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Sorry for missing Friday’s post.  My day went nuts, then my novel went nuts.  For those who don’t know, I’m an unpublished novelist and have a completed book I’m trying to sell.  It’s taken a different turn and now I’m rewriting the flippin’ thing, but hope it’ll be better for it.  So busy busy busy!  Anyway, here’s the post I meant to do for Friday.

green eggs and ham 1

About a hundred years ago when I was in my mid teens, I was walking through the kitchen and noticed my younger brother sitting down to the table with a plate.

“Whatcha got there?” I asked, my curiosity piqued.

“Green eggs and ham.” he replied.  I glanced over.  Yup green eggs and some weird, discolored ham.

“How’d you do that?”

“I put food coloring in scrambled eggs and smeared more of it over the ham.  I wanted to see what it was like.”  He took a bite.


He shrugged.  “It’s eggs.”

I’m sure he wasn’t the first person to try that, and I’m just as sure he won’t be the last.  I wonder sometimes, but not often, how many people have been influenced by that book.  What the good Dr. was trying to teach us was to think outside the box, outside our comfort zones, not just in foods, but in all areas of our lives.

A long while ago, Partner/Spouse and I were wandering around a store and came across this:

green eggs and ham 6

It’s full of kid-friendly recipes based on foods and meals scattered throughout the Dr. Seuss iconography.  There’s even a recipe for Green Eggs and Ham where they use apple jelly, tomatillos, and cilantro to make the ham green.

It has Brown Bar-ba-loots’ Truffula Fruits which is basically strawberries dipped in strawberry yogurt.

There’s River of Nobsk Corn-off-the-Cobsk which is popcorn with parmesan cheese, chili powder, and paprika sprinkled over it.

There’s even Who-Roast-Beast which is really a chicken roasted with mushrooms.

My favorite is Valley of Vung’s Chocolate Rocks, a chocolate candy rolled in coconut and powdered sugar.

green eggs and ham 2

So, if you ever see the cookbook anywhere, I recommend picking it up.  It’s fun and a surprise for anyone browsing your cookbooks.  And it helps you think outside the box, sort of.

I was thinking outside the box when I was thinking about green eggs and ham several months ago.  I wasn’t actively thinking about green eggs and ham specifically, but the phrase was wandering around my brain in a nudging, intrusive sort of way.  All of a sudden, I was thinking about greens, eggs, and ham.  That made me blink so I followed that train of thought.

My favorite greens is spinach.  Once, a long time ago, I saw a recipe for shirred (baked) eggs on a bed of spinach mixed with cheddar cheese soup.  It was awful, but it had a germ of goodness to it.

So I did this:

green eggs and ham 4

Frozen spinach that has been thawed and divided into ramekins.  One egg placed on top and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  Baked at 350 until the whites are solid.  Keep them in a few minutes longer if you prefer solid yolks.  You get this:

green eggs and ham 5

The best part is the spinach and egg whites mingle and cook together and give the eggs a really good flavor.  Breaking the yolk creates a nice sauce.  It’s really yummy.  Serve it with toast and any fried pork product you like.

If anyone is out shopping and happens to see this shirt:

green eggs and ham 3

I take an XL (it’s the most comfortable size for me).  Thanks!  And Enjoy!


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