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I saw a commercial today, one that’s known as a PSA, Public Service Announcement.  I don’t ordinarily pay a huge amount of attention to these since most of the time they’re about things I either can’t do anything about, or have already done what can do for the cause.  I can’t watch the ones for animal cruelty at all.  But this one caught my attention for different reasons.  It featured children, and despite what the ultra conservative christianist right believes, a gay man can be concerned about, and advocate for children without being a pedophile.  It has never escaped my attention the irony of writing  a food blog while many hundreds of thousands of children in our country go hungry.  so I do what I can to raise awareness periodically, through my blog and through my Facebook page.

This particular commercial featured various children of various ages all saying approximately the same thing;  I wish I was in school.  It was summer and they were playing or reading or having fun one way or another while still wishing they were in school.  At the end, a voice over said, “It’s hard to have fun when you’re hungry.”  Then it segued into information to help combat childhood hunger.  The web site is for Feeding America.  I’ve posted the link down below for any who are interested.

I spent the better part of two hours wandering through the site and finding out more about its efforts.  I highly recommend taking a few minutes to go through it.  It highlights a very serious subject, but it doesn’t stress the hopelessness of the effort.  It highlights the successes.  It highlights the positive things that we can do.  Simple things like supporting the corporations that contribute to end childhood hunger.  There’s a crawling feed in one corner listing those companies.  I was happy to note that Pepsi was one of those.

It also provides links if you need help.  It provides information in a sensitive and discreet manner for services available in all states.  It provides ways for organizations who aren’t listed in their outreach to become vested members so people who want to help, or need help, can get the information from their own community.

When I was in the 3rd or 4th grade, I went to a small neighborhood school.  This was in upstate New York and the rooms were small to conserve heat.  The cafeteria was slightly larger, but the thing I remember most about it was the lines of tables and all the kids trooping in to sit and eat.  Some of us had brought our lunches from home, while others got their lunches from the school.  After everyone was finished eating, we had to sit there while one of the cafeteria ladies brought out trays of leftover peanut butter sandwiches.  If you were still hungry, you could raise your hand and get a half sandwich.  My brother and I usually brought our lunches and were typically never hungry because of the size of our lunches.  I was continually giving part of mine away.  But it was agony sitting there when we wanted to be outside playing while they distributed these leftover sandwiches.   I was always annoyed until one day.  I saw the kid sitting in front of me and over to the right open his brown bag.  He took out one cupcake, ate it swiftly, and crushed the empty bag into a ball and stuffed it into his pocket.  I realized that was all he was going to have for lunch, as I sat there with two PBJ, an apple, and some cookies.  I gave him one of my PBJs, and half the cookies, and half the apple.  I was plenty full and felt good about feeding someone else.  That I night I told my mom about it and had to reassure her that I had plenty to eat still.  The next day, she packed three lunches, so I could give my schoolmate one.  This continued for a few weeks, then he disappeared and I never saw him again.  I assumed he’d just moved away or something, or maybe to a different school.

It started a lifelong obsession with feeding others, though.  Sometimes I can’t do much except make others aware of the problem.

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