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I love kids in the kitchen.  I believe teaching kids responsibility in the kitchen teaches them important lessons they can take throughout their lives.

  1. Prep is always the first, and most important step.
  2. Attention to detail is crucial to success.
  3. No job is complete until everything is cleaned and put away.
  4. You can always learn something new.
  5. Repetition helps you learn and remember.
  6. It always feels good to share your success with others.

I was wander through a web site the other day dedicated to one of my favorite superheroes, Batman, and ran across this:

Kids Recipes 2

It’s a page from the superhero’s cookbook and it’s a recipe for Robin’s Breakfast Bars.  And I thought “Oh, my gosh!  I used to own that book!”  I used to read through it, absolutely certain that all my favorite superheroes were making and eating these treats.  As I read through the recipe, I recognized it was a good recipe although I didn’t remember it specifically.  I wondered how difficult it would be for someone under twelve to make.  It’s basically a glorified rice krispies treat.  I also knew that with the melted marshmallows and honey, it was going to be a really sticky dish.  But overall, not a real tough bar to make.

That set me to thinking about other kid friendly recipes that I knew.

Ever have an Apple Sandwich?  It’s really easy to make and incredibly healthy.

Kids Recipe 1

Just core and slice an apple and rinse in a light solution of water and lemon juice.  That keeps the apple flesh from turning brown and looking yucky.  The slices can be as thick or thin as you like, but remember that the thinner they are, the easier they are to eat.  Spread a layer of peanut butter as thick or thin as you like on one slice of apple and top with another.  Eat as soon as possible.  You can top the peanut butter with anything you like, raisins, trail mix, cooked or uncooked instant oatmeal, various sweet spices, your favorite cereal, marshmallow, etc.  Eat ’em like a sandwich.  Totally good!

Another one I used to make I called a Banana Sushi.  Just take a banana and roll it in a flour tortilla.  Slice it into bite size pieces and chill for a few minutes.  When the new chocolate spreads came out, I considered putting a thin layer of that on the tortilla before rolling it, but thought it would be terribly sweet.  In Paris, a coworker used to get banana/chocolate crepes right on the street.  He became addicted to them, but the look of them made my teeth hurt.  Sometimes I used whole wheat tortillas or other flat breads to make it healthier.  But it’s easy to make and tastes great.

kids Recipe 3

Everyone knows about making home made popsicles, right?  Take some small paper cups and fill them with Kool-Aid, juice, or another flavored drink, put a stick in them, and freeze.  Voila!  Popsicles!  But there are other ways to make them into a great tasting and great for you treat.

Kids Recipe 4

Take your various favorite fruits and cut them small.  Pour whatever juice, water, lemonade you’re going to use over them, place the stick and freeze.  Raspberries and lemonade are a great combination.  Orange juice and mandarin orange sections are good too.  It’s limited by your imagination.  One thing I do sometimes is make juice from a fruit, and add fruit chunks of the same fruit, and then add ginger ale or some other bubbly and freeze.  Really good stuff.

Teaching a kid to actually cook can start very simply.  I once taught a little girl to make bell pepper egg rings.  I don’t like bell peppers.  I don’t like their taste, cooked or raw.  Almost everyone else I know thinks they’re the best.  But this little girl wanted eggs and didn’t like scrambled.  So I took a bell pepper, sliced it into rings which I cleaned out, and put it in a heated skillet with some butter.  Then we cracked eggs into the rings and waited for them to cook completely.  She didn’t like runny eggs.

Kids Recipe 5

Then we ate them with gusto!  I still didn’t like the bell pepper, but I choked it down for her.  As we were eating, we also talked about how to make them even better.  She suggested eating them on toast as a sandwich with a slice of cheese on top.  I love when little kids have good ideas!

I’ve never made these but always thought they were a good idea, Ice Cream Cone Parfaits.  You take a flat bottomed cone and a pudding cup of your favorite flavor.  Scoop half the pudding into the bottom of the cup.  Fill the cone most of the way up with fruits, nuts, granola, raisins, coconuts, seeds, chocolate chips, any mix of whatever you have on hand.  Scoop the rest of the pudding onto the top, and sprinkle with cake decoration sprinkles.  You should eat with a spoon, but can try to eat it like an ice cream cone.  A good and healthy variation on this is to substitute yogurt for the pudding, plain, flavored, or Greek.  It’s all good.

Kids Recipe 6

One kid friendly dish that’s one of my favorites is Quesadillas.  This is so simple, but make sure an adult is working with any child.  Heat a skillet to hot and place a flour tortilla on it.  Sprinkle as much cheddar cheese as you like then top with another flour tortilla.  Heat on one side for two minutes, then flip carefully.  Heat until cheese is melted and bubbly.  An alternative is to use one tortilla and heat open face until cheese just starts to melt.  Carefully flip one side over onto the other side so the cheese is in the middle and the tortilla is on the outside.  Continue heating for a few more seconds, then carefully flip the whole tortilla over.  Heat until cheese is completely melted.  Slice the tortilla into wedges and eat hot or warm.  You can also put a mixture of cheeses and add meats and veggies to it.  You can dip the wedges into salsa for pico de gallo for an extra kick.  Kids love these!

Kids Recipe 7


The last one is most appropriate for a dessert or party food for kids.  It’s simple, but a little complex.  First, wash as many strawberries as you’re going to use, usually three to four per person.  Use a sharp knife and slice from the tip to the stem but do NOT cut all the way through the stem so the strawberry halves stay together.  Cut the strawberry again crossways from the original cut without cutting though the stem so now the quarters of the strawberry stay together.  Set them aside.  Mix one ounce of cream cheese for each two strawberries with one teaspoon of powdered sugar.  Do not use granulated sugar as the sugar will not melt into the cream cheese properly.  Put the cream cheese mixture into a small plastic baggie and squeeze into one corner making certain to eliminate all the air.  Very carefully snip off a very small piece of the corner and squeeze or “pipe” about half an ounce of filling into each strawberry.  Chill the berries for about an hour then serve.  Yummers.

Kids Recipe 8

One more “Kids in the Kitchen” post before I’m done (for now).  Hope you enjoyed!!


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