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I know an old lady who is the most unintentionally funny person I’ve met in a long time.  She’s my sister’s husbands’ mom and due to her advanced age, and the complications that accompany that, she lives with them.  As I’ve mentioned a couple of times in the blog, because of ongoing work projects around the two houses, my BiL doesn’t have time to cook, so we’ve been cooking for the two households for several weeks now.  The weekends are a little easier, but for the most part, we’ve been cooking for anywhere from 6 to 12 people every night.

The Momster tends to be  irascible and complaining, but she is mostly lucid and brutally honest.  When she’s eating, she will tell you if she likes something or not.  Loudly, at times.  But she almost always goes back for seconds and thirds.  But, she’s a sweetie, and as I said, so unintentionally funny at times that she keeps dinners interesting.

A few weeks ago, we took dinner over.  For whatever reason, there were only five of us at the table, while there were two people eating outside.  I don’t even remember what the main meal actually was, but we’d made strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Partner/Spouse cleaned and cut the strawberries in the afternoon and sprinkled sugar on them to macerate.  As he was doing that, he commented that he wished we had some mint in the garden to add flavor.  So I grabbed several leaves of chocolate mint that he cut chiffonade style and tossed into the berries.  That evening, each person set up their own shortcakes and dug in.  (I had just the cake and whipped cream cuz I don’t like strawberries.)  At some point, I got up and left the dining room.  When I returned, I asked someone if they’d liked the mint in the berries.

The Momster piped up, “Is that what those were?  I thought they weren’t cleaned right, so I didn’t want to eat leaves.”  She had a small green pile on her plate.

The whole room laughed out loud, and everyone I’ve shared that with has laughed.

The Momster sits in the back sun room at a table doing word puzzles most of the day.  We don’t cook at the other house; we bring all the cooked food over since it’s just a few feet away.  She doesn’t always see the food arriving, and even though we’ve explained multiple times that we’re cooking and bringing the food over, sometimes, she just doesn’t get it.  And when she’s tired or cranky, she speaks her mind, often loudly.

We were clearing the table and since there was so much left over, we had talked about making something different with the leftovers.  We bagged everything up and started taking it home along with our pots and pan and bowls.  Suddenly I heard a cranky voice from the back room.

“How come those guys are taking all our food and all our dishes?”  I couldn’t help it and started laughing figuring I’d leave my BiL to handle his mom on that one.

The funniest one was just the past week.  We’d made tacos, and as a surprise, I made a double fudge bundt cake.  Bundt cakes are a challenge to frost, so I drizzled chocolate syrup over it (triple chocolate cake!) and then sprinkled some coconut over the top for flavor and decoration.  When we brought everything over, I had the cake.  As I walked in, I heard my BiL telling the Momster that she could have dessert when she got back from whatever place she was going after dinner, probably bingo.

So I showed her the cake, and asked, “Do you like coconut with chocolate?”  I gotta say, it looked pretty.

“Oh, no!” she replied.  “I don’t like that at all!”

I smiled and shrugged a little.  “Well, there’s only coconut on the top.  You can scrape it off if you don’t want to eat it.”

I went out to the kitchen to see where I could put the cake.  The kitchen was swamped with bowls of food for tacos, and rice and beans for sides.  And I wanted to keep the cake cool.  My sister suggested putting it in the outside fridge where there was more room.  I walked through the room where the Momster was sitting with the cake and headed to the door leading outside.

She saw me walking to the door and hollered out.  “Don’t take the cake!  I’ll eat it!  It’s good!  I’ll eat the coconut!”  She was trying everything in her power to make sure the cake didn’t leave her house.  I gently explained that I was putting it in the outside fridge and she’d still have plenty of cake for dessert.  When the door was safely shut, I cracked up.

It’s nice when someone makes you laugh.



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  1. That made me laugh ! I have a bad feeling that’ll be me if I make to her age !

    • Yesterday, we had our Easter dinner, and Partner/Spouse made an Easter cake. It was in the shape of a large cupcake. You might have seen the pics on FB? He decorated it with peeps, and chocolate eggs, and candy bunnies, etc. When I cut her a piece of the cake, I put one of the peeps on her plate and she asked (dead serious) “Why are you giving me the bird?” Another laugh out loud moment.

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