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I get confused sometimes.  With so much anti-everything feeling going on in our country, it’s difficult to know who or what to rely on.  Churches that are supposed to be all about love and salvation are screaming hate and condemnation.  Organizations that are supposed to be about spreading wealth to less fortunate people are taken to court for theft of funds.  Our government which is supposed be for the people is shown more and more to be for big business.  I do my best to know as much about the issues of my day to day life so I can make the most effective decisions about the things that matter most to me, like Childhood Hunger.  I want the donations I make to make a difference.  It’s easy when I’m at the store to make the choices that are going to benefit a local school or the national hunger campaign.  When it comes to my personal dollars (not many of those, let me tell you) I want to be certain.  So when I see someone doing it right, I want to tell people.

For instance, during the winter holiday season (and to forestall all the protests, there are more holidays being celebrated at the winter solstice than just Christmas) there is a big push for donations for holiday feasts for the less fortunate.  One that I really believe in and have donated to for decades is the Community Food Bank.  Typically, their outreach starts before Thanksgiving.  Donation boxes appear in banks, grocery stores, malls, just about anywhere people stop for more than a moment.  Canned goods, boxed goods, dried goods, all are welcome.  After the holiday season is over, the boxes disappear.  I get emails and mailings through the rest of the year with thanks for the donations and requests for more.  The food bank doesn’t stop after the holiday.  I always wondered why the donation boxes went away after the holiday.  When we moved back to Arizona, I noticed just around the corner an auto mechanic on one of the main roads.  It’s a small place, privately owned, and always busy.  On the corner of his lot is a sign that says “Community Food Bank Donations Here”.  I was intrigued enough to stop by to find out what was going on.  He keeps his donation box all year and lets everyone coming in and driving by know about it.  He doesn’t stop just because the holiday is over.  It gives everyone an opportunity to donate all year long.  So far, he’s the only one I’ve seen, but I’m keeping my eyes open.  He’s one doing it right.

The holiday season is the “high season” for charities.  It’s tough to know which one(s) to give to.  There’s one that stands out for me.  It causes me a butt load of confusion.  It’s one of the few global churches to take an active role in ministering to the physical needs of its congregation and the needy.  They also take an active role in denying me my civil and spiritual rights.  The Salvation Army has long said that gays have no rights, are sinners destined to hell, and deserve no consideration from any truly Christian person.  But, they also take care of the real needs people have.  They give material help to those who need it.  They do a wonderful job that so few other organizations do.  I support that effort whole heartedly.  That’s why they confuse me so much.  The work so hard to deny me my right to be me, but work so hard for the causes I hold closest.  They’re doing it right; but they’re doing it wrong.  So how do I react when their bells start ringing?  Mostly I just keep going.  I work on my causes and let them work on theirs.  I give them credit in my mind and in my words, and hope someday we’ll be working on the same causes with respect and equality.

However, there is a church here in Tucson.  It’s not a national church although it is part of a national denomination.   Rincon Baptist Church, 7500 East Golf Links in Tucson gives away free food every fourth Saturday of every month.  They work with Caring Food Ministries as well as volunteer and donation response.  The friend I mentioned in last week’s post told me they usually give away several hundred pounds of food at each event.  The way it works is that people arrive and register.  Most of the time they start arriving around 9am even though food distribution isn’t until 12:30 or so.  It depends on when the trucks arrive and start unloading.  Each person is assigned a number and groups of numbers are called to keep confusion to a minimum.  Each event skews more heavily on direction or another depending on donations, but there are always plenty of fresh vegetables, baked goods, canned goods, etc.  Each registered person is given a thirteen gallon bag and they’re allowed to fill it as completely as they can with whatever is on the tables.  The outreach is real and goes to people in need.  They are doing it right.  My friend told me when she volunteers, they work from 9am to 4pm and sometimes later.  They work until all the food is distributed or all the people who have arrived have their bags full.  She told me that they are always looking for ways to get the word out.  They want to help any and all who need it.  This is an effort I can completely support.  Below is a link to their website for anyone who wants more information about the church and their ministries.

Well, there’s some examples of organizations that are doing it right, at least by my guesstimation.  With summer coming, and kids not having access to the same programs they had during the school year, the more we can do to help them, whatever that help is, is a good thing.  Let’s try to all do it right this summer.

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