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Here in the States, it’s Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember the soldiers who fell protecting our country.  My first memories of this holiday were from New York.  We lived in a small town so holidays were a big deal.  I was in the cub scouts at the time so I got to march in the parade!  Then after the parade, there was a big picnic in one of the local parks.  There were tons of people, games, sporting events, and food as far as the eyes could see.  For little kids, it was a Bacchanalian delight.

Memorial Day 1

Memorial Day 2

Memorial Day 3


Now a picnic and food is a wonderful way to celebrate any holiday.  But I think it’s important for this holiday to remember what the holiday is about.

Memorial Day 4

Memorial Day 6


My dad was a Marine for over 20 years.  Every time he was deployed somewhere, we worried every minute of every day.  One of our best family friends lost his dad in Viet Nam and I still remember the funeral and 21 gun salute.  It made the next Memorial Day picnic more poignant.

This Memorial Day, please have a very good time.  But remember what this weekend is about and say “Thank you” to a veteran who was able to come home.

Memorial Day 8

Memorial Day 7

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