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Today’s post comes from our guest blogger, Mary P.  Mary has written guest posts for the blog a couple of times in the past.  Her posts have always been well received.  She’s funny, insightful, and brings a different spin to the food world than I do.  She’s a mom with two boys, pets, a husband, and a garden, as well as a full time job.  On to the post!



As a home cook, I try to stretch myself beyond the typical staples of American family fare.   My kids have an extremely varied diet and are used to having to trying Mommy’s latest foray into something exotic or difficult. My family will always try it, but the results are mixed. Understandably.

Lately, I’ve been craving foods from my childhood. I think it’s the very warm weather. My father spent many years stationed in Puerto Rico and we lived in San Juan. Puerto Rican food, for me, is a comfort food. Roast pork, rice and beans done Rican style, guava-based pastries, and plantains done a thousand ways…these are things I remember fondly and often miss.

This weekend I decided I needed guava cake. I didn’t care what everyone else’s opinion was on dessert (and the previous week’s chocolate mint French macaroons were gone). I needed that taste of childhood and I needed it now.

The problem is, guava paste comes in a large brick and I only needed half of it for my cake. Even after my husband was eating slices of guava paste like they were strawberry fruit leather, I had a lot to use and I don’t like leaving half a package of something I use rarely open. I went on a hunt for a guava paste recipe that I could make with what I have left.

I found something that was soufflé-ish. It’s a Brazilian dish called Romeo and Juliet. The recipe I found has minimal ingredients and may not be ethnically correct, but it was very simple to follow and, most importantly, used up the other half of the guava paste.

It came out perfectly, but is a bit unusual for those used to typical American desserts. It is not very sweet and is extremely tart. It is light, yet rich.   It also wasn’t baked in the way I normally would a soufflé, but it worked none the less. Even with jumping, screaming children it did not fall. However, the kids didn’t like it and my husband found it weird yet simultaneously addictive.

Romeo and Juliet 2

Romeo and Juliet 3

Romeo and Juliet



6 large egg whites

½ brick of Iberia Guava paste




1 brick cream cheese

1/2 cup cream

Pre-heat the oven to 250 F. Coat a soufflé dish with butter and sugar. Melt the guava paste in the microwave (2 minutes/ 20% power). Beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks. Fold in the melted guava paste till well combined. Transfer to the soufflé dish and bake for 30 minutes or until the soufflé rises past the edge of the dish and the peaks begin to toast.

In a small pot, combine the cream and cheese. Under low heat, melt them together to form a sauce.

Serve pieces of soufflé covered in sauce.

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