d gotten some bread, some soda, some wine, some snacks, but nothing to cook or to cook with since it was all in the truck.  So we decided to wander into the historic district which is about six minutes from our house.  We parked and found a restaurant immediately.  It billed itself as an Irish Pub, but the Irish influence was minimal.  But the dining experience was GREAT!!  It’s called The Canvasback (after the duck) and was dark, and atmospheric.  It might have been the hunger, the relief that the driving was done, or just the hunger, but the food was delicious.  When it came time to order the wine, they gave me two small glasses to sample to chose which one I wanted after telling them my preference.  After I ordered, they let me keep the two samples, so it was like getting two glasses of wine!  Always a plus in my book.

On Friday, two days after we arrived, my ex-wife arrived to spend the weekend and say HI to the dogs.  We went to a busy restaurant that had wood fired pizza, so, of course, I ordered calamari.  The atmosphere was great, the service was better, but the food was the best!  Then on Sunday, after the company had left, we drove around for a bit and found a farmer’s market.  It was large, and plentiful, and was part of the farm whose land it stood on.  They had goats and chickens on the side for people to interact with, and a pick-your-own pumpkin patch and a corn maze.  There were tons of flowers, mostly mums since it’s autumn.  Inside, there were all kinds of jams and preserves, freshly baked everything, frozen meats, fresh butter, eggs, and tons of veggies.  We got some of the best green beans I’ve ever had.  And the tomatoes were vine ripened and picked that morning.  We got $30 worth of stuff and ate on it all week long.  We got apple dumplings that melted in your mouth, if you eat that kind of thing, which I don’t, but Partner/Spouse does.

Yesterday, we tried the local diner, and it was good.  It was exactly what a diner should be.  Our server was loud and brassy and in a good mood.  Our food arrived hot and tasty, except my toast.  It was cold.  I don’t mean just toasted and left to cool.  It felt like it had been left in a refrigerator and not warmed up properly before serving it to me.  So I said something and received fresh toast, piping hot with butter that actually melted on the toast.  I had a mushroom and cheese omelet while Partner/Spouse had waffles.  Yummy stuff.

We’ve also found our favorite stores, the local ones that we’re going to be frequenting the most.  We’ve located our favorite antique stores.  We’ve located our favorite vegetable and fruit stands.  We located our favorite little hideaway eating places.  Most important, and I can’t stress this enough, we’ve located our favorite local winery!

It’s called Layton’s Chance and is about a twenty minute drive away.


I’ll be blogging about this one more in the future, but suffice to say the wine is good, the staff is friendly, and the location is outstanding.  They do a lot of events to involve the community in their business and as time passes, we’re going to be involved in many of those events.  A week ago on Sunday, we went there to spend a couple of hours with a dear friend, and as we were leaving we passed another couple on the porch with a bottle of good wine, and several baggies of cheese, grapes, crackers, etc.  I joked and said, “Wow, next time we’re joining you guys!”  They laughed and the lady replied, “We know how to do this right!”  Again, the local friendliness is welcome and refreshing and part of the Eastern Shore way of life.

I’ve saved the best for last, though.  When Partner/Spouse came here for the interview not so long ago, they went to a restaurant located on the water, in a marina right next to one of the main roads in town.  Since arriving, we’ve been to this place several times.  It’s called Portside Restaurant.


Downstairs is a sports bar if you just want casual food and drinking with the television on.  Upstairs is more a family style restaurant where you sit and visit in a friendly atmosphere.  You can sit inside or outside.  We have always eaten outside, even when other diners are chased inside by chill winds, or cloudy skies.  I’ve eaten their fish and chips, their grilled salmon, their hamburgers.  Everything has been wonderful.  It has turned into our “go to” place when we want a relaxing, sit outside kind of meal.  We eat and drink and watch the boats go by and watch the drawbridge go up and down stopping traffic in both directions for all of five minutes or so.  Good times.

So there’s our little town.  Some of the things we like are in other little towns close by.  Most of what we like is within blocks of where we are.  We’re incredibly happy we came back, and also very happy we chose shore living this time around.  I’ll be writing more about the place as we discover more of its hidden gems.  Stay tuned!


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