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This week has been a fairly hectic week.  Lots going on.  After last week’s post on depression, I got a lot requests to write for other blogs about my own experiences which was fun.  I also got a huge outpouring of support from all over, and my thanks go to everyone for that.  In the midst of all that, I rewrote the beginning of my novel and have been working on a new outline for it based on input from a friend who took the project on to help me make it better.

But the big news is that Partner/Spouse went to the doctor for some routine tests, etc.  They determined that he is pre-diabetic.  He has some follow-ups scheduled before they decide it’s for real, but we’ve decided to work on the assumption that he is.  So we’re reshaping our eating habits.

Everyone in my dad’s family except for my dad has the disease, so I have a predilection for it.  So far, I’ve been lucky that it hasn’t hit me.  My younger brother wasn’t so lucky and came perilously close to cashing in his chips.  If his wonderful wife had not been there, and recognized what was going on, he would not be here.  Because of all this, and previous brushes with the disease, it’s one that I’m pretty familiar with.  It’s one that can almost completely managed through diet, except in its most severe forms.  Because of that, I’ve always tried to cook and eat as healthy as possible.

Being pre-diabetic explains a lot of partner/spouse’s various symptoms and ills.  Using this as the starting point to lead even healthier lives, I went through all the cookbooks I’ve got, and pulled out four specifically for diabetes.  Then we went to the bookstore today, and got one on nutrition and meal planning specifically for diabetics.  I’m refreshing my knowledge and recreating my recipes for my standbys based on the current needs.

So!  What does that mean for the blog and for both of you readers?

I’m going to be sharing the knowledge as I get it, and the changes in recipes.  If anyone has any hints or suggestions, please don’t hesitate!  I know we’re not the only people facing this.  I’m planning to share the successes and failures, in both the food changes and lifestyle changes (no, not THAT lifestyle.)

Today, I made diabetic cookies!  Chocolate Chip cookies, at that.  I pulled the recipe from the 1001 Recipes for Diabetics.  And guess what?  The recipe is basically the same recipe I’ve been using all along.  So I looked a little closer, and while there are some very minor differences (less salt, less baking soda) the primary difference is portion size.  Instead of making cookies by the Tablespoon, these were made by the teaspoon.  There were a heck of a lot more cookies, but they were appreciably smaller.

So I worked a little of my kitchen wisdom on them and made them slightly healthier.  But only slightly.  I added raw sunflower seeds, a few sesame seeds, a tablespoon of bran.  So there’s twice the amount of protein, and some water soluble fiber to help with the cholesterol added to your system.

That’s what I want to concentrate on, really, is reinventing (remember that word?) the daily recipes so they are healthier.  Most of them are fairly healthy to begin with, but we have to tweak to get us over the edge.

In the meantime, enjoy.


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  1. At least now you know why spouse hasnt been feeling up to snuff! Which is a huge relief to know why and what can be done to help him. My hubby is the only member of his family without high blood pressure or diabetes or both, due to him being very aware of diet and exercise. He eats very little dairy, almost zero bread, and only buys those tiny wee ice cream containers, the single serve size. And no he isn’t full of will power, he knows if sweets, and snack foods are in the house he will over eat.

    I read thru many posts of yours a few days ago and am so very sorry to hear of your battles with that evil wizard, depression. I was so bad a few years ago, death was looking all to welcoming. Turns out I have celiac disease, one of the symptoms is depression! So, good bye all things gluten, and within 3 weeks my depression lifted, and now while I still have low periods, it’s nothing like before. I hope you dont mind me trying to help. I just hate to see anyone suffer.

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