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Today is a day of power.  It’s Friday the 13th, always an important day for the superstitious, and it’s the June full moon, the closest full moon to the summer solstice.   If you believe what the internet memes are saying, this won’t happen again for a couple more decades.

friday full moon

Today, I’m going to be extraordinarily busy taking advantage of the astrological power available right now.  Lots going on, keeping my fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I’m leaving you with some pics of my favorite foods, in no particular order.

I love a good burger.  And if it has dill pickle on it, well that only makes it better.

fave food 1

Anyone who has read this blog longer than a month will recognize these next two with no comments:

fave food 10

fave food 2

I love to grill, yum!

fave food 8

fave food 3

This one ticks a lot of my boxes.  I’ll walk a long way to get this stuff when I can smell its aroma.

popcorn buckets 001

Here’s another one I eat minimally once a week, but mostly as often as I can get it.

fave food 6

A gyro (pronounced any way you like, but Partner/Spouse always says “yeerow”) is tangy, tasty, strongly flavored, and wonderful.

fave food 7

Finally, fried chicken is the best, but for my money, this is the best fried chicken!

fave food 9

Hope everyone has a good weekend!  Enjoy!

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